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Image: skifi-teiris-lineart.jpg   507x700 87388 bytes 2007.08.23

Wanna Play?

A gag gift for my friend skifi. Nothing like scantily clad furries to start a good conversation :P\r\n\r\nImage Copyright ©2007 Chrystine Shelton.

Tags: scantily clad female fox anthro furry dominatrix teiris joke   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: error-teiris-final.jpg   494x650 105319 bytes 2007.08.23


My blue anthro toon in chibi form. Image Copyright © 2007 Chrystine Shelton.

Tags: blue feline fox anthro anthropomorph furry chibi teiris   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: scardycat.jpg   359x650 81660 bytes 2005.01.17

Okay okay, so this wasn't what I had in mind with this picture. I was originally just going to call this "Scardy Cat"...but after having no luck with a background I decided to just go with my second worst fear, spiders. I hate spiders. Then after watching the news for a while, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force...I added that last bit in XD\r\n\r\nImage Copyright ©2005 Chrystine Shelton.

Image: elyse.jpg   475x789 87653 bytes 2005.01.17

This is a gift to my cousin Elyse, she wanted a polar bear anthro character. She commands, I obey! ^_^\r\n\r\nImage is Copyright ©2005 Chrystine Shelton.

Image: 2159a.jpg   396x600 74499 bytes 2005.01.04

This is a kiriban art for 2159a at DevArt. She has a cute character :)\r\n\r\nImage Copyright ©2005 Chrystine Shelton.\r\nCharacter Copyright ©2005 2159a at DeviantArt.

Image: katrina.jpg   550x471 77458 bytes 2004.11.07

This is a fursona I drew for my 7 year old niece after she said she wanted one. Since we are related I tried to keep some features similar like fur color, eye color and her markings, but unique enough that you can tell it's her. So, this is my niece, Katrina ^_^\r\n\r\nArtwork Copyright ©2004 Chrystine Shelton

Image: aurora.jpg   644x800 160903 bytes 2004.07.23

This is for my friend Aurora. I hope she likes it. Yay for crappy backgrounds! lol, need to look up some "how to make cool backgrounds" sites.\r\n\r\nAurora is Copyright ©2004 Aurora.\r\nImage is Copyright ©2004 Chrystine Shelton.

Image: phynixrequest.jpg   800x468 102548 bytes 2004.06.29

Opposites attract...I guess XD This is for Phynix, her white tiger persona with her Pixel Pony, Radhika. Yes, time was actually spent on putting in a cheesy background. Fear it. And yes, Chrys knows nothing of horse lay off!\r\n\r\nImage ©2004 Chrystine Shelton, "Phynix" ©2004 Jennifer Farley

Image: gospelvcl.jpg   479x800 96821 bytes 2004.06.16

Gah! It doesn't make sense why my pictures get so dark when I upload here. *sigh* In anycase, this is Gospel the pacifist Japanese Buddhist bunny man. I like how he came out though his feet kind of irk me. \r\n\r\nArtwork and Gospel ©2004 Chrystine Shelton.

Image: chipmunk.jpg   306x700 59739 bytes 2004.04.16

This is a giftart for a friend of mine, Kari-Chipmunk. In case you can`t tell by her name, her character is a Chipmunk(ish) anthro.\r\n\r\nKari-Chipmunk is copyright ©Kari-Chipmunk.\r\nArtwork is ©2004 Chrystine Shelton.

Image: forakkivcl.jpg   586x800 71698 bytes 2004.04.02

This is another gift art for a friend of mine who calls herself Akki online. Just a simple, innocent pose for a sweet kid ^_^ The actual version looks a lot better, particularly on the hair, for some reason Photoshop always makes things darker...\r\n\r\nAkki is ©2004 Akki.\r\nArtwork is ©2004 Chrystine Shelton.

Image: nikijamesvcl.jpg   394x700 77591 bytes 2004.03.27

This is my half of an art trade with Niki D. Boring pose, silly neon hair coloring (but I like it!) and I`m really happy with the way the shirt came out. In any case, I hope she likes it.\r\n\r\nJames is ©2004 Niki D\r\nArtwork is ©2004 Chrystine Shelton

Image: teirisidontbelongvcl.jpg   500x637 91884 bytes 2004.03.06

Been having weird dreams lately, falling. I don`t have a scanner so I have to take a picture with my digital camera then jack up the contrast and lightness on PSP to get it presentable to VCL. Problem is you lose 60% of the little details and shading that way. *sigh* I`ll scan it when I get back to America in 3 months.\r\n\r\nTeiris and Image Copyright ©2004 Chrystine Shelton

Image: currskifichibi.jpg   213x290 42873 bytes 2004.01.24

This is a present to my good friend skifi! Sometimes drawing these little chibis can be just as enjoyable as drawing a very elaborate picture. In any case, I hope you like it hon!\r\n\r\nArt ©2004 Chrystine "Teiris" Shelton \r\nCurr ©Vicente "skifi" Patino

Image: yellowanthrovcl.jpg   571x800 105015 bytes 2003.12.26

Thanks for crits from the previous version! Fixed that gap in her hair, but I'm going to leave the foot as it is since I'm too lazy now to spend that much time deleting and fixing it. Again, my first attempt with Photoshop and my tablet, I don't think it turned out that bad. If anyone has any further crits or coloring tips feel free to mail me. \r\n\r\nArtwork ©2003 Chrystine Shelton.

Image: ubersexyteiriscolored.jpg   600x800 125503 bytes 2003.12.23

Mah best buddy skifi colored that picture of Teiris I posted earlier. I think he did an AWESOME job. Skifi, you're a god ;)\r\n\r\nTeiris and Original Art ©2003 Chrystine "Teiris" Shelton\r\nColoring ©2003 by Vicente "skifi" Patino

Image: ubersexyteirispencil.gif   440x600 135501 bytes 2003.12.20

Artwork and Character Copyright ©Chrystine Shelton. Teiris again. I love the 'sexy yet innocent' poses. Plain #2 Pencil, used a smudger for the sheets.

Image: kisses.jpg   500x553 61787 bytes 2003.12.20

Artwork and Character Copyright ©Chrystine Shelton. This is my blue foxish anthro persona Teiris. I got the bathing suit idea from that "Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball" game, but made changes to suit my needs of course. BIC ink pen colored with Prismacolor markers.

Image: 3anthros.jpg   552x789 124443 bytes 2003.12.20

Copyright ©Chrystine Shelton (of course). This is just a doodle I did quite a while ago. BIC pen for the outline, colored with Prismacolor markers. I killed my black marker on the background.

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