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Image: cc1.jpg   1000x732 229463 bytes 2006.04.24

This is the start of my Chucky comic. I hope to keep this going indefinitely and tell the story of my skunk character's life in college and then some. At some point this will probably have a home of its own.

Image: cc10.jpg   800x579 253355 bytes 2006.11.07

Ah, don't we all WISH our dormroom was that size? My freshman dormroom was a freakin CLOSET! Now there's something ta cheer you up Chucky.

Image: cc100.jpg   757x1000 312633 bytes 2010.08.17

Page 100

This is the 100th page! Thanks to everyone who's been following along these last 4 1/2 years!

Image: cc101.jpg   759x1000 372172 bytes 2010.09.07

Page 101

The voice mystery of the last page has been revealed. Jenny isn't a bad squirrel, but she is protective, short tempered, and confrontational. Fortunately she's also sensitive, but sometimes she has to loose her temper to realize it.

Image: cc102.jpg   757x1000 352289 bytes 2010.09.22

Page 102

*cringes* It still irks me how much of a drama queen I made Jenny into. She clearly regrets her overreaction, but I think now Chucky is wondering how Adam puts up with her.

Image: cc103.jpg   756x1000 363705 bytes 2010.10.02

Page 103

Seriously, could you maintain eye contact with someone if they did this?

Image: cc104.jpg   756x1000 373426 bytes 2010.10.18

Page 104

I love how Adam's face turned out in panel 1 because he's so confident most of the time.

Image: cc105.jpg   756x1000 298196 bytes 2010.11.05

Page 105

First time to a girl's dorm can be an awkward moment, especially if her roommate is rather unfriendly. Lacy is a Bobcat(felis rufus), but that has nothing to do with her being unfriendly.\r\n\r\nThe hardest part about this page were the pictures behind Nimsha in the last panel. I did not draw those separately, they are tiny sketches on the original drawing.

Image: cc106.jpg   756x1000 300913 bytes 2010.11.18

Page 106

I've had the bad stuff and the 'supposed' good stuff. I think it all tastes awful. BTW, if Lacy and her Siamese Cat friend look like trouble, it's because they are. They'll have more significant roles later on.

Image: cc107.jpg   756x1000 361368 bytes 2010.12.04

Page 107

Chucky wants so badly to be with Nimsha that he took every friendly gesture of her's as an invitation. Unfortunately, their cultural differences resulted in both of them getting a little hurt. I just wanna make it known that Nimsha is not a speciesist. Siberian culture of Chucky's era just does not accept inter-species relationships.

Image: cc108.jpg   756x1000 359503 bytes 2010.12.20

Page 108

You know that thing called a 'can of worms'? Well, I think Chucky just unknowingly opened one with the normally level-headed Kyra.

Image: cc109.jpg   756x1000 359396 bytes 2011.01.14

Page 109

I insist, there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with a girl who likes to get laid!\r\n\r\nIt turns out that Parsippany is a lot of fire in a cute little package. She kept her cool until Kyra dropped the S-bomb, then easily tore her down in one statement. I don't think this argument was anyone's fault, but in the end we can see who's more self confident.

Image: cc11.jpg   800x582 290747 bytes 2006.11.30

Nice warming talk with Dad.

Image: cc110.jpg   756x1000 392481 bytes 2011.01.31

Page 110

GUESS WHAT'S COMING NEEEEEXXXXT!!!\r\n\r\nI was about 15 or 16 when I learned girls also masturbated. I thought it was the hottest thing in the world. Looks like Chucky thinks that too, and it has him a bit overloaded.

Image: cc111.jpg   756x1000 275789 bytes 2011.02.14

Page 111

Safe and secure in his dorm, a skunk can be a skunk.

Image: cc112.jpg   756x1000 271216 bytes 2011.02.26

Page 112

Choose your own adventure over, and over, and over again. In our minds we can be with anyone we want, for the most part. Wouldn't it be cool if I could make a website where you choose what character Chucky fantasizes about by clicking on them, then you'd get to read the whole fantasy? Um, that would take like FOR EVER to draw. So I'm only going to take you on one. Notice who he chooses?\r\n\r\nSometimes the best fantasies are the ones you've lived for real. And as mentioned on page 58,\r\n\r\nand again on page 82,\r\n\r\n...Chucky isn't a virgin.

Image: cc113.jpg   907x1200 458461 bytes 2011.03.23

Page 113

And so the fantasy starts. But this isn't just a fantasy, it's a flashback. I'm so glad I finally get to draw Terry and Chucky together. Terry isn't based off anyone in particular, she's just a blend of various females I've known. Jessy is based off a hiking buddy I had in high school.\r\n\r\nTerry is a Bushy-tailed Woodrat(Neotoma cinerea)\r\n\r\n\r\nJessy is an American Pika(Ochotona princeps), and true to form, he has no tail.\r\n

Image: cc114.jpg   907x1200 484659 bytes 2011.04.01

Page 114

Terry wasn't expecting this situation to fall in her lap either, nor was she expecting Chucky to show sudden courage and initiative. But her reactions say it all.

Image: cc115.jpg   907x1200 463337 bytes 2011.04.26

Page 115

It's been fun drawing these two. So much kissing and body contact makes for good practice. I love how Terry basically gives Chucky a green light and he's immediately all over her. What a seductress huh? She's not just pretending though, she likes him for real.

Image: cc116.jpg   907x1200 409774 bytes 2011.05.27

Page 116

I think Terry's intentions are crystal clear to Chucky at this point. They're both so cute and nervous. Panels 1 and 2 came out so good. I think panel one had at least a dozen layers at one point.

Image: cc117.jpg   907x1200 402564 bytes 2011.06.17

Page 117

Some furs like big tits, some like big penises and gaping vaginas, I like anticipation. There is NOTHING like those moments of undressing your partner. Especially if it's your first time and you've never seen what awaits you. I hope you all like Terry's panties, I spent an ungodly amount of time on them.

Image: cc118.jpg   907x1200 373186 bytes 2011.07.03

Page 118

A gift that's worth unwrapping. I think this speaks for itself. We all know where it's going, especially with Chucky's pants being the only thing left to remove.

Image: cc119.jpg   907x1200 426665 bytes 2011.07.19

Page 119

There is nothing like the first time you're naked in front of your special someone. I think Chucky and Terry are wearing their emotions pretty clearly.

Image: cc12.jpg   800x582 236369 bytes 2006.12.14

A little snooping. I tried to make the poster look as close to Che as possible. We'll get to meet the roomate next page.

Image: cc120.jpg   907x1200 429797 bytes 2011.08.03

Page 120

The shading was a real pain in the ass, but I still like the way the lighting came out. This looked awesome as a sketch, but Chucky's and Terry's faces both came out so expressive once it was colored.\r\n\r\nThe warmth, oh the warmth!

Image: cc121.jpg   907x1200 418535 bytes 2011.08.20

Page 121

Seriously, if you had her on top of you, how long could you hold out? Chucky is certainly concerned with how capable a lover he can be. But Terry isn't worried, she knows it's his first time so she's not expecting a huge performance.

Image: cc122.jpg   907x1200 424117 bytes 2011.08.30

Page 122

Looks like round two will have to wait 'cause Chucky is out cold. Terry would have loved for him to plow her all night long, she certainly was horny enough. But she knew it was his first and didn't expect magic. From the look of things in the last panel, maybe more than anything she's just happy to be in someone's arms.\r\n\r\nFor anyone who's just joining us, I want to clarify that Chucky is sitting on one of those 'kneeling' chairs, in case there's any confusion to what he's sitting on in those last panels.

Image: cc123.jpg   907x1200 441191 bytes 2011.09.14

Page 123

Chucky DID spend the night with her ya know, so they certainly had to have more fun. Gee, do you think Terry is just a wee bit happy to find herself in Chucky's arms when she woke up?\r\n\r\nSome of those poses were tough, I like how they turned out though.

Image: cc124.jpg   907x1200 477268 bytes 2011.09.30

Page 124

Chucky heard right, fingering a girl can turn her on. Just make sure it's YOUR girl. Now how's that for a morning ice breaker? Heh heh, Terry is gonna need to wash her sheets.

Image: cc125.jpg   907x1200 441930 bytes 2011.10.18

Page 125

Remember that first blow job? It blew your fucking mind didn't it? The sensations surging through Chucky's young body have him nearly incapacitated. He's able to watch Terry for about 5 seconds, then his head just plops back on the bed.\r\n\r\nAside from the obvious, I think one of the most erotic things about this scene is the fact that Terry is blushing. She knows this is Chucky's first blow job, and she's a bit shy about introducing something so erotic to someone so young and seemingly innocent.

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