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Image: cc112.jpg   756x1000 271216 bytes 2011.02.26

Page 112

Choose your own adventure over, and over, and over again. In our minds we can be with anyone we want, for the most part. Wouldn't it be cool if I could make a website where you choose what character Chucky fantasizes about by clicking on them, then you'd get to read the whole fantasy? Um, that would take like FOR EVER to draw. So I'm only going to take you on one. Notice who he chooses?\r\n\r\nSometimes the best fantasies are the ones you've lived for real. And as mentioned on page 58,\r\n\r\nand again on page 82,\r\n\r\n...Chucky isn't a virgin.

Image: cc111.jpg   756x1000 275789 bytes 2011.02.14

Page 111

Safe and secure in his dorm, a skunk can be a skunk.

Image: cc110.jpg   756x1000 392481 bytes 2011.01.31

Page 110

GUESS WHAT'S COMING NEEEEEXXXXT!!!\r\n\r\nI was about 15 or 16 when I learned girls also masturbated. I thought it was the hottest thing in the world. Looks like Chucky thinks that too, and it has him a bit overloaded.

Image: cc109.jpg   756x1000 359396 bytes 2011.01.14

Page 109

I insist, there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with a girl who likes to get laid!\r\n\r\nIt turns out that Parsippany is a lot of fire in a cute little package. She kept her cool until Kyra dropped the S-bomb, then easily tore her down in one statement. I don't think this argument was anyone's fault, but in the end we can see who's more self confident.

Image: cc108.jpg   756x1000 359503 bytes 2010.12.20

Page 108

You know that thing called a 'can of worms'? Well, I think Chucky just unknowingly opened one with the normally level-headed Kyra.

Image: cc107.jpg   756x1000 361368 bytes 2010.12.04

Page 107

Chucky wants so badly to be with Nimsha that he took every friendly gesture of her's as an invitation. Unfortunately, their cultural differences resulted in both of them getting a little hurt. I just wanna make it known that Nimsha is not a speciesist. Siberian culture of Chucky's era just does not accept inter-species relationships.

Image: cc106.jpg   756x1000 300913 bytes 2010.11.18

Page 106

I've had the bad stuff and the 'supposed' good stuff. I think it all tastes awful. BTW, if Lacy and her Siamese Cat friend look like trouble, it's because they are. They'll have more significant roles later on.

Image: cc105.jpg   756x1000 298196 bytes 2010.11.05

Page 105

First time to a girl's dorm can be an awkward moment, especially if her roommate is rather unfriendly. Lacy is a Bobcat(felis rufus), but that has nothing to do with her being unfriendly.\r\n\r\nThe hardest part about this page were the pictures behind Nimsha in the last panel. I did not draw those separately, they are tiny sketches on the original drawing.

Image: cc104.jpg   756x1000 373426 bytes 2010.10.18

Page 104

I love how Adam's face turned out in panel 1 because he's so confident most of the time.

Image: cc103.jpg   756x1000 363705 bytes 2010.10.02

Page 103

Seriously, could you maintain eye contact with someone if they did this?

Image: cc102.jpg   757x1000 352289 bytes 2010.09.22

Page 102

*cringes* It still irks me how much of a drama queen I made Jenny into. She clearly regrets her overreaction, but I think now Chucky is wondering how Adam puts up with her.

Image: cc101.jpg   759x1000 372172 bytes 2010.09.07

Page 101

The voice mystery of the last page has been revealed. Jenny isn't a bad squirrel, but she is protective, short tempered, and confrontational. Fortunately she's also sensitive, but sometimes she has to loose her temper to realize it.

Image: cc100.jpg   757x1000 312633 bytes 2010.08.17

Page 100

This is the 100th page! Thanks to everyone who's been following along these last 4 1/2 years!

Image: cc99.jpg   759x1000 360221 bytes 2010.07.26

Page 99

Four crates full of the nectar of the gods. Getting all those crates to look somewhat geometrically accurate was a royal pain in my skunk-bottom.

Image: cc98.jpg   754x1000 316567 bytes 2010.07.13

Page 98

Finally got this done. In panel one and two, they're supposed to be on a train riding back to school. It isn't obvious so decided to mention it. Hey, look who's made a reappearance.

Image: cc97.jpg   759x1000 331463 bytes 2010.06.25

Page 97

I think it's safe to say Adam found his inner squirrel, and he has a battle-scar to prove it. I'm pretty happy with most of this. Only thing I don't like on the last panel is that Chucky and Adam are a little difficult to see with the background. But then, the mountains and the depth came out better than I thought they would.

Image: cc96.jpg   754x1000 374600 bytes 2010.06.14

Page 96

Imagine you're a squirrel, and you just watched you skunk buddy effortlessly launch himself up a tree. Of course Chucky assumed Adam would be right behind him and not still standing awkwardly on the forest floor.

Image: cc95.jpg   755x1000 326322 bytes 2010.05.27

Page 95

The furs of Chucky's society do have their own religions. They're mostly nature based involving a spirtual connection to the world around them. I'll do more on this in future pages. We get a tiny glimps here of Chucky's spiritualism, which is met with another memorable line from Adam.\r\n\r\nThis page was fun because I've gotten so much shit from friends about how much I touch things when I go hiking. If it's edible, I'll eat it. If it's not poisonous or won't bite, I'll touch it/pick it up.

Image: cc94.jpg   759x1000 235471 bytes 2010.05.17

Page 94

Gotta love Adam's initial reaction and description of the White Mountains

Image: cc93.jpg   764x1000 251433 bytes 2010.05.05

Page 93

If there was going to be a Chucky #4, this would be the last page. This ends Chucky's first week of college. Now that friendships are established, time and future strips will test how strong they are.

Image: cc92.jpg   764x1000 239904 bytes 2010.04.24

Page 92

I'm surprised at how quick I got this page done. Most of the backgrounds were done from scratch. I used a separate shade layer too, which means I actually had to think about light source more than I usually do. I prefer to cheat with the burn and dodge tools, but that just wasn't going to work this time around. In panels 1,2,3, and 5 there is supposed to be a street lamp almost directly above them and I wanted it to look good.

Image: cc91.jpg   765x1000 222754 bytes 2010.04.18

Page 91

What? Were you expecting her to take them back to her hotel room and blow their fragile little minds? As fun as that would have been to draw, I have to stay somewhat in the bounds of reality here. Francine isn't my character for one. And two, if you're familiar with the character, she seems to prefer mature and dangerous Don Karnage types over yummy little college boys.\r\n\r\nA final thanks to Ratiries on FurAffinity for use of her character and to Defuret on FurAffinitry for helping me with the translations over the last few months.\r\n\r\nFrancine the Air Pirate(Ratiries) is Helena Rudberg

Image: cc90.jpg   762x1000 223088 bytes 2010.03.27

Page 90

Not the most interesting of pages. Ratiries gives the boys her two cents about their career choice. The hardest part of coloring this page were the individual drinks.\r\n\r\nThank you to Ratiries on FurAffinity for allowing the use of her character.\r\n\r\nRatiries is Helena Rudberg\r\n\r\n

Image: cc89.jpg   763x1000 349064 bytes 2010.03.15

Page 89

I didn't really realize it until I was almost finished with this page. But the facial expressions on Chucky, Adam, and Dave give away everything about their reactions to meeting Ratiries. Not to mention her offering to buy the next round.\r\n\r\nThank you to Ratiries on Fur Affinity for allowing me use of her character.\r\n\r\nRatiries is Helena Rudberg.

Image: cc88.jpg   765x1000 353933 bytes 2010.03.01

Page 88

My speech bubbles never turn out good. Either I want big letters and the bubble is too small, or I want small letters and the bubble is too big. Oh, and the bubbles with the blue inner shadow means Kitchy and Ratiries are still speaking Joual(French-Canadian). Gotta love how Kitchy just floored everyone.\r\n\r\nThank you to Defuret on Furaffinity for the English-Joual translation. And thank you to Ratiries on Furaffinity for use of her character.\r\n\r\nRatiries is Helena Rudberg

Image: cc87.jpg   755x1000 351727 bytes 2010.02.19

Page 87

Chucky is blowing a fuse(or his wad) over the fact that Ratiries is just dripping with sexuallity. That's no way to drink a good ale.\r\n\r\nRatiries is Helena Rudberg

Image: cc86.jpg   764x1000 307240 bytes 2010.02.04

Page 86

Well, he tried to get the last word in, but it backfired. The hardest part about drawing this page was the 4 characters sitting at a table. The hardest part about coloring it were their individual drinks.\r\n\r\nA big thank you to Defuret on Fur Affinity for the Jouel translation. And a big thank you to Helena Rudberg for use of her character Ratiries.

Image: cc85.jpg   751x1000 329289 bytes 2010.01.22

Page 85

A huuuuge thank you to Helena Rudberg for allowing me the use of her character in my comic. I think I asked for her permission over a year ago and finally got around to posting this. Ratiries is fun to draw, but that uniform is tough and time consuming. That's a standard uniform for a female airline captain in Chucky's society.\r\n\r\nThe character Ratiries is Helena Rudberg

Image: cc84.jpg   755x1000 274455 bytes 2010.01.07

Page 84

Been a couple weeks and it feels nice to upload another page. With the move out of the way I'm finally getting time to do this again. Ah the influences of friends.

Image: cc83.jpg   738x1000 166897 bytes 2009.12.18

Page 83

Chucky freaks as Kitchy burns one. I'm very happy with my cityscape in panel two, it was a pain but turned out nice. 4 teenage boy furs unleashed on Boston unsupervised, what could possibly happen?

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