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Image: cc126.jpg   907x1200 443632 bytes 2011.11.01

Page 126

Happy fucking Halloween everyone! I'm not usually a white wine person, but I am so shitfaced off white wine right now. Terry does the tricks and Chucky gets the treats. I'm glad I got this done by Helloween. All the closeup vagina shots you can handle.\r\n\r\nDisclaimer: Chucky's reaction to offered butt-sex is not the opinion held by this author. But if this author was asked back in the early 1990s what he thought of butt-sex, see Chucky's reaction for answer. Enjoy my furry peoples!\r\n\r\nYa know I think the most perverted thing about this whole page is the image of Terry spreading her legs for Chucky. Talk about a corruption of innocence!

Image: cc127.jpg   907x1200 462444 bytes 2011.11.14

Page 127

Terry would have guided Chucky to her clitoris eventually, but it was nice that he found it on his own. She absolutely DID NOT expect him to make her cum though. What an added bonus she's getting. ;)

Image: cc128.jpg   907x1200 263244 bytes 2011.11.27

Page 128

And that's how Chucky lost his virginity. The next page will have a nice explaination about where things went with he and Terry. This was the most porn I've ever drawn and I loved it, but I'm glad it's over. It took me over 8 months to draw a jackoff fantasy/memory that lasted 20 minutes. Yep, that's how long Chucky's personal time actually lasted.

Image: cc129.jpg   907x1200 470303 bytes 2011.12.14

Page 129

It would have worked between Terry and Chucky too, IF they had actually lived closer to each other. Even if Chucky didn't ask her out right away, Terry would have pursued him and they could have had a long lasting relationship. Despite their age difference, Chucky was mature for his age and Terry was a bit immature, so they would have worked well together. But it was all not to be. Terry knew that they lived too far from each other. Their towns were connected by a 29 mile foot and bike trail through the mountains that was virtually impassable in winter without backcountry survival experience. Terry couldn't allow Chucky to think he could come and see her in the winter. In the end, their experience was something wonderful shared between two friends who came together at the right moment.

Image: cc13.jpg   800x578 187260 bytes 2006.12.29

Page 13

Other than talking to his parents and a few others, Chucky has spent the entire day traveling and basically more alone than he's ever been. But now, with the arrival of his roomate, hopefully he'll feel companionship again.

Image: cc130.jpg   907x1200 431329 bytes 2011.12.29

Page 130

Now the aviation geekery starts. And what's aviation without a little weather? If you live in the Northeastern US or Southeastern Canada, panel #2 is a regular and very obnoxious occurraence.\r\n\r\nThe white vixen in panel #1 belongs to gadgett on FurAffinity.

Image: cc131.jpg   907x1200 370191 bytes 2012.01.29

Page 131

Time to fly, but not without confronting what happened a few days ago first. I'm of course referring to when Chucky tried to kiss Nimsha. It ended in a very embarrassing and unresolved situation for both of them.\r\n\r\n\r\nA few aviation terms that might not make sense.\r\nCycles-One cycle includes a takeoff and landing.\r\nHobbs Time-The amount of time in hours and tenths that an aircraft has on it. It's recorded by a small odometer type counter that runs when electrical power is applied, in some airplanes it only runs when the engine is running.\r\nThe red thing that Nimsha hands to Chucky in the last panel is a tow-bar. It gets attached to the nosewheel and is used to steer the airplane from outside.

Image: cc132.jpg   907x1200 362233 bytes 2012.02.13

Page 132

It looks like Chucky cleared things up with Nimsha. It's a good thing too, because he's got more challenges ahead.\r\n

Image: cc133.jpg   907x1200 373071 bytes 2012.03.04

Page 133

A good landing, is one you can walk away from. But a great landing, is when you can use the airplane again. This actually happen to me when I was learning to fly. When I taxied back to take off, sure enough, there were the airplane's tire tracks in the dirt. But there were other sets too, so I hadn't been the only one to do it. Either way, I'll never forget it and it made great material for this comic.

Image: cc134.jpg   907x1200 364666 bytes 2012.03.21

Page 134

I used to draw airplanes all the time as a kid, now I get to incorporate it into my furry art. It was nice finishing this as quick as I did, considering all the detail.

Image: cc135.jpg   907x1200 384366 bytes 2012.04.12

Page 135

I loved walking around airports as a kid, and I still like it. Except now it's all about the airplanes that USED to be built. For any of my watchers who are unfamiliar with general aviation, most small airplanes you see overhead or parked at your local small airport were built prior to the early 1980s, with a few exceptions.\r\n\r\nA supersonic business jet is a cool idea. There are some designs out there for 'em, but no one wants to pay the money something like this. There are some furs in Chucky's society with deep pockets.\r\n\r\nThe term 'touch-and go's' refers to take-off and landing practice in where the pilot lands the plane and immediately takes off again.

Image: cc136.jpg   907x1200 382010 bytes 2012.05.01

Page 136

This page was a lot of fun, but frustrating. After a new hard drive and a new tablet later, it's finally done. Just to avoid any confusion, in panel two, the view of the windsock and the view of Chucky and Ian are from opposite directions, so the windsock and Chucky's tail are blowing opposite each other.

Image: cc138.jpg   907x1200 418737 bytes 2012.06.15

Page 138

I know most of my watchers aren't aviation people, so Chucky's communications might look weird.\r\n\r\nIn the aviation world, air traffic control will address an aircraft by its call sign(Newtek 79 in Chucky's case), followed by instructions. The pilot will then repeat those exact instructions, followed by their call sign again. So there's a lot of repeating things back and forth to make sure nothing is missed or misunderstood.\r\n\r\nIn panel 8, where Chucky is turning toward the runway, just above the airplane you can see the college.

Image: cc139.jpg   907x1200 372611 bytes 2012.07.08

Page 139

Just so folks know, the black button on top of the control stick is called a 'push-to-talk'. When it's pushed, the airplane's radio transmits whatever you say. LOTS of things have been said over the radio that weren't meant to be.

Image: cc14.jpg   800x580 154081 bytes 2007.01.15

Page 14

Chucky is officially introduced to his roomate Adam. A little startled at Adam's outgoing nature at the moment.

Image: cc140.jpg   907x1200 385645 bytes 2012.07.25

Page 140

Flaws flaws flaws, that's what makes characters so interesting. Remember, Ian has 5 students. Each one is different, he never knows how they're going to react.

Image: cc141.jpg   907x1200 401491 bytes 2012.08.17

Page 141

I love how pathetic and crushed Chucky turned out. In his defense though, and from experience, I can say that college delivers challenges most of us aren't ready for. In Chucky's case, as with a lot of his peers, he always got good grades as long as he studied. But when it comes to landing an airplane, that's something you just can't really study for.

Image: cc144.jpg   907x1200 421620 bytes 2012.10.04

Page 144

Most professional aviation colleges assume a certain number of flight hours to finish a course, usually the minimum plus a few extra for practice. If someone requires more, they have to pay extra. Chucky's college is no different. It puts additional pressure on the students for sure, but then, the goal of their university is to turn out professional aviators. Those who want to fly for fun are pointed to 'pay as you fly' schools that aren't career oriented.

Image: cc145.jpg   907x1200 422153 bytes 2012.10.22

page 145

A bit more of a serious 'feel good' page. Of all interpersonal relationships Chucky has during college, the one with his flight instructor is probably one of the most important.

Image: cc15.jpg   800x582 239956 bytes 2007.02.06

Page 15

A big thanks to Kanguru, who is helping me with coloring this comic! He did the majority of coloring on this page and did a wonderful job. Hopefully I'll be able to upload a little more often.

Image: cc16.jpg   800x581 176162 bytes 2007.02.06

Page 16

Yes, their dormrooms actually come with computers!! My roomate was not in my major in college, but then everyone in Chucky's dorm are flight majors.

Image: cc17.jpg   800x584 233843 bytes 2007.02.22

Page 17

I was very nervous my first week of college, and I was also unfortunately at a dry campus, not that it stopped people. Chucky on the other paw has the right idea. Color and shading of characters done by Kanguru.

Image: cc18.jpg   800x581 184988 bytes 2007.02.22

Page 18

Big moment here. Now, what would you do if you found out your college roomate's dad had his own brewery. Adam is about to find that Chucky is the best roomate to have in the entire dorm.

Image: cc19.jpg   800x587 218995 bytes 2007.03.10

Page 19

Yep, Chucky is a beer snob like me. Nothing but the good stuff for him. And anyone who's had a barley wine style ale knows it's some really good shit. Colored by myself and Knguru.

Image: cc2.jpg   1000x720 249631 bytes 2006.04.24

I'm not fond of these scans. The next ones should be better.

Image: cc20.jpg   800x581 222122 bytes 2007.03.10

Page 20

Look at the lower left panel at what Chucky says. Was college the best years of your life? College was an definitely an interesting and eventful time of my life, but not the best by far. If college were the best years, there'd be no point in leaving.

Image: cc21.jpg   800x582 196100 bytes 2007.03.22

Page 21

Orientation Day is here! This will in fact be page 1 of Chucky #2.

Image: cc22.jpg   800x587 211133 bytes 2007.05.15

Page 22

Ahh, been a while since any comic uploads so here we go. Harrison is Chucky's best friend from home. I'll introduce him at some point. Look though my site to see pics of him. Adam seems to be staring a Chucky's crotch. That wasn't intentional.\r\n\r\nColoring by Kanguru and myself.

Image: cc23.jpg   810x581 172568 bytes 2007.05.15

Page 23

This is based off personal experience. The showers in my freshman dormatory SUCKED! It was like this the whole year. Sometimes I was on the giving end. I'd flush the urinal and hear a lot of "Aaaa!! FUUUCK!!" from the showers. Other times I'd be the one getting burned. Wanna see a full length version of the upper right panel? It'll be in the Extras section of Chucky #1, for sale at Anthrocon '07.

Image: cc24.jpg   800x578 197899 bytes 2007.05.15

Page 24

There were no naked bunnies in my dorm shower. Although I did know someone like Kev, complete with the weird accent.

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