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Image: cc82.jpg   738x1000 284047 bytes 2009.12.04

Page 82

Wow, I think I finished this page in record time. But then, not much detail so the coloring was easy.\r\n\r\nSo, boys' night in Boston begins with talking of Chucky's little experience with Merry. I love his expression when Kitchy asks if he's a virgin.

Image: cc81.jpg   734x1000 337477 bytes 2009.12.01

Page 81

I really enjoyed drawing this page. The middle panel on the right side came out better than I thought it would. Ah, wet rat kisses. ^.^

Image: cc80.jpg   733x1000 228641 bytes 2009.11.21

Page 80

Uh.....hmm. Should Merry really be doing this? If Chucky was confused about girls before, he's really baffled now.

Image: cc79.jpg   736x1000 352058 bytes 2009.11.09

Page 79

Chucky is good at feeling sorry for himself. I'm pretty happy with how the classroom came out in the bottom panel, but that stuff is hard. The perspective isn't perfect, but not bad.

Image: cc78.jpg   736x1000 360320 bytes 2009.10.26

Page 78

Oh those wonderful female signals, what do they all mean?

Image: cc77.jpg   737x1000 319226 bytes 2009.10.18

Page 77

I hope this page isn't fucked up. I drank a whole bottle of Two-Buck Chuck's Merlot while finishing this and I think I'm pretty loaded right now. If Chucky really wants to get laid, he's gotta work on asking out a real live girl. Fortunately he has one rather goofy rat-maid in mind.

Image: cc76.jpg   735x1000 282737 bytes 2009.10.11

Page 76

XD\r\n\r\nWell, this isn't a porn comic, but I certainly won't half-ass these scenes. I might have overdone the skunkspunk a little, but it was fun and I don't draw this stuff very often.

Image: cc75.jpg   734x1000 301915 bytes 2009.10.02

Page 75

...OOOHHHH!! Adult rating achieved. C'mon, we all did it. Girls, you did too. Figured out when your roommate wouldn't be there so you could have some personal time. With all that stimulation Chucky was about to explode. Sometimes a skunk just needs to be a skunk alone with this thoughts.

Image: cc74.jpg   732x1000 350348 bytes 2009.09.26

Page 74

If girls weren't on Chucky's mind enough before, they will be now. The image of Jenny standing naked in front of him is burned into his brain forever. Not that he'd want to forget it. :)

Image: cc73.jpg   732x1000 316107 bytes 2009.09.20

Page 73

Obviously she has keys to their dorm room. So many directions this could go now. ;)

Image: cc72.jpg   739x1000 304579 bytes 2009.09.14

Page 72

Wow, I am such a loser. I can't believe I took the time to draw the entire airport layout. The perspective came out pretty good though.

Image: cc71.jpg   730x1000 395769 bytes 2009.09.04

Page 71

Boy am I tired of looking at that damn airplane. I'll be glad when this flight lesson group is done because the airplane takes a long time if I really want it to look good.

Image: cc70.jpg   732x1000 386637 bytes 2009.08.18

Page 70

I told you this was an aviation comic. It took a long time to finally get around to doing this. Lots of summer activities. Hopefully I'll be able to get some updates more often. The next couple pages will be fun as Chucky takes his first flight lesson.

Image: cc69.jpg   728x1000 360001 bytes 2009.06.26

Page 69

Yeah, she's an eyefull. Pimp it Chucky!

Image: cc68.jpg   727x1000 301587 bytes 2009.06.09

Page 68

My physics teachers weren't this bad, but some didn't like you putting the importance of one class over theirs. Kyra the otter turned out so pretty, I'm really happy with her. And Chucky's question will be answered on the next page.

Image: cc67.jpg   728x1000 326750 bytes 2009.06.01

Page 67

I can't believe I finally finished this! 46 individual cute fuzzy faces in the middle panel. The photoshop file with all the layers unmerged is over 50 Megs. I'm sure compared to some of the real professional stuff out there, that's not much, but for my old-ass computer every time I hit 'SAVE' it took about 40 seconds. Anyway, I'm very proud of this, but please be gentle if you start finding mistakes. This did start out as a hand sketch, so the seats and stairs and such really don't line up.\r\n\r\nThe most fun thing about this was coming up with all the individual characters. Some of them have appeared in the comic already, but most are either yet to come or just random for this scene.

Image: cc66.jpg   743x1000 301368 bytes 2009.05.02

Page 66

Is it really a show of affection, or is it just plain obnoxious? I've always hated being made fun of.

Image: cc65.jpg   759x1000 304479 bytes 2009.04.17

Page 65

Ah yes, the explanation of Kitchy's panties. Chucky comes to the rescue, such a good natured skunkie. No good deed goes unpunished.

Image: cc64.jpg   725x1000 297453 bytes 2009.04.02

Page 64

Yes, he 'meeps'. It's not a furry comic without a character that meeps. It will truly be complete once I have a character that 'erfs'.

Image: cc63.jpg   741x1000 284326 bytes 2009.03.20

Page 63

I guess Chucky didn't quite make it to his aviation class on time. But hey, all his friends are here. His cool cat teacher is a big change from the math professor. I kinda fucked up on how his sunglasses fit, but otherwise he came out about like I wanted him to.

Image: cc62.jpg   662x900 275537 bytes 2009.03.05

Page 62

I think my math professors were some of the odder personalities of my college instructors, or maybe it was just me. Anyway, poor Chucky, his beloved aviation class is inconveniently scheduled right after his math class. The pitfalls are obvious.

Image: cc61.jpg   663x900 274271 bytes 2009.02.20

Page 61

An so starts Chucky #4. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back on this, but I should be back to updating about every two weeks, at least until I get to more detailed pages.\r\n\r\nChucky has started class, and look who sits behind him. Can you say, distraction?

Image: cc60.jpg   900x664 280108 bytes 2008.12.09

Page 60

Finally got page 60 done! I would have finished this last week but with Thanksgiving and all it took a little extra time. And with all the faces in panel #2, coloring took quite a while. This is the last page of Chucky #3.\r\n\r\nPanel #3 is the first scene with Chucky's gang. Adam, Chucky, Dave, and Kitchy the weasel will be main characters from here on. Lots of adventures to come.

Image: cc59.jpg   900x663 302631 bytes 2008.11.14

Page 59

I would love to have drawn EVERYONE on Chucky's floor, but that would have taken forever and a day. I would also need to come up with a lot more characters and draw them really small.\r\n\r\nLeave it to Adam to spill the nuts, er beans, or beer even. Chucky's priceless look of horror is matched only by his roomate's lack of common sense. Would you want your entire dorm floor to know you have access to free beer?

Image: cc58.jpg   900x661 253152 bytes 2008.10.29

Page 58

A roomies heart to heart talk about the opposite sex. I have this thing about people talking with their food, I think it's funny as hell and totally fits Adam's personality. It's a PB&J sandwich by the way. Ah, and we find a little something out about Chucky as well. ;)\r\n\r\nThis was the first time I really put work into light sources. I wanted the evening mood to be right and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Maybe I'll actually figure out how to do real shading someday.

Image: cc57.jpg   900x663 237740 bytes 2008.10.16

Page 57

If you could look up the word 'butthurt' in the dictionary, you'd see the face Chucky makes in the bottom middle panel. Boy, he's feeling so sorry for himself. I'm not sure if I should be proud or ashamed that I was able to pull this off. Leave it to Adam to cheer him up.

Image: cc56.jpg   900x663 232718 bytes 2008.10.02

Page 56

Heh heh, would you let your squirrelfriend get away sitting on your nuts? Adam didn't stand for it and takes his revenge.\r\n\r\nSo we find out a little more about Jenny. She also answers the question why they don't live together. But honestly if you think about it, they'll probably last longer this way.

Image: cc55.jpg   900x662 236773 bytes 2008.09.23

Page 55

Yeah, there's always some couple who got married right before going to college, and Chucky has one of them for a roommate. The wedding picture came out pretty good. I didn't draw it separately, but rather right on the page as you see it. Sorry if their wedding clothes are silly, fashion sense is one thing I don't have.\r\n\r\nI am rather displeased with how Adam came out in the upper right. That was one perspective I just couldn't get right, but I think it gets the point across.

Image: cc54.jpg   900x674 309722 bytes 2008.09.12

Page 54

This page was harder than I thought it would be. First were those stupid bricks in the last panel. Second, Jenny was a lot harder to color and detail than I expected. But she turned out so cute! I'm glad I finally get to bring her into the story, Adam's little squeeze. This is also her first digital coloring, which came out nicely.\r\n\r\nPoor Chucky, he was all geared up to have some cool guy talk with Adam.\r\n

Image: cc53.jpg   900x672 240091 bytes 2008.09.05

Page 53

Ah, Orientation Day has come to an end at last! It's not really over yet, but the campus tour is. Time for Chucky to head back to the dorms and mingle, minus one much desired rat-girl to his dismay.\r\n\r\nI'm really happy with this page. Cute shot of Ian waving. And Chucky looks so disappointed in the last panel.

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