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Image: cc52.jpg   900x583 216070 bytes 2008.08.29

Page 52

Anyone who bought Chucky #2 will recognize this from the 'Future Strips Sketches' section. This started as two separate pencil sketches and eventually ended up like this. The hardest part of drawing this was keeping the characters' sizes consistent relative to each other. Chucky and the boys were all drawn on one piece of paper, Merry and Nimsha on another. Everyone actually fit together pretty well.\r\n\r\nThe only complaints I have are that I drew Dave's and Merry's arms extended just a little too far, so when I joined their paws it left a big gap between 'em. However, this pushed the girls further to the right so you can see Kev, who may have been completely blocked by Nimsha.\r\n\r\nAnyway, if anyfurs would like to see the two groups of characters separate, let me know and I'll upload them.

Image: cc51.jpg   900x673 250823 bytes 2008.08.18

Page 51

FINALLY finished this! Life has sorta happened over the last few weeks to slow the comic down. Doesn't help that the next page is more complicated. I'll do my darnedest though.\r\n\r\nHow about a little more exterior stimulus for Chucky's interior stimulus? Can he handle the oh so visible rat-panties?

Image: cc50.jpg   900x676 235223 bytes 2008.07.25

Page 50

I guess Kev stepped over the bounds this time. Sorry it took extra time to upload this one, summer has been busy lately.\r\n\r\nWow, Page 50!! Hard to believe I got 50 pages up there since I started uploading the comic in April of 2006. I'll do my best to make sure the next 50 go a little quicker.

Image: cc49.jpg   900x677 292004 bytes 2008.07.07

Page 49

Ahh my first upload since Anthrocon '08. The con was awesome, actually sold a few comics. But it's good to be back home sleeping in my own bed and working on this again. And on that note, here's page 49.\r\n\r\nThe backgrounds were actually pretty easy. The fun part of this one was Nimsha's pose, and I love the look on Chucky's face in the last panel.

Image: cc48.jpg   900x668 252146 bytes 2008.06.16

Page 48

I drew fooooood!!! And I will avoid drawing it in the future because even this simple bit was a pain to color and detail. So we get to see everyone's eating habits, always fun.\r\n\r\nThis is my last upload until after Anthrocon '08, I'm leaving for New England to see friends in two days, then going directly to Pittsburgh from there a week later. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Image: cc47.jpg   900x680 261717 bytes 2008.06.01

Page 47

Ah this was a fun one. Nice shot of all the characters at the cafeteria table. I was too lazy to draw everyone's food on this page. But I'll have it on the next page.\r\n\r\nSorry for some of the wacky speech bubble/text formatting. I usually draw the scene first, then fit the text where I can, and finally draw the bubble around the text. Of course that's all in pencil and it looks fine until I try to fit type in there.

Image: cc46.jpg   900x682 284232 bytes 2008.05.30

Page 46

It's 97 degrees here in North Hollywood at the moment. So, what better thing to do than sit inside and finish another page of the Chucky comic. My dad always had some good words of wisdom when I called home from college. Always made me feel better. No matter what silly thing I did, it seems like he had a story about him doing something worse.

Image: cc45.jpg   900x682 264976 bytes 2008.05.03

Page 45

No shit? You mean I gotta buy my textbooks? I couldn't believe how much books were in college. Never got the same amount back for 'em either when you sold 'em. It was like a new car, loses 1/3 the value as soon as you walked out the door.\r\n\r\nI loved doing Nimsha's eyes in the lower left. She looks so shocked, probably more than she should be.

Image: cc44.jpg   900x684 250955 bytes 2008.04.08

Page 44

"Early bird gets the worm guys." Yep, he's gettin' all the girls with that line. So anyway, this is the last page of what will be Chucky #2. I like how the raised hands with the blowing windsock in the background came out. The background in that is from an actual sky photo, but the windsock and pole I drew by hand in photoshop.

Image: cc43.jpg   900x677 260910 bytes 2008.03.25

Page 43

Looks like Chucky truly found his calling here. A light twin airplane like this wouldn't have quite such an advanced instrument panel. But since these are for training future professionals, the college had their SP-33s beefed up as much as possible with gadgets. The overhead perspective of Dave(upper right) was hard and I'm not real happy with how it turned out. But with a little photoshop chopping it looks better than the sketched original, which looked really horrible.\r\n\r\nMerry has certainly regained Chucky's attention by sticking her foot in her mouth. Her uninhibited personality is starting to come out.

Image: cc42.jpg   900x677 253590 bytes 2008.03.11

Page 42

Yay for otters! Chucky sees his RA again and meets one of the older instructors. So, I got the idea for an otter character from the Redwall character Keyla. However, I did actually work with a girl at one time who's last name was Kaylo, but she wasn't an otter.\r\n\r\nI may have drawn her pants a bit tight, but it gets the point across. BTW, what's Kaylo holding in her right paw?

Image: cc41.jpg   900x678 298542 bytes 2008.02.25

Page 41

We're starting to see where Chucky's heart lies with his major. Nothing like a cool piece of machinery to divert a young guy's attention from a girl. It won't last for long, wait 'till you see the next page. ;).\r\n\r\nSo, I'm proud of the SP-33, considering I freehanded it with a little use of a ruler for the straight lines. I sorta took a Beech 99, Jetstream 31, and Cessna 303 and mashed them together with pusher props. Sorry about the lame paint scheme, looks like it used to belong to some trashy freight company. Anyhow, this was a fun page to draw. Probably didn't need to go into the detail I did with the airplanes, but why half-ass it right?

Image: cc40.jpg   900x673 259185 bytes 2008.02.13

Page 40

I could have been more detailed with the instrument panel, but that would have taken forever. It was a pain drawing it as it is. Chucky is happy for the increased attention from Merry. Kev is just, well, I think his attitude and the look on his face in the last panel say it all.

Image: cc39.jpg   800x606 219563 bytes 2008.02.02

Page 39

So as soon as I scanned everything from FC'08, I got crankin' on the next page here. I'm proud I finished it in three days.\r\n\r\nEver know anyone who stood just a little too close to you when they talked to you? How many times can they do it before you just can't take it anymore? How long will Chucky stay polite, especially when Kev just ruined his perfect view?

Image: cc38.jpg   800x604 204899 bytes 2008.01.17

Page 38

Ha! Finished this a day earlier than I expected. I've been looking forward to coloring this ever since I drew it last year. Chucky and friends are introduced to the college's ultimate puke ride. I'm very pleased with how the airplane turned out. I wanted to make a generic stunt plane and I just freehanded this with no reference. But I guess I subconsciously based it on the Extra 300. Please be gentle with any critiques, this was very difficult to pull off.\r\n\r\nI named the plane the Peregrine-10 after the Peregrine Falcon. Unfortunately the falcon silhouette looks more like the US Postal Service symbole. :P

Image: cc37.jpg   800x597 232757 bytes 2008.01.09

Page 37

Got this page done nice and quick. Easy backgrounds and the only detail being Chucky and Adam. The next page will be a little more detailed so it might take some time, but it'll be cool. With a little luck and persistence it'll be done before FC.

Image: cc36.jpg   900x673 246729 bytes 2008.01.01

Page 36

Finally got this finished. Chucky gets briefly reunited with Adam and his orientation group. But not without a little witness to Adam's obnoxious flight instructor's interaction with Ian. Chucky is only beginning to be exposed to the amount of ball busting that goes on among college students.

Image: cc35.jpg   800x591 234938 bytes 2007.12.11

Page 35

Stayed up late to finish this one. It'll likely be a few weeks before I can get the next page done. Poor Nimsha, she just seems confused. Chucky appears to be the center of attention. That wasn't intentional, just sorta worked out that way. W.A.F.N stands for 'World Alliance of Fur Nations. I guess it's their version of the United Nations, except with a lot more power and competence.

Image: cc34.jpg   800x600 214786 bytes 2007.12.04

Page 34

Whoo! I didn't think I was gonna get this posted this quick. The plot may be thickening, but Chucky didn't even have time to pop a boner.

Image: cc33.jpg   800x585 193416 bytes 2007.11.13

Page 33

Chucky is introduced to his first airplane, a tiny two-seat trainer. I'm very proud of it, considering that it was a simple line drawing only a week ago. But as we can see, it doesn't take much to divert a young skunk boy's attention away from his miniature classroom.

Image: cc32.jpg   800x565 224455 bytes 2007.10.30

Page 32

Ian lays down some ground rules and tries to look as serious as a young male fox in a furry comic can possibly look. I'm very proud of this. We have Chucky and his soon to be close colleagues on one page.

Image: cc31.jpg   800x571 223369 bytes 2007.10.17

Page 31

The embarrassment is just oozing out of the comic. Kev suddenly seems to be going from quirky little friend to social liability. What's a skunk to do? I hated any and all of this intro shit in college, and I still do. The lower left panel pretty much summarizes it up for me anytime I'm put on the spot among strangers.

Image: cc30.jpg   800x598 247693 bytes 2007.10.03

Page 30

Yes! 10 pages since the official start of Chucky #2. This also begins the introduction of Chucky's cohorts. All characters were created by me with the exception of Nimsha, the albino squirrel. She was created by Nivik Liriak specifically for this comic.

Image: cc29.jpg   800x608 227337 bytes 2007.09.18

Page 29

Yay for more characters! The comic is finally progressing to a point where more characters will be introduced. The husky character Chuck in the first panel was a character I used to play on BaltoMUCK back in like 1998, not anthro of course. He won't play a significant role for quite a while. Ian the fox on the other hand is Chucky's flight instructor and I'll have a character sheet for him coming soon.

Image: cc28.jpg   800x625 273665 bytes 2007.09.03

Page 28

Just look at all those bright smiling faces waiting in anticipation to enter the happy wonderful land of college! A magical place where your dreams come true and YOU make your future happen! College, where every girl gets to meet her prince charming! College, where every boy gets laid with all the drunken and willing girls. Yeah, if only that were the case.\r\n\r\nSo here's page 28, a crowning achievement for me with the sheer number of characters on one page. And if you actually bother reading Jase's speech I will be very impressed. He's based off an old supervisor I had, complete with the horrible red shirt and out of control chest hair.

Image: cc27.jpg   800x600 241390 bytes 2007.08.04

Page 27

Finally! After over a month of working on it, here's page 27 in all its detail. I've been trying to keep away from this level of detail in the later pages. Unfortunately page 28 is also heavily detailed and will probably take just as long.

Image: cc26.jpg   800x647 227370 bytes 2007.06.13

Page 26

Lots of detail in the lower left panel, did it all in one loooong day. Some furs wear shoes, and some don't. Adam is blown away by Chucky's lack of footwear.

Image: cc25.jpg   800x624 225176 bytes 2007.05.15

Page 25

I'm proud of how the water turned out. That was tough and time consuming. Not gonna do any of those again for a while.

Image: cc24.jpg   800x578 197899 bytes 2007.05.15

Page 24

There were no naked bunnies in my dorm shower. Although I did know someone like Kev, complete with the weird accent.

Image: cc23.jpg   810x581 172568 bytes 2007.05.15

Page 23

This is based off personal experience. The showers in my freshman dormatory SUCKED! It was like this the whole year. Sometimes I was on the giving end. I'd flush the urinal and hear a lot of "Aaaa!! FUUUCK!!" from the showers. Other times I'd be the one getting burned. Wanna see a full length version of the upper right panel? It'll be in the Extras section of Chucky #1, for sale at Anthrocon '07.

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