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Image: CD-HermBeach.jpg   704x425 83321 bytes 2004.08.27

It's been... quite a while since I've posted anything here, hasn't it? This is the most recent rendition of Ciraeon, hope you peoples likes me. ^__~ Simple mixture of bargain pencils on computer paper.\r\n\r\nAs always, Ciraeon Dar'Kalen is Mark Somerton

Image: CiraFlat.jpg   427x746 95178 bytes 2003.01.10

The flat base color for a character portrait of Cira I worked on quite a while ago. I never did finish it. Ah well, I still think it's a good picture.\r\n\r\nCiraeon Mark Somerton

Image: CirLyingFinal.JPG   526x698 113747 bytes 2003.05.14

Another character pic. Cir in all hir chesty glory. ^_~ This came out WAY better than I thought it would, and is quite a good representation of the Cir who lives in my head.\r\n\r\nImage and Character Mark Somerton

Image: Rayne.JPG   497x539 73822 bytes 2003.05.14

A new character of mine, Rayne Phyrestryke. This is really the first time I've ever done a gryphon or feathered wings, so I think it's a good result that I may do more of. ^_^\r\n\r\nImage and Character Mark Somerton

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