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Image: zombiepic.jpg   1024x410 74645 bytes 2005.10.31

Happy Halloween. :)

Image: oilforblood_copy.jpg   400x600 18985 bytes 2003.07.23

Okay, now before anything things this is an angsty picture i'd like to say...naah, i don't draw when i get angsty. This is the background for a fake band poster thats going to be in a game add-on, i'm also doing most of the voices for it.\r\n\r\nThough this isn't angsty, its inspired by a lot of pictures my sister did when she was going through /that/ stage.\r\n\r\n100% mouse art from start to finish in Adobe photoshop.\r\nArt {c} Edward Bailey Occaisionally Known As Circus\r\nBleeding eyes {c} captain angsty pants. his pants are angsty.

Image: Bayosign.JPG   618x827 88781 bytes 2003.05.20

ARGH...BAYO WANTS A HUG!!..APPARENTLY!!\r\n\r\npicture of Bayo inspired by hanging out with a Friend of reason, she just inspired it is all..\r\n I accidentally tried a new shading technique withis picture, i think i'll remember to use the old one from now on.\r\n\r\nBayo {C} Eddie.\r\n'Hug me' sign {C} Bayo.\r\n\r\nwill someone hug him and make him put the damn sign down..

Image: Babsy.JPG   556x807 90928 bytes 2003.05.17

Heeeeres Babsy...\r\n after WolvenSilver (check her stuff out, it'll haxors your boxors) drew circus...i hop skip humped at the chance to do an art trade with her, she drew Niall, and i drew Babsy, vampiric Arctic Vixen..\r\n\r\nBabsy {C} Wolvensilver\r\nArt {C} Some other guy...that'll be me...

Image: Fay_coloured.JPG   743x610 56789 bytes 2003.02.21

This is a picture for Fay on tapestries. So..cute...<twitch>\r\n\r\nCos Fay is kinkier than you...\r\n\r\nFay {c} her player..uhhuh.\r\nArt {c} me..

Image: Niallhammer.JPG   480x663 29199 bytes 2003.02.11

A picture of Niall, with a club hammer.\r\n Heh, i was going to put him in dungarees, but then i stopped myself.\r\nHe seems to get more buff everytime i draw him.\r\n\r\nI could draw him all lithe and lean...\r\nBut wheres the fun in that?\r\nNiall {C} Eddie

Image: Profile.JPG   322x521 28792 bytes 2003.01.06

Look its an ATAVAR..avatar\r\n\r\ndone for furrymuck or maybe something else is the case arises..\r\nnot bad for mouse art\r\n\r\nart and character are copyright Eddie (thats me)

Image: Niallfullbodyshot.jpg   498x723 58060 bytes 2002.10.23

picture of niall holding a hand cannon and a sword by a rope attached to it.\r\n\r\nnot a great scan...but at least the white is whiter than white...

Image: anime1.jpg   490x510 50400 bytes 2002.10.13

RANDOM ANIME!!! this was drawn in my sixth form college common room during one idle lunch time...its off topic but i think im due one...if not i'll just upload more furry stuff...nice bell though.

Image: gerbibunnycg.jpg   475x771 46298 bytes 2002.09.10

upload 15 lamingtons?!?\r\n\r\nanyway, this is the cg version of the original i traced it in corel draw andcoloured it in photoshop....i think i should stick to cel shading..if you like my art want to give me tips or get some, email arts nice too. <twitch>

Image: gerbibunny.JPG   423x673 37349 bytes 2002.08.27

Behold the gerbibunny. i drew this character first at an art club ive joined, which i was introduced to by my god friend Amy, who is a brilliant artist, but only does manga, such a waste :) up until now ive been editing my pics on computer from the scanner program, but ive noticed that my porgram i uas after the scans does a much better job...this looks exactly like my original..same size'ed version coming soon

Image: darkplush.jpg   371x566 22273 bytes 2002.08.04

Picture of darkplush used in pink and others....not a very good colouring job, but it was meant to be smaller, and im not good at lycra.....or whatever he we can see him flipping the bird to digdugdude....who is in a different picture\r\n\r\ndarkplush © kit Cox

Image: Pinkandothers.jpg   508x619 62647 bytes 2002.08.04

this picture was inspired by a conversation with the delectable pink fairy lotus also known as "kinky pinky", anyway, dugdude and darkplush may look like there just pasted on, thats cause they was very difficult to draw them all on the same picture....would have been to hard to colour as well.\r\n\r\nI apologised to pink for the boob size. i think she actually likes em like that...\r\n\r\nPink © Herself\r\nDarkplush © Kit Cox\r\n (both of whom ahve given me permission to use their characters)\r\nand digdugdude is probably © me

Image: Kchandcannon.JPG   514x846 82388 bytes 2002.05.20

More shading torture courtesy or charred, i looked for new drivers for my scanner on teh internet, the people who make it dont remember what it is....thats a bad sign....anyway, this is how kc was going to look in the comic i was going to do, i say was, because i tried drawing people today, i cant, not even zombies, and we know how generic they are....dont think id have the time anyway...\r\n\r\nKC and artwork {c} charred

Image: wingedcat.jpg   778x1010 143828 bytes 2002.04.27

Ancient picture, the scanner totally killed this one, so i will do a better scan once i find the picture again...i called the character "laroca" after after level in the game captain claw...i had been playing it and the name seemed right. but i never drew that character again and lots of characters have that name or one similar, so here she rests..unnamed, unknown, unloved.\r\n\r\nart{c} Charred

Image: Catcat.jpg   562x783 57331 bytes 2002.04.14

Whilst Casually surfing the net I found\r\nNow okay for most artists on here, its pretty pointless, but i could never drawn manga before now and the website really helped me out and could help others too.\r\nEven though the scanner completely raped this pic's shading its still a good picture...\r\n\r\nArt {c} Charred

Image: serioussaw.JPG   746x670 100880 bytes 2002.04.07

Feel the power of screen, yes.\r\nanyway, after i made my last serious sam pic a couple of em@ils from people congratulating me on my choice of video gaming entertainment, one actually asked me to draw another pic, but this time with a chainsaw, it may not be what you expected, after all the chainsaw is in the second game and this screenshot is one i got from the first, but still...Enjoy,\r\n\r\nSerious sam and level {c} croteam\r\nKC {c} Charred

Image: croteamownz.JPG   504x675 28920 bytes 2002.04.06

Bought a copy of serious sam, played it online, and a good time was had by all.\r\n\r\nInk, nisis tablet, in photoshop, logo made (badly, actually took more time than the rest of the pic nearly) in corel draw.\r\n\r\nSerious Sam and serious sam logo {c} Croteam,\r\nKC {c} Charred

Image: bigfeetkc.JPG   344x694 27128 bytes 2002.03.25

its kc...looking a bit thick and with big feet....okay the shadings not brilliant and the nine is very much out of place didnt put much effort into making it look like it wasnt just pasted on..dunno what the hell inspired this, it just appeared on the paper near where i was holding the pencil.....\r\n\r\nfor those wondering what difference a soft brush and a hard one makes on colouring a pic in, his shirt(not the sleve) was done with a soft brush, the rest of teh pic was done with a hard brush, the soft brush makes the pic look alot smoother... \r\n\r\nKC {c} Charred

Image: Bwuhhahahaa.JPG   405x576 28980 bytes 2002.03.23

REALLY old pic i drew after 5 hours straight on jap-em-up bishibashi special...done using a black pencil crayon and paintshop pro.\r\n\r\nEvil anime bear and art {c} Charred

Image: KCHook.jpg   392x522 34812 bytes 2002.03.23

OLD SKOOL KC! With his choice of weapon, a hook and chain he pulled off a knackered tow truck, drawn im my early style which was kinda similar to the sonic stuff....kinda.\r\n\r\nHigh end pc with 30gb hard drive and 800mhz....£600\r\nA4 Graphics USB tablet, with mouse..brand new.....£80\r\nSmug feeling........priceless..\r\n\r\nKC {c} Charred 2002 (keep forgeting to put the date on)

Image: Isaluteyou1311.JPG   683x909 68969 bytes 2002.03.23

I was perusing through 1311's art when, i thought "i'd like to try drawing like that"....i did, it was a lot of fun, it scares me how quick im drawing pics compared to only a month ago...the scanner killed the shading but anyway...\r\n\r\n1311 I salute you!!!\r\n\r\nKC {c} Charred 2002

Image: bayo2.JPG   617x618 71046 bytes 2002.03.22

Bayo, a prankster who seldom has a frown on his face, he has a love for life that few could possibly have nowadays, he loves doing anything irresponsible or dangerous, hes new mexas's answer to mtv jackass.

Image: KC_Cheesy.jpg   471x716 34671 bytes 2002.03.22

This pic is ancient..back before i could scan properly (some people would still say that today :) and before i got my inks...\r\n\r\nKC©Charred

Image: Floux.JPG   626x540 31272 bytes 2002.03.22

Did this awhile ago when everyone seemed to be drawing roux or zombi....this picture isn't a dig at anyone its just a joke...\r\npaper and cdrw pen (my normal ink pen i had to improvise)\r\n\r\nKC©Charred

Image: Solemn.JPG   621x870 69336 bytes 2002.03.22

A quick sketch i did just recently, not my usual style but i was trying to be arty, don't do crying characters much either.\r\nart©Charred

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