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Image: ravengrav02.jpg   620x748 89487 bytes 2007.03.07

Today's Lesson

More nonsense from Raven Hunt;s classroom.\r\nRaven Hunt (c) Max Blackrabbit. Art (c) Cirrel

Tags: Raven Hunt Wolf  
Image: KittaAVS15.jpg   833x956 129980 bytes 2007.02.09

Blind Fire

This is an illustration from an upcoming story I'm writing about Kitta Vulcahno - a Blind and Mute Honey Badger musician.\r\nKitta Vulchano (c) Cirrel

Tags: Kitta Vulcahno  
Image: AfterSchool.jpg   664x829 167147 bytes 2007.02.09

After School

Looks like he done messed up again. Then again, this is punishment?\r\nHazel Weiss (c) gNAW; Raven Hunt (c) Max Blackrabbit; Nohni Wabanda (c) Cirrel

Tags: Raven Hunt Hazel Weiss Nohni Wabanda  
Image: RavenHunt04.jpg   541x622 96766 bytes 2007.01.13

Classy Teacher

My rendition of Raven Hunt - one of Max Blackrabbit's smokey characters. Thanks Max, for your 'abundant' imagination. :)\r\nRaven Hunt character (c) Max BlackRabbit\r\nArt (c) Cirrel

Tags: Raven Hunt  
Image: stognohni08.jpg   750x750 208908 bytes 2006.12.14

Tribal Masks

Its gonna be one of those days.\r\nNohni character & Art (c) Cirrel\r\nAny resemblance of the masked parody characters to RL people is purely intentional. >:D

Tags: female jackal Nohni  
Image: nohniattention05.jpg   750x750 144590 bytes 2006.12.14

Pay Arttention

In Nohni's class, paying attention is not the problem. It's *focusing* attention.\r\nArt & Character (c) Cirrel

Tags: female jackal Nohni  
Image: nohniraider02.jpg   529x804 106010 bytes 2006.11.20

As indicated in a previous pic, Nohni is now a character - with a "Professor" side and her "Other side. Heheh. Indiana Jones never looked like this. For that matter, niether does Lara Croft! <Grin> Art & Character (c) Cirrel

Image: nonup04.jpg   472x936 120767 bytes 2006.11.20

My muse has finally been born as a full blown (copyrighted) character! (Labor was a mere 6 days.) Nohmi character and art (c) Cirrel.

Image: maxposter24a.jpg   652x872 165990 bytes 2006.11.20

I commisioned the ever-accomodating Max Blackrabbit to do the initial sketch of the three main characters shown here. I then added the period clothing, weapons, backgroud and color. It's a movie poster for a ficticious movie made by ZZ Studios in one of Joan Jacobsen's ZZ fan fictions - 'Transitions'. She also wrote out the whole Amat Victoria Curam story from which the ficticious movie was made. Both stories are available at PlanetFurry. Initial sketch by Max Blackrabbit. Characters (c) Joan Jacobsen and James Bruner. The rest (c) Cirrel.

Image: look11mc.jpg   764x640 161088 bytes 2006.11.11

Cheshire Cat. Colorized version of an older work. Art (c) Cirrel

Image: kempain07.jpg   597x665 90327 bytes 2006.11.11

Character study of one of my story characters, Kemsa KelTaq. Art & characrter (c) Cirrel.

Image: 1004fornax04bg.jpg   1028x558 127867 bytes 2006.10.05

As a small token of appriciation for letting me host Matt McCullar's new Fornax Story on my site, I did this webpage header graphic. Matt's story, Hauling Ass, can be read at:\r\n\r\nArt (c) Cirrel

Image: moodysleep06.jpg   669x576 113770 bytes 2006.10.05

This is a story illustration I did for Matt McCullar's new Fornax short story called Hauling Ass. He also asked me to host the story at my website so you can read it if you wish at:\r\nArt (c) Cirrel

Image: Quintus05.jpg   569x810 116419 bytes 2006.08.10

This is a fan-pic for Joan Jacobson's Amat Victoria Curam story over on Planetfurry. Damn fine writer!

Image: Sabportrait05.jpg   633x571 99610 bytes 2006.06.29

Inspiration for this came after reading the most recent Sabrina Online comic strips.\r\nSabrina character (c) Eric Schwartz, Zig Zag character (c) Max Blackrabbit, art (c) Cirrel.

Image: Cat_Run04.jpg   488x811 62706 bytes 2006.06.28

Tis the season.\r\nSome line art to keep in practice.\r\nArt (c) Cirrel

Image: Gabmad27lr.jpg   1104x775 184163 bytes 2005.12.02

This is a scene from Joan Jacobsen's "Transitions" story over on PlanetFurry. Gabrielle Ryder ((c) Joan) is the one looking pissed off. All recognizable characters are copyright their respective creators. Done in Ulead PhotoImpact using about 26 layers.\r\nArt (c) Cirrel

Image: Cindy.jpg   612x778 73972 bytes 2005.11.21

A little Portrait art.\r\nCindy (c) Cirrel\r\nArt (c) Cirrel

Image: Kittaconcert.jpg   768x768 120914 bytes 2005.11.13

Got an idea to write a sequal to my story "Touch the Sound. Feel the Music", so naturally I gotta do the cover first.\r\nKitta Vulcahno character (c) Philip Eggerding\r\nArt (c) by same.

Image: Fallingeyes12a.jpg   749x565 118619 bytes 2005.11.07

An illustration I did for "Transitions" at PlanetFurry.\r\nJean LeBrun Character (c) Joan Jacobsen\r\nArt (c) Cirrel

Image: Gabby09.jpg   575x838 90236 bytes 2005.11.01

This is a pic I did of the character Gabby Ryder from the story "Transitions" over at PlanetFurry.\r\nGabby works for Zig Zag.\r\nNuff said.\r\nGabrielle Ryder (c) Joan Jacobsen\r\nArt (c) Cirrel

Image: Zigpir04.jpg   764x762 141389 bytes 2005.09.28

Pirates. Ooooo.\r\nZig Zag (c) Max BlackRabbit\r\nArt (c) Cirrel

Image: Maxinecl06.jpg   733x715 80774 bytes 2005.07.27

Black Rabbit variation.\r\nMaxine (c) Max BlackRabbit\r\nArt (c) Cirrel

Image: cirrelav05lg.jpg   607x619 78272 bytes 2005.07.27

Brown cougar variation of the last post I made. Modified using PhotoImpact - a PhotoShop clone.\r\nArt (c) Cirrel

Image: Kemsasx11cl.jpg   808x715 95853 bytes 2005.07.17

Kemsa KelReyn\r\nDetail of colored version of previous post.\r\nKemsa character & Art (c) P. Eggerding (Cirrel)\r\n

Image: mxmmzz01.jpg   514x632 68060 bytes 2005.04.17

Done for my buddy El Maxx Celis.\r\nZig Zag (c) Max Blackrabbit\r\nart (c) Cirrel

Image: bunthing10.jpg   640x694 63169 bytes 2005.04.17

My monthly cuteness fix. Colored in the computer from a previous sketch.\r\nArt (c) Cirrel

Image: 100008.jpg   484x749 92815 bytes 2004.11.16

A lil 1000 members commemoration pic. \r\nHolly character (c) Mapper\r\nArt (c) Cirrel

Image: seated08smo.jpg   716x933 75745 bytes 2004.10.28

"Holly is waiting for you."\r\nHolly character (c) Mapper\r\nArt (c) Cirrel

Image: sona04.jpg   541x793 61708 bytes 2004.10.23

Sona - from My Wilderhom Novels\r\nSona has to protect more than just her own hide. She's one of Griffith's 'Guardian Angels'.\r\nSona (c) Cirrel

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