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Image: suguros.gif   146x241 2904 bytes 2005.04.24

The rabbit enjoys the suffering of the innocent.

Image: OJdinosaur.gif   720x488 27556 bytes 2005.03.16

The orange dinosaur does not like you.

Image: orange.jpg   477x504 59113 bytes 2005.01.07

It's not porn, so nobody will look at it. \r\n\r\nIt's Orange. B. Orange Fury.

Image: PyroBox.gif   809x567 19428 bytes 2004.12.13

This is my final project for Computer Illustration. It is a box. Meaning, if you cut it out and fold it properly, it becomes a box. \r\n\r\nI like the logo. I think i'll use it when I re-do my site.

Image: fsperm.gif   328x441 8563 bytes 2004.11.15

I would like to consider this my first pornographic work.\r\n\r\nDone in Illustrator, for class C137, Computer Illustration. I like to make the professor cry.

Image: Dunevgrrlclr.gif   382x609 65651 bytes 2004.09.25

Dune Runner Girl.\r\n\r\nOriginal sketch done by my buddy Trimmer. I vectored it in Illustrator (getting the hang of it ;p), and colorized in Pshop.

Image: dconin.jpg   444x648 105555 bytes 2004.08.27

Whoops, I still can't draw. \r\n\r\nThis is a picture of a gladiator hedgehog I spoofed during a fight RP on Redwall. I ended up liking him alot, so I drew him. His name is Dconin. He has a bodysuit of tattos, made up almost entirely of dream-monsters.

Image: enfeild.jpg   648x353 57978 bytes 2004.07.15

I was messing around on the internet, as usual, looking up heraldic animals. Then I discovered an interesting beast, the Enfeild. A heraldic animal, it is the head and tail of a fox, the body of a wolf, and the front claws of an eagle. I was inspired, so I popped on to Photoshop, and made this little logo entirely with the circle tool. No vectors here, baby! Ignore the little dot bities in the ears and on top of the head. For some reason, I can not for the life of me get rid of them.

Image: ruins.jpg   576x432 59613 bytes 2004.07.13

The city of Ruingate, after being attacked and razed by a band of terrorist otters. Dane, and his monitor lizard 'cousin', Ki, reflect on the day's events, sitting near the smoldering ruins.\r\n\r\nLog at

Image: dreamhunter.jpg   432x576 153882 bytes 2004.07.11

~~As of November 29th, 2004, i've gone back and updated some of the coments in my VCL archive. All text thus updated will be marked with a '*' asterisk thingie. Original coments will be above said asterisk.~~\r\n\r\nWheefun! I like this one. I gotta remember to do brilliant things in high-resolution. Oh well. Maybe I can get away with a small print copy. I like this so much, it's going in the portfolio.\r\n\r\nText not shown.\r\n\r\n*\r\n\r\nDespite it being a rather random mismash of filters, I still like this image. And I lost the text. I'm pretty sure I was really hyper when I posted this originaly.

Image: dane.jpg   520x327 43126 bytes 2004.07.10

This is Dane Blondfox, another character on Redwall MUCK. He's hangin out in a rather empty Skull And Candle tavern, in Ruingate. The bartender looks like shite. Oh well. It was a fun execize in doing backgrounds. And furnature.\r\n\r\n*\r\n\r\nHas anyone noticed that I cant draw? Or spell?

Image: gunnarhead.jpg   244x271 86207 bytes 2004.07.10

Simple photoshop doodle, and a (failed) experiment in fur texture. Oh well.\r\n\r\nGunnar, my new character for the Redwall MUCK. He'z a bunny. In a town full of foxes. The boy has some issues.\r\n\r\n*\r\n\r\nI should really delete this. Gunnar was an interesting character though, even though I only got to play him, like, once.

Image: brucedrgn.gif   432x280 39800 bytes 2004.07.06

My half of and art trade with my old buddy Snowsilver.\r\n\r\n*\r\n\r\nDid I mention that Snowsilver never gave me my half? Dont do art trades, folks.

Image: atomincomp.jpg   685x510 73239 bytes 2004.05.24

Sumthin i'm working on for the Atomship content contest.\r\n\r\

Image: NINJAED_copy.gif   302x225 12560 bytes 2004.05.17

This is Nuclear Alien Ninja Ed, an edit of a power rangers sprite sheet, made for a class I failed. Feel free to steal him. It's not like you couldn't do this crap yourself in an hour.\r\n\r\n*\r\n\r\nThe sad thing is, I would have probably passed the class if not for the attendance policy.

Image: ZoidsREVObannXjpg.jpg   792x198 31998 bytes 2004.05.17

The banner I need to get around to posting on my website. It's Brown Blade Liger. Clever recolor and vauge use of background screenies is copyright me. Zoids copyright Tomy. Not Hasbro. Hasbro sucks.\r\n\r\n*\r\n\r\nI should really be working on the site, not updating my oft-ignored VCL archive.

Image: bearpshopfinal.jpg   450x450 42508 bytes 2004.05.17

Breathes there the man, with soul so dead,\r\nWho never to himself hath said,\r\nThis is my own, my native land!\r\nWhose heart hath ne'er within him burn'd,\r\nAs home his footsteps he hath turn'd,\r\nFrom wandering on a foreign strand!\r\nIf such there breathe, go, mark him well;\r\nFor him no Minstrel raptures swell;\r\nHigh though his titles, proud his name,\r\nBoundless his wealth as wish can claim;\r\nDespite those titles, power, and pelf,\r\nThe wretch, concentred all in self,\r\nLiving, shall forfeit fair renown,\r\nAnd, doubly dying, shall go down\r\nTo the vile dust, from whence he sprung,\r\nUnwept, unhonor'd, and unsung.\r\n\r\n*\r\n\r\nDid I mention I failed this class too? NCC has a shitty attendance policy.

Image: phpad3_copy.gif   619x799 114327 bytes 2004.04.25

ploaded Size: 114327 Re-compressed Size: 146945 Recommendation: Use yours, my version sucks\r\n\r\nNow THATS interesting. Never got that before.\r\n\r\nI cleaned out my archive. Now there is slightly less crap on VCL then there was before. Like .0000000000000000000006 percent less crap. Because furry art is crap by nature. ;p\r\n\r\n*\r\n\r\nI need to stop using emoticons.

Image: phpad4_copy.jpg   360x466 52097 bytes 2004.04.25

Okay, i've compressed this thing to hell to make it as small as possible, but it's still coming up as 'Poor Compression'. Yeah, that's what you GET when your trying to compress an image from an original that's done in 500 PPI.\r\n\r\nHere's the tiny version of part of my photoshop midterm. It's a poster for my website, Lookit the koot hyena.

Image: flyspike_copy.jpg   184x434 18778 bytes 2004.04.06

I'll give you a BUH-ZILLION dollars if you can guess who Flypipe is drawn as. Because it's so difficult.\r\n\r\nAgain, part of the midterm. I just know i'm gonna get blasted as a furry for this.. I'll throw in a human Jet doodle to ofset.

Image: flypipeawesome.gif   432x662 69343 bytes 2004.04.06

This is Flypipe. He is awesome. In case you were wondering. The lines are done icky-pastely-ish because this was originaly part of a larger flier i'm doing for my pshop midterm.

Image: fly2.jpg   288x483 31666 bytes 2004.02.06

"Where's my f'kin lighter?"\r\n\r\nFlypipe, sketchy.\r\n\r\n

Image: pyrohyenalogo.jpg   405x419 45086 bytes 2004.02.06

Some homework I did on Illustrator. I suck at vector images.

Image: fly1.jpg   276x336 38829 bytes 2004.02.06

Whoops, alive again.\r\n\r\nIt's supposed to look like that. Sketchy and crap. It'll all come together when I show you the movie file I'm making up. \r\n\r\nPart of a homework assignment.

Image: FantFerr2.gif   360x360 5951 bytes 2003.08.24

Another version of the Fantom Ferret Logo. Just messing around, really.

Image: FantFerr.gif   432x432 7593 bytes 2003.08.24

The insignia for the Fantom Ferrets, a Wild Weasel SAM killer unit based out of Syracuse, New York. \r\n\r\nOkay, so the Fantom Ferrets dont really exist, but it is a cool logo, ne?

Image: Punkout.jpg   569x393 17351 bytes 2003.08.12

If you squint, you can see both bunnies. No lie.

Image: Dicksever.jpg   432x524 43897 bytes 2003.07.20

God hates furry porn.

Image: REremixBun2001.gif   576x492 224898 bytes 2003.04.04

A remix of an older picture. It's quite dark, so ya'll are probably going to have to turn up your monitor resolution.\r\n\r\nBut then again, the only peeps that look at my crap is the mods. Hi mods!

Image: Eh.jpg   432x432 19915 bytes 2003.03.26

Crap. Not again.

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