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Image: lkchoochoo.jpg   720x566 126983 bytes 2013.03.08

Commission: LionkingCMSL

Finished commission for lionkingcmsl\r\n \r\nI know, you have questions:\r\n "Can that plaster support the weight of a full grown male lion?"\r\n "I he worried about how much flocking material is getting in his fur?"\r\n "Does he pretend to be Godzilla in h/o scale Japan?"\r\n \r\nRelax, it's just a picture.

Tags: train lion model play  
Image: manticore.jpg   720x566 100246 bytes 2013.03.08


'Bout to F%@* something up! And he gives great hugs with those beefy bear arms.

Tags: manticore lion scorpion wings  
Image: drago.jpg   720x480 123488 bytes 2013.03.08

Drago Flight

Floaty anime armor and all

Tags: dragon armor flight  
Image: rattythievery.jpg   576x445 134618 bytes 2013.03.08

Ratty Thievery

Better grab those fancy knives and scoot back through the window in a hurry!

Tags: rat nezumi samurai thief  
Image: sazera.jpg   720x495 94668 bytes 2013.03.08

Commission: StrayKit

Speed painting commission for straykit 2 hour time limit, though I did some of the sketching off the clock because I challenged myself on the anatomy.

Tags: wolf fox herm  
Image: droodduel.jpg   648x522 150115 bytes 2013.03.08

Dueling Druids

...or as I've been calling it this whole time, "mew mew kitty Barrens duel time"\r\n \r\nAwna is clearly winning.

Tags: WoW druid lion tiger duel fight  
Image: kynx.png   480x720 69473 bytes 2013.03.08

Kynx gift

I wanted to take a break from my current projects and I like Kynx's (FA) design ^_^\r\n \r\nThis was about 3 and a half hours of work, 2 of which are recorded on my livestream.

Tags: kynx fox dragon gift  
Image: saadetbathing.jpg   507x648 141298 bytes 2013.03.08

Saadet at the Falls

Saadet taking a meditative bath before heading back to life and bloodshed at the palace.\r\n \r\nSeveral pieces of this picture are recorded on my livestream chanel if you'd like to see this image in progress.

Tags: saadet gryphon griffin rat wolf stellar jay  
Image: gator_shaman.jpg   576x720 215865 bytes 2012.09.10

He's a 'gator.. and he does shaman things in the swamp.

Image: rat_swingin.jpg   648x416 100241 bytes 2012.09.10

Old sketch, new art.

Image: coarse_pursuit.jpg   532x720 133253 bytes 2012.09.10

The Coarse Pursuit is a trial of violence that allows a woman to take down her tormentor. She is bound to the saddle and blindfolded with a single arrow to fire at the accused. She will miss if her accusations are false, but the unicorn will feel her righteous anger if she speaks the truth and her arrow will fly true.\r\n\r\nI have been struggling with this picture for a while. It’s not what I want it to be, but I think at this point that any more attempts will just muddy the image more. I will have to revisit this idea in the future.

Image: arboreal_skate.jpg   466x720 109473 bytes 2012.09.10

Arboreal skates of many varieties are common in equatorial rain forests. Often mistaken for amphibians, skates are actually reptilian relatives of drakes. Their scales have evolved to be subdural, giving their skin a translucent, fleshy look with texture pushed up from underneath. They have a limited ability to change their base skin color from green to mottled brown.\r\n\r\nSkates spend most of their lives in the mid canopy. During the wet season they will venture to the swollen waterways seeking insects and flooded nests. Their “wings” allow them to glide between trees, but are better suited to swimming.

Image: commission__fvzzball.jpg   445x576 98115 bytes 2012.09.10

Commission: Fvzzball

Image: commission__slivac.jpg   900x696 134741 bytes 2012.09.10

Commission: Slivac

Image: tag_with_fishes.jpg   720x466 157267 bytes 2012.09.10

Gavia chasing fish. She's probably more interrested in having fun than actually catching dinner.

Image: tamar_all_sleepy_like.jpg   800x618 149401 bytes 2012.09.10

I haven't drawn Tamar in a long time.. so I did.

Image: yaaawn.jpg   745x576 149678 bytes 2012.09.10


My mom had this zebra finch when I was growing up. I'm not sure how long they're supposed to live, but this thing didn't die until I was in college. It had to have been 16 years old or more. Miss that thing. It's name was Bird.\r\n\r\nI drew this because my cat was yawning at me.\r\n\r\nBright, saturated colors are not my thing. Poor guy looks like a cartoon >_<

Image: saadet_hunting.jpg   670x1080 215402 bytes 2011.11.29

Saadet Hunting

Clever boy, thinking this dense growth will make flying too difficult and give him a chance to go to ground. It might even work if we were in any other forest. But here… nothing escapes me here.\r\n\r\nMy wolf/rat/jay anthro gryphon hunting an unsuccessful assassin through the bamboo outside her lord’s estate. A character from a roleplay that sadly never really got started.

Image: unicorn.jpg   445x576 94596 bytes 2011.11.29

Unicorn Gold

Image: nishi.jpg   612x792 179472 bytes 2011.11.29

Weixiong Hu

A gift for EndeJester, who has an awesome character named Weixiong Hu. He's got a "tatoo" made from thread that sewn into his skin.\r\n\r\n

Tags: cat tiger blue tattoo  
Image: hippocamp.jpg   720x932 146188 bytes 2011.11.29



Tags: hippocampus sea sealife ocean horse  
Image: rat_dance.jpg   576x720 126861 bytes 2010.08.30

Ratty gets Down

I'm working on too many vector things right now, so I decided to throw a couple of hours at my A-Kon sketch and use the messiest textured brushes I could make. I feel much better.

Image: droods_go_lawl.jpg   466x360 73157 bytes 2010.08.30

Droods go Lawl

Of course I'm feral. Why?

Image: dune_runner.jpg   576x461 145090 bytes 2010.08.30

Dune Runner

Unlike most coastal gryphon species, the lesser bay gryphon is not a fish eater. It is one of the only coastal gryphons that makes up its diet of almost entirely land-bound prey such as small rodents, lizards, and scavenged eggs.\r\n\r\nThe lesser bay gryphon (often called a dune runner) prefers to walk or run and use its wings for short glides between dunes and balance during quick turns. Apart from seasonal migrations, it avoids long flights. While its eyesight is exceptional like its fishing cousins, the bay runner locates much of its prey by listening with its oversized ears. This allows it consistantly catch more skittish prey such as jackalopes which have learned to watch the skies for other flying predators.

Image: prairie_lobster_sktch.jpg   700x427 70908 bytes 2010.08.30

prairie lobster

We ate at one of those resteraunts that has a paragraph of historical information about the plate to cover the fact that it tastes bland as hell. And I don't mean "Did you know that gauchos cook their meat on scuers over an open flame?" No. This was "My auntie Rebecca went to Arazona in the 60's and learned how to cook traditional something from an elder in the pueblo. Every Earth Day we would pick serrano peppers from her garden to make a variation of the original recipe that uses rosemarry and fried apples to add a tart roasted sweetness!" And the whole menu what that worthless.\r\n\r\nEXCEPT! For what Brian ordered. He got Surf and Turf, no explanation. We found this really odd since most cattle ranches lack a lobster pond. Where did this overpriced taste sensation originate?\r\n

Image: StrengthoftheNezumi.jpg   754x353 132947 bytes 2006.09.05

Ratling promo card. 10 prints available. The only other way to get one of these prints is to win a Kotei this season.\r\n\r\nStrength of the Nezumi © 2006 AEG Legend of the Five Rings

Image: Tchtek.jpg   854x400 92606 bytes 2006.09.05

Another ratling card I did for AEG. \r\n\r\nRatling scout.\r\n\r\ntch'tek © 2006 AEG Legend of the Five Rings

Image: Yoeetr.jpg   895x400 98309 bytes 2006.09.05

The first card I did for AEG. \r\n\r\nApparently the players think he looks like Bugs Bunny. I quite liked him when I drew him... background rats not so much.\r\n\r\nYoee'trr © 2006 AEG Legend of the Five Rings

Image: Chantrea_BW_by_Nezumi46.jpg   395x500 72423 bytes 2006.09.05

Chantrea for Chael's contest ^_^ I really wanted to color this, but being in the middle of moving out of state makes that really hard. She's jumping out of the water to snatch a few feathers from the birds. Pearls and seashells just don't make impressive jewelry when you can find them lying in your front yard ^_~\r\n

Image: nicolaryan.jpg   344x500 87467 bytes 2005.08.05

Acen commission for Nicola Ryan's player. Dance clubs have fun lighting.\r\n\r\nplease do not redistribute.

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