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Image: abstractedcat.jpg   400x500 40189 bytes 2003.04.23


Image: Abyssi.jpg   303x500 58808 bytes 2004.02.28

Art trade with Andrea Koupal of her shadowbeast, Abyssi. For some reason, I see him as the Kalvin Klein version of Dark... He has a cute butt ^_~

Image: acen-waldo-full.jpeg   325x550 38565 bytes 2005.06.01

Commission from Acen of everyone's favorite depressed hound, Waldo. Text added by the Pitch Fox. MZDM

Image: Albino.jpg   374x576 70497 bytes 2000.08.29

The real one looks so much better than this scan (has more color but I was too impatient to scan color). And I'm just flat bad at peicing together scan bits. There needs to be more albino deer.\n

Image: angerbunny.jpg   369x450 74446 bytes 2001.07.07

I drew Anger Bunny because Jackalopes are awsome (not nearly enough of them around) and he asked nicely ^_~ I goofed on his left hand, though. It`s supposed to be white.

Image: arboreal_skate.jpg   466x720 109473 bytes 2012.09.10

Arboreal skates of many varieties are common in equatorial rain forests. Often mistaken for amphibians, skates are actually reptilian relatives of drakes. Their scales have evolved to be subdural, giving their skin a translucent, fleshy look with texture pushed up from underneath. They have a limited ability to change their base skin color from green to mottled brown.\r\n\r\nSkates spend most of their lives in the mid canopy. During the wet season they will venture to the swollen waterways seeking insects and flooded nests. Their “wings” allow them to glide between trees, but are better suited to swimming.

Image: ari.jpg   235x450 36952 bytes 2001.03.02

Arrianna plays a deer in the Alpha City game, but one of the other players drew a portrait for the game that's got her all upset. He didn't bother to read her character description at all, so instead of a long haired assasin with a woolen longcoat and a hood, she's basically Kianu Reeves. Paste a bald deer head onto the Matrix movie poster and that's what you've got. So since she doesn't want to be Reeves, I drew her a new character portrait ^_~

Image: aribaloon.JPG   297x600 35797 bytes 2002.10.20

mmmmm deer torment. I love you Ari, and your fluffy butt too ^_~

Image: babybun.jpg   284x202 44634 bytes 2000.04.24

My doggie wishes ya one of those Happy Easter things ^_^ I love dressin up my pup\n

Image: bandi.jpg   500x395 192722 bytes 2002.04.05

For Bandi, my first art trade with a stranger. The fur texture didn't turn out as I had hoped.

Image: BGriffon.jpg   401x550 72503 bytes 2001.01.08

The young ones claim that it's old soldiers like me that prevent peace. They're right. The young generation doesn't hold our grudge. But, I can't lay down my polished claws. Optimistic youth. They are happy living like worms on the ground. They have never flown. They don't understand the pain. They didn't feel the Dragon's magic tearing the wings from our backs. They have no scars from the dreadful fall to earth. They do not remember the sky.\r\n\tBut we remember, and we were not content to languish in the fate the dragons chose for us. Our magic has never been strong, be we are. Our magic now powers the wings we built from the dragons; dragon scales our feathers, dragon skin the leather that binds them to our backs. What torment it must be to our enemies to know that each one of their numbers that falls allows more of us to regain the skies they stole.\r\nIf it were only me, I would gladly discard my anger. I'm tired of its burden. But, there are too many old soldiers on both sides. Our hate runs too deeply. If I gave in to my weariness, then there would be nobody to defend at the next attack. \r\nNo. Better to continue my grim vigilance to allow the youth their brief idealism.\r\n

Image: birds.jpg   326x500 111909 bytes 2002.02.26

This is from a class assignment that's many pictures longer, but these are the only two that I care for. Ink washes are fun.

Image: bluegold1.jpg   286x400 64914 bytes 2004.08.18

I liked the one fish even more so I gave him his own picture. This is the one I'm probably going to be making prints of. The writing, it's fish calligraphy. It doesn't say anything ^_~

Image: bluegold2.jpg   400x500 57419 bytes 2004.08.18

Background elements from another picture that I decided needed to have a picture of their own.

Image: brd.jpg   310x431 139058 bytes 2000.04.09

pretty birdy! coherent yes! sense no!\n

Image: brdheads.jpg   381x500 71685 bytes 2000.10.14

So my digital art prof doesn't think that most of the digital art on the net is "Art", but she likes this bit of drivel that I threw together in a few minutes. Only entertaining thing about it is I built this bird one feather at a time ^_~\n

Image: buff.jpg   380x500 43169 bytes 2003.04.20

I just recently redrew this amphibious dragon that fell into my sketchbook one day. The fins aren’t used for propulsion, but for temperature regulation. The bulbs can be filled with air from a bladder next to the lungs in order to expand or compress the fins under water and take advantage of temperature variation in currents. They prefer the brackish water of estuaries and shorelines. They need to be named something more appropriate than “Water Buffalo” some day.

Image: burd.jpg   278x270 28196 bytes 2000.04.05

Image: Cat46.jpg   400x246 33614 bytes 2000.04.17

like kitty\n

Image: catlooksleft1st.jpg   693x284 55100 bytes 2003.02.22

We have stray cats that beg for food outside the cafeteria. All of a sudden, we have an oppossum that does too. We think he must be confused.

Image: cayote.jpg   273x370 69115 bytes 2000.04.30

I say there are very few things as sexy as a white fidora mmmhhmmm >:) She was supposed to be a wolf... but I spontaneously made her a cayote. prints at\n

Image: Cerulia.jpg   369x500 79986 bytes 2000.10.27

Ah yes, your average cloak-shrouded mask-wearing cerulian blue fox. Named her Cerulia, can you guess why? :P\n

Image: cerulianC.jpg   347x463 103901 bytes 2000.10.30

Cerulia's all concealing cloak is just being completely ineffective at the moment. Nifty fun deco-ish stuff going on.\n

Image: ChackatC.jpg   393x500 294269 bytes 2001.12.13

colored version for Chackat Goldfur.

Image: chakatink.jpg   478x600 183693 bytes 2001.12.04

Inkwork for a commission I'm doing for Chakat Goldfur.

Image: chandspider.jpg   395x500 58918 bytes 2004.07.02

A creature design I put together to help me plan a bigger picture of the spider in its web. The chandelier spider lures its prey in with light created by its phosphorescent saliva. The saliva hardens into little beads, which the spider attaches to itself with snarls of webbing.

Image: Chantrea_BW_by_Nezumi46.jpg   395x500 72423 bytes 2006.09.05

Chantrea for Chael's contest ^_^ I really wanted to color this, but being in the middle of moving out of state makes that really hard. She's jumping out of the water to snatch a few feathers from the birds. Pearls and seashells just don't make impressive jewelry when you can find them lying in your front yard ^_~\r\n

Image: charge.jpg   543x400 136302 bytes 2005.02.18

Yes, I am a strange person who renders a motion blur in real madia. I like many things about this picture. And yet, I am still a failure ;_;

Image: charprof.jpg   434x509 78997 bytes 2002.08.08

ooh, people should fear. That comic I keep threatening to do is starting to get web graphics >:)

Image: cldyawn.jpg   418x523 101838 bytes 2001.01.25

Kitty kick continues. I absolutely love the patterning on clouded leopards. Happy yawn, cats sleep too much. *encourages comments* I'm starting to wonder if I'm talking to myself here ^_~

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