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Image: Naturedetail.jpg   467x720 169732 bytes 2002.04.12

Detail of Z'helsha. Almost everything I draw is in high side light, so switching to backlight was a big challenege. Those glowing bits next to his head are his 3rd set of paws. Someone (not naming names.. because I haven't really settled on one yet ^_~) tipped Z'helsha over when he was being made and broke off his paws.. but they stuck around anyway. Z'helsha copyright Corene Werhane 2002.

Image: Nature.jpg   461x576 187177 bytes 2002.04.12

This is the spirit that controls nature in the myths that I created as backstory for my ever-threatened comic. I like to create worlds, and what world is complete without a bunch of creation myths for it's denizens to argue about? The creatures of magic have the most interresting theories, and they just happen to be the most correct ones. This guy's name is Z'helsha. The only one of the myths that I have online is the one for Nee'Irah, which is also the next portrait I'm working on. All of the stories need major revisions so they stop sounding campy. Z'helsha copyright Corene Werhane 2002.

Image: bandi.jpg   500x395 192722 bytes 2002.04.05

For Bandi, my first art trade with a stranger. The fur texture didn't turn out as I had hoped.

Image: tamdance2.JPG   317x500 146097 bytes 2002.03.19

felt like drawing toonie. Tamar's been sentenced to the wearing of the green shoes *dun*

Image: teichkichutek.jpg   239x500 70456 bytes 2002.02.28

Te'ich'kich'u'tek ("Tei") is my ratling character in our Five Rings game (like I could play anything other than a Nezumi ^_~) Here she's skittering about the rafters trying to sniff out a ninja assasin.

Image: birds.jpg   326x500 111909 bytes 2002.02.26

This is from a class assignment that's many pictures longer, but these are the only two that I care for. Ink washes are fun.

Image: gryphondinner.jpg   500x376 182399 bytes 2002.02.25

If you haven't noticed from my archive, I don't put much faith in the cute and fluffy representation of Gryphons. Shrinking this down really lost a lot of the inking detail.

Image: nezratbflat.jpg   371x400 118047 bytes 2002.02.23

Are your windows shut tight? Oh no! assasin rats!

Image: raukusC.JPG   399x500 164480 bytes 2002.01.24

Creepy disgusting that's somehow more beautiful than you would expect. Raukus gryphons are a cruel breed, but lovely in spite of it. Sadly, my favorite part of this picture is the background.

Image: Rauckus.JPG   405x450 90097 bytes 2002.01.07

A Rauckus gryphon, one of the few hairless species of gryphon. I want my computer back so I can color. I need a break from pencil work.

Image: tamwind.JPG   419x500 120367 bytes 2002.01.01

This is something I started almost a year ago.. then forgotten and refound. I was experimenting with blending cartoony proportions and realism.

Image: lizwater.JPG   500x307 128020 bytes 2001.12.19

water is annoying to draw. Brackish muddy water is even more annoying.

Image: liz_copy.JPG   252x335 86614 bytes 2001.12.17

Still wrestling with the background, but I doubt I'll get it finished before I'm kicked out of the dorm for the holidays. Part of a happy drawing ^_~

Image: ChackatC.jpg   393x500 294269 bytes 2001.12.13

colored version for Chackat Goldfur.

Image: chakatink.jpg   478x600 183693 bytes 2001.12.04

Inkwork for a commission I'm doing for Chakat Goldfur.

Image: rubio.jpg   328x400 155060 bytes 2001.11.07

This is highly inspired by a local artist I saw at Blue Star. Alex Rubio's artwork is somewhere between cubism and a pinata.

Image: photo2.JPG   400x314 75447 bytes 2001.11.07

The other of my 2 favorites out of a set of photograms that I did.

Image: photo1.jpg   509x400 99760 bytes 2001.11.07

one of my 2 favorites out of a set of photograms that I did. This is the first time I've done photograms with a furry subject.

Image: Jez.JPG   347x400 208361 bytes 2001.10.07

Jezzebel is a character belonging to Shironeko. It's supposed to be a gift, but she has no E-mail listed in her gallery. I hope you see this in the recents.

Image: fall.JPG   277x391 148775 bytes 2001.10.07

Scanner butchered... But, I like the wolf's head and the leaves.

Image: male.JPG   412x591 77802 bytes 2001.10.04

Male anatomy work. I have a bad habit of trying to move men's hips a few inches up. They have too much torso...

Image: Erima.JPG   297x400 124941 bytes 2001.10.04

Erima is another character from Xanari's story. She's the prestess of the tribe that actively worships Xanari. All the villagers are topless, but wear intricately folded skirts. It's acceptable to see breasts, but it's very imodest to show tail. The tip of a tail peeking out from under a skirt is blatant inuendo within the tribe.

Image: Tam1.JPG   270x400 98660 bytes 2001.10.04

Tamar is once again the hapless victim of my style experiments. Also, another excuse to play with costume design. I like textured paper.

Image: xana1.jpg   527x433 165494 bytes 2001.08.29

I've had this on my webpage for a long time, but I figured I might as well put a color picture of Xanari in here. Xanari is usually tough and basically cold to most forms of life because she's on an unhealthy guilt trip. She's having an unusual lonely moment with one of the naaru, her only close friends.

Image: Klealine.jpg   325x450 63246 bytes 2001.08.28

Klea from Tall Tails is just sort of playing with magic. The complete and colored version will be at the Tall Tails fanclub.\r\n\r\nTALL TAILS Daphne Lage/JD Calderon. All Rights Reserved.

Image: tamrule.jpg   455x450 89264 bytes 2001.08.14

Rather pointless experiment. I only used 2 filters in this, but people seem to think the whole thing is filtered up. I use a lot of layers and define my own brushes to make textures. But, it ends up looking like photoshopped crap even though it`s crap I spent a good chunk of time on.

Image: ratdice.jpg   253x400 40864 bytes 2001.08.08

Image: Tamren.jpg   455x450 110299 bytes 2001.07.27

I found an artist who does gorgeous things with French curls, so I decided to abuse Tamar`s ringlets to see if i could get a similar effect. I actually do love the hair. The costume design was just something to do to justify the crown thing that holds some of her ringlets up. I think she looks like a refugee from that godawful Dungeons and Dragons movie. but I love the hair so I`ll let that slide.

Image: snake.jpg   298x450 140687 bytes 2001.07.24

bird, snake, ram... woman. Excuse to practice clouds some more.

Image: angerbunny.jpg   369x450 74446 bytes 2001.07.07

I drew Anger Bunny because Jackalopes are awsome (not nearly enough of them around) and he asked nicely ^_~ I goofed on his left hand, though. It`s supposed to be white.

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