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Image: JesterTamar.JPG   266x400 33284 bytes 2002.10.03

*snicker* Tamar crossdresses as the demon emperor of the throne of Hell! Laugh with me dreamers.

Image: Jez.JPG   347x400 208361 bytes 2001.10.07

Jezzebel is a character belonging to Shironeko. It's supposed to be a gift, but she has no E-mail listed in her gallery. I hope you see this in the recents.

Image: kirin.jpg   358x467 79091 bytes 2000.12.05

I absolutely love the kirin that Chris Goodwin uploaded a few days ago. Loved her so much that I had to draw her myself ^_^ (kirin belongs to Chris, nolite tangere)\n

Image: kitty2.jpg   168x271 37668 bytes 2000.04.06

Abstraction yeah! ^_^\n

Image: Klealine.jpg   325x450 63246 bytes 2001.08.28

Klea from Tall Tails is just sort of playing with magic. The complete and colored version will be at the Tall Tails fanclub.\r\n\r\nTALL TAILS © Daphne Lage/JD Calderon. All Rights Reserved.

Image: kynx.png   480x720 69473 bytes 2013.03.08

Kynx gift

I wanted to take a break from my current projects and I like Kynx's (FA) design ^_^\r\n \r\nThis was about 3 and a half hours of work, 2 of which are recorded on my livestream.

Tags: kynx fox dragon gift  
Image: leop2.jpg   400x296 118720 bytes 2001.03.03

Sorry, completed commission for Kevin Schneider. (that'll teach me to trust my memory..)

Image: lesserspot.jpg   590x450 188214 bytes 2001.07.07

Raise your hand if you can tell I`m bored. I think I was up to 83 layers at one point, and I probably had twice that many all together if I wasn`t all about merging layers to save space on this poor machine. I`ve seen so many variations on the gryphon design (wingless, wolves, horses, and zombies o_0) I figured I could get away with a beakless variety. Feline faces handle expressions to much better than beaks. No matter how well-drawn a beak smile is... my damned logic has to come ruin everything by telling me that beaks don`t bend ^_~ I didn`t want to cover her with feathers because a cat`s tongue just doesn`t preen worth a damned. So, I tried to give her fur the irradescent quality of feathers. I was thinking about getting all into this species and drawing it a lot more, but I`m not sure I can deal with the workload.

Image: liz_copy.JPG   252x335 86614 bytes 2001.12.17

Still wrestling with the background, but I doubt I'll get it finished before I'm kicked out of the dorm for the holidays. Part of a happy drawing ^_~

Image: lizwater.JPG   500x307 128020 bytes 2001.12.19

water is annoying to draw. Brackish muddy water is even more annoying.

Image: lkchoochoo.jpg   720x566 126983 bytes 2013.03.08

Commission: LionkingCMSL

Finished commission for lionkingcmsl\r\n \r\nI know, you have questions:\r\n "Can that plaster support the weight of a full grown male lion?"\r\n "I he worried about how much flocking material is getting in his fur?"\r\n "Does he pretend to be Godzilla in h/o scale Japan?"\r\n \r\nRelax, it's just a picture.

Tags: train lion model play  
Image: lum.jpg   560x677 119194 bytes 2000.04.28

A wolfed out picture of my friend Lumnos. This.. should eventually be a print at oh, and since I've been attacked on Palace lately, I drew this for a palace friend, so please don't make an av of it. All my other pictures you are welcome to. I love it when people make avs of my stuff.\n

Image: luxfly-nez.jpg   352x504 79665 bytes 2004.03.24

Illucian is one of my inked drawing commissions from last weekend's Texas Furry Con. Loads of fun!

Image: lynx.jpg   368x550 119971 bytes 2001.01.20

I'm on a kitty kick ^_^ trees/clouds inspired by the mandala being made downtown. I have the biggest crush on one of those monks ^_^ (no, I'm not totally obsessed with monks *lies*)

Image: male.JPG   412x591 77802 bytes 2001.10.04

Male anatomy work. I have a bad habit of trying to move men's hips a few inches up. They have too much torso...

Image: manticore.jpg   720x566 100246 bytes 2013.03.08


'Bout to F%@* something up! And he gives great hugs with those beefy bear arms.

Tags: manticore lion scorpion wings  
Image: megoth.jpg   270x455 61674 bytes 2000.04.06

Nez means mouse, so of course I'm a mouse ^_~ I needed a sitting av for Palace. I love the boots.. don't ask me what's up with the hand though ^_^\n

Image: merry.jpg   423x480 115925 bytes 2001.01.09

my sarcastic holliday card.

Image: mink.jpg   353x453 109666 bytes 2000.06.27

I did this a long time ago. I guess I just missed loading it here.\n

Image: mothcat.jpg   357x500 64836 bytes 2004.08.23

So it's cute. But it's a a mildly canabalistic kind of cute so it's ok.

Image: mouphyncolor.jpg   413x450 83043 bytes 2004.08.30

Sure, thorny branches between his toes were uncomfortable. But he learned his lesson after the first time he ran afoul of an over-ripe berry. Lucky for him, he only had a foot to fall that time. He then decided that pricked feet are much better than a bruised tail.\r\n\r\nWatercolor pencil and markers. Neither of which scan worth a damn ^_~\r\n

Image: naaru.jpg   308x406 84762 bytes 2000.08.21

Character profile for the Naaru. They're a race in a story I'm writing... one that just may spontaneous turn into a comic. we'll see.\n

Image: nakedvampy.jpg   650x493 107100 bytes 2001.01.07

Just a test panel I did to see if it was actually worth trying to turn the Xanari story into an online manga thing. I'm fairly pelased with it, but I'm not sure how well anyone else thinks of it.\n

Image: natural2.jpg   373x489 130031 bytes 2000.10.13

Old picture that I finished during a class. I'm surprised at how well it turned out.\n

Image: Nature.jpg   461x576 187177 bytes 2002.04.12

This is the spirit that controls nature in the myths that I created as backstory for my ever-threatened comic. I like to create worlds, and what world is complete without a bunch of creation myths for it's denizens to argue about? The creatures of magic have the most interresting theories, and they just happen to be the most correct ones. This guy's name is Z'helsha. The only one of the myths that I have online is the one for Nee'Irah, which is also the next portrait I'm working on. All of the stories need major revisions so they stop sounding campy. Z'helsha copyright Corene Werhane 2002.

Image: Naturedetail.jpg   467x720 169732 bytes 2002.04.12

Detail of Z'helsha. Almost everything I draw is in high side light, so switching to backlight was a big challenege. Those glowing bits next to his head are his 3rd set of paws. Someone (not naming names.. because I haven't really settled on one yet ^_~) tipped Z'helsha over when he was being made and broke off his paws.. but they stuck around anyway. Z'helsha copyright Corene Werhane 2002.

Image: nezratbflat.jpg   371x400 118047 bytes 2002.02.23

Are your windows shut tight? Oh no! assasin rats!

Image: nicolaryan.jpg   344x500 87467 bytes 2005.08.05

Acen commission for Nicola Ryan's player. Dance clubs have fun lighting.\r\n\r\nplease do not redistribute.

Image: niirah.jpg   433x576 202820 bytes 2002.04.15

Nee’Irah is the controling force behind creativity, and is the most shy of the Kerie. Her inspiration is tentatively given and is often revealed through accident, much like her birth. She is the only Kerie that can communicate to creatures other than dragons. The legend of her birth is on my website.

Image: nishi.jpg   612x792 179472 bytes 2011.11.29

Weixiong Hu

A gift for EndeJester, who has an awesome character named Weixiong Hu. He's got a "tatoo" made from thread that sewn into his skin.\r\n\r\n

Tags: cat tiger blue tattoo  

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