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Image: lesserspot.jpg   590x450 188214 bytes 2001.07.07

Raise your hand if you can tell I`m bored. I think I was up to 83 layers at one point, and I probably had twice that many all together if I wasn`t all about merging layers to save space on this poor machine. I`ve seen so many variations on the gryphon design (wingless, wolves, horses, and zombies o_0) I figured I could get away with a beakless variety. Feline faces handle expressions to much better than beaks. No matter how well-drawn a beak smile is... my damned logic has to come ruin everything by telling me that beaks don`t bend ^_~ I didn`t want to cover her with feathers because a cat`s tongue just doesn`t preen worth a damned. So, I tried to give her fur the irradescent quality of feathers. I was thinking about getting all into this species and drawing it a lot more, but I`m not sure I can deal with the workload.

Image: trustcolor.jpg   653x450 227902 bytes 2001.06.20

Trust when her feline side is in control. That usually only happens when she`s really ticked. I`m very slowly improving my inking skills with that brush pen.

Image: Slvrblu.jpg   313x450 196083 bytes 2001.06.19

I was having costume design fun with Silverblue ^_^

Image: tamfern.jpg   625x450 184940 bytes 2001.06.18

Photoshop crashed more times than I care to count while I was coloring this. I don`t really know why Tamar would be roaming through a bunch of ferns other than it`s kinda pretty.

Image: flow.jpg   347x450 245028 bytes 2001.06.11

yes, I had manitou envy. I hope I managed to use enough of my own taste in this style so that it`s not just offensively similar. This was really fun to draw.

Image: gryphfly.jpg   387x450 190612 bytes 2001.06.11

I found a picture of a bunch of seagulls fighting over something and fell in love with the wings. I don`t recomend using caligraphy paper, though. The light spots are the smooth patches where my pencils refused to burnish.

Image: dayjb.jpg   402x450 115285 bytes 2001.04.21

Nez has a Dayjob! *shock* I love this picture. I've been trying to draw a new self portrait for a while, but I've hated them all. My ego demands that I draw myself beautiful (hey, I'm not really, so I might as well be on paper^_~) But I finally admitted that I'm pretty sloppy and kinda butch. So I figured I'd go ahead and draw myself at work. The theater is so gloomy between shows, I look colorful by comparison ^_~

Image: deadbird.jpg   577x293 73756 bytes 2001.04.03

It's that time again, dead birds are littering the art building balconies. Someone cleaned up my bird before I was finished drawing, so the head is mostly guesswork. Just practicing with feathers.

Image: toonie.jpg   543x400 67366 bytes 2001.03.19

One reason that Tamar would make a bad toon. I can just see her doing the classic bit where she jumps off the page and kicks my ass for drawing her funny ^_~

Image: fishing.jpg   288x397 109260 bytes 2001.03.19

I've wanted to draw a cormorant fisherman with his bird for a very long time. I sort of love hate this picture. It looks more cartoonie than I planned because it's my first attempt at inking with a brush pen. I decided that stylized backgrounds don't work for me on a large scale. I really like the water in teh background, and hate the water in the fore.

Image: Xanamark.jpg   344x450 64769 bytes 2001.03.03

Just playing with Xanari's markings. Anyone want to comment?

Image: leop2.jpg   400x296 118720 bytes 2001.03.03

Sorry, completed commission for Kevin Schneider. (that'll teach me to trust my memory..)

Image: ari.jpg   235x450 36952 bytes 2001.03.02

Arrianna plays a deer in the Alpha City game, but one of the other players drew a portrait for the game that's got her all upset. He didn't bother to read her character description at all, so instead of a long haired assasin with a woolen longcoat and a hood, she's basically Kianu Reeves. Paste a bald deer head onto the Matrix movie poster and that's what you've got. So since she doesn't want to be Reeves, I drew her a new character portrait ^_~

Image: tamarBW.jpg   309x429 62501 bytes 2001.02.27

Thought I'd replace my old class sketch of Tamar with a newer one. I'm really happy with her ringlets, but her bangs got kinda out of control. Looks like a tarantula is sitting on her forehead o_0

Image: Dcolor.jpg   550x425 112712 bytes 2001.02.11

Yes, the human (waits to be stoned) is Count D from Petshop of Horrors. The pet is my own creation. Her name is Trust (and you don't want to see what happens when you betray Trust). I'll do a full body rendition of Trust in the future when I have nothing better to do.

Image: ippy.jpg   373x550 84419 bytes 2001.02.02

Oh oh! It's not a kitty with spots! Hehehe I drew this for Ippy because I like the design, and the fact that character actually seems to feel something.

Image: ocelot.jpg   442x550 129469 bytes 2001.01.29

And yes, another cat. This time an ocelot. I hope I got the markings correct.

Image: cldyawn.jpg   418x523 101838 bytes 2001.01.25

Kitty kick continues. I absolutely love the patterning on clouded leopards. Happy yawn, cats sleep too much. *encourages comments* I'm starting to wonder if I'm talking to myself here ^_~

Image: lynx.jpg   368x550 119971 bytes 2001.01.20

I'm on a kitty kick ^_^ trees/clouds inspired by the mandala being made downtown. I have the biggest crush on one of those monks ^_^ (no, I'm not totally obsessed with monks *lies*)

Image: jag.jpg   441x500 165355 bytes 2001.01.18

I am incredibly proud of this one. I did a lot of experimentation that I think paid off really well. Jaguar in the dry grasses ^_^ She looks pretty grumpy at being woken up from her nap. That tail is not in the happy bodylanguage of cats.

Image: merry.jpg   423x480 115925 bytes 2001.01.09

my sarcastic holliday card.

Image: BGriffon.jpg   401x550 72503 bytes 2001.01.08

The young ones claim that it's old soldiers like me that prevent peace. They're right. The young generation doesn't hold our grudge. But, I can't lay down my polished claws. Optimistic youth. They are happy living like worms on the ground. They have never flown. They don't understand the pain. They didn't feel the Dragon's magic tearing the wings from our backs. They have no scars from the dreadful fall to earth. They do not remember the sky.\r\n\tBut we remember, and we were not content to languish in the fate the dragons chose for us. Our magic has never been strong, be we are. Our magic now powers the wings we built from the dragons; dragon scales our feathers, dragon skin the leather that binds them to our backs. What torment it must be to our enemies to know that each one of their numbers that falls allows more of us to regain the skies they stole.\r\nIf it were only me, I would gladly discard my anger. I'm tired of its burden. But, there are too many old soldiers on both sides. Our hate runs too deeply. If I gave in to my weariness, then there would be nobody to defend at the next attack. \r\nNo. Better to continue my grim vigilance to allow the youth their brief idealism.\r\n

Image: nakedvampy.jpg   650x493 107100 bytes 2001.01.07

Just a test panel I did to see if it was actually worth trying to turn the Xanari story into an online manga thing. I'm fairly pelased with it, but I'm not sure how well anyone else thinks of it.\n

Image: drum2.jpg   479x539 129044 bytes 2000.12.12

(rescan: colors are more acurate now) this is from a kabuki play.. that I've managed to forget the name of. Basically, this woman who is playing a drum is constantly followed by a fox. When she asks him why he admits that he's listening to her play the drum. The drum was made with the skins of his parents, so when she plays, it's the voices of his parents that he hears. She gives him the drum because she's impressed by his loyalty to his family.\n

Image: kirin.jpg   358x467 79091 bytes 2000.12.05

I absolutely love the kirin that Chris Goodwin uploaded a few days ago. Loved her so much that I had to draw her myself ^_^ (kirin belongs to Chris, nolite tangere)\n

Image: quollspotsprint.jpg   327x450 109363 bytes 2000.11.04

We're playing with Painter in my digital class this week. So here's my latest doodle. She's a spotted tailed quoll, the second largest marsupial on Tazmania. I'm planning to draw her a lot more. Anyone want to suggest a name for her?\n

Image: cerulianC.jpg   347x463 103901 bytes 2000.10.30

Cerulia's all concealing cloak is just being completely ineffective at the moment. Nifty fun deco-ish stuff going on.\n

Image: decay.jpg   446x600 202214 bytes 2000.10.27

wheeee fun! Inkwash happies! And of course this looks like crap because the picture is 18 X 24 so I had to stick 7 scans together... I'm so bad at that. I think this is going to be the spirit of decay. In honor of the pile of dead birds on the second floor baclony of the art dept. because the janitors refuse to sweep the floors in the studio, but they'll clean the windows to invisibility.\n

Image: tamwing.jpg   477x600 219952 bytes 2000.10.27

So I lied, there's at least one more of Tamar in this style. Everyone seems to slap angel wings on their characters at some point or another. But ya know, that's jut so not Tamar's style. So here she is being grumpy and ripping out her wings.\n

Image: Cerulia.jpg   369x500 79986 bytes 2000.10.27

Ah yes, your average cloak-shrouded mask-wearing cerulian blue fox. Named her Cerulia, can you guess why? :P\n

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