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Image: ocelot.jpg   442x550 129469 bytes 2001.01.29

And yes, another cat. This time an ocelot. I hope I got the markings correct.

Image: oniflat.jpg   358x500 57425 bytes 2002.10.31

'cause I've been procrastinating on giving Oni a picture for far too long.

Image: peanut.jpg   340x500 62688 bytes 2005.01.01

A commission for the always wonderful player of Karol Lewis. A dragon cat version of her mother's old sphynx. I'm not actually sure if the cat's name is Peanut... but it is now ^_~ The blue border is a digital representation of how the original looks with its two-window navy mat.

Image: photo1.jpg   509x400 99760 bytes 2001.11.07

one of my 2 favorites out of a set of photograms that I did. This is the first time I've done photograms with a furry subject.

Image: photo2.JPG   400x314 75447 bytes 2001.11.07

The other of my 2 favorites out of a set of photograms that I did.

Image: poofchi.jpg   500x357 59888 bytes 2004.08.18

Yao Chi was never really a baby dragon, but he's awfully cute as one. A thank you doodle because he's patient.

Image: prairie_lobster_sktch.jpg   700x427 70908 bytes 2010.08.30

prairie lobster

We ate at one of those resteraunts that has a paragraph of historical information about the plate to cover the fact that it tastes bland as hell. And I don't mean "Did you know that gauchos cook their meat on scuers over an open flame?" No. This was "My auntie Rebecca went to Arazona in the 60's and learned how to cook traditional something from an elder in the pueblo. Every Earth Day we would pick serrano peppers from her garden to make a variation of the original recipe that uses rosemarry and fried apples to add a tart roasted sweetness!" And the whole menu what that worthless.\r\n\r\nEXCEPT! For what Brian ordered. He got Surf and Turf, no explanation. We found this really odd since most cattle ranches lack a lobster pond. Where did this overpriced taste sensation originate?\r\n

Image: precious.jpg   365x497 99018 bytes 2000.10.07

Ain't he just fucking precious. Don't touch me, I'm grumpy.\n

Image: pyorkie.jpg   239x341 55375 bytes 2000.04.09

Um.. I tried to draw my sister's Pom. But somehow my Dad's yorkie got into the face. So I gave up and threw a ferret's body on him, a fox's tail, and prolly half a dozen other critters.\n

Image: quollspotsprint.jpg   327x450 109363 bytes 2000.11.04

We're playing with Painter in my digital class this week. So here's my latest doodle. She's a spotted tailed quoll, the second largest marsupial on Tazmania. I'm planning to draw her a lot more. Anyone want to suggest a name for her?\n

Image: rat_dance.jpg   576x720 126861 bytes 2010.08.30

Ratty gets Down

I'm working on too many vector things right now, so I decided to throw a couple of hours at my A-Kon sketch and use the messiest textured brushes I could make. I feel much better.

Image: rat_swingin.jpg   648x416 100241 bytes 2012.09.10

Old sketch, new art.

Image: ratdice.jpg   253x400 40864 bytes 2001.08.08

Image: ratgem.jpg   500x376 65102 bytes 2004.08.20

"We were allowed into a Phoenix temple that happened to have a very large, very shiny stone. Just the kind of shiny that any Nezumi would treasure. \r\n\r\nThe Unicorn told me that I should not and I believed her. Unicorns have a way of making their words become the truth. \r\n\r\nThe Dragon told me I would not and I believed him. Dragons have a way of seeing into tomorrow. \r\n\r\nBut when the Crane told me I could not, well it would not have been right to let him keep believing that falsehood."\r\n\r\nMy Ratling never gets the party into any trouble ^_^

Image: ratlinggeisha.jpg   600x481 105804 bytes 2005.01.13

For when you want to dishonor the hell out of a personality.\r\n\r\nI have a strange sense of humor. L5R gag for Jim Pinto.

Image: ratlingscout.jpg   607x518 112476 bytes 2005.01.20

Too mousie, needs more rat. Trying to be more painterly and all that jazz.

Image: rattythievery.jpg   576x445 134618 bytes 2013.03.08

Ratty Thievery

Better grab those fancy knives and scoot back through the window in a hurry!

Tags: rat nezumi samurai thief  
Image: Rauckus.JPG   405x450 90097 bytes 2002.01.07

A Rauckus gryphon, one of the few hairless species of gryphon. I want my computer back so I can color. I need a break from pencil work.

Image: raukusC.JPG   399x500 164480 bytes 2002.01.24

Creepy disgusting that's somehow more beautiful than you would expect. Raukus gryphons are a cruel breed, but lovely in spite of it. Sadly, my favorite part of this picture is the background.

Image: ravendragon.jpeg   321x500 34560 bytes 2004.06.24

Raven Dragon. Card commission for MZDM.

Image: reach.jpg   441x351 41290 bytes 2000.10.04

Another class doodle. I really like how this feels, I might go ahead and make a better drawing of it someday. blackfox/lion-taur thingie... atashi no!\n

Image: rivercat.jpg   357x500 67771 bytes 2005.05.02

I forgot to upload the newest insect cat here. I am a fool... a fool I say!\r\n\r\nAll 3 cats have prints available on my site. More cats likely to join the set.

Image: Robyn.jpg   475x342 117511 bytes 2000.08.22

Colorful fish very loosely based on the sea robin. I thought about making prints of this, then I remembered that nobody likes my stuff enough to pay money anyway.\n

Image: rubio.jpg   328x400 155060 bytes 2001.11.07

This is highly inspired by a local artist I saw at Blue Star. Alex Rubio's artwork is somewhere between cubism and a pinata.

Image: saadet_hunting.jpg   670x1080 215402 bytes 2011.11.29

Saadet Hunting

Clever boy, thinking this dense growth will make flying too difficult and give him a chance to go to ground. It might even work if we were in any other forest. But here… nothing escapes me here.\r\n\r\nMy wolf/rat/jay anthro gryphon hunting an unsuccessful assassin through the bamboo outside her lord’s estate. A character from a roleplay that sadly never really got started.

Image: saadetbathing.jpg   507x648 141298 bytes 2013.03.08

Saadet at the Falls

Saadet taking a meditative bath before heading back to life and bloodshed at the palace.\r\n \r\nSeveral pieces of this picture are recorded on my livestream chanel if you'd like to see this image in progress.

Tags: saadet gryphon griffin rat wolf stellar jay  
Image: Samantha.jpg   253x601 73297 bytes 2000.04.11

Samantha's independent. She may be wearing a collar, but nobody has managed to put a leash to it yet.\n

Image: saph.jpg   368x523 87980 bytes 2000.08.21

This is Saph. The logo/mascot/whatever of my webpage, Mouse Haunt.\n

Image: sazera.jpg   720x495 94668 bytes 2013.03.08

Commission: StrayKit

Speed painting commission for straykit 2 hour time limit, though I did some of the sketching off the clock because I challenged myself on the anatomy.

Tags: wolf fox herm  
Image: scrtchpost.jpg   534x633 41444 bytes 2002.06.05

Cat on a scratching post.\r\n\r\nI'm actually very happy with my linework for this, but it's hard to see online.\r\n\r\nAlex is always telling me that I should draw porn, it's our standard "hi nice to see you" conversation. So hey, I'm not morally opposed to porn and it's just a drawing, right? Maybe I'm missing out on a deeply fulfilling experience. Well I drew the porn with the lame pun excuse for it and... nope, not missing anything ^_~ So there Alex! I drew porn for you and have something in my gallery to frighten Mom :P Now I'm gonna go sell it so I can get it the hell out of my porfolio :p

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