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Image: tamarkneel.jpg   500x418 56441 bytes 2000.10.21

So, Meghan and David both drew Tamar with bangs... and it looks good ^_^ So, surprise surprise I changed Tamar again... Don't think I'll draw her like this again though. I love how it turned out, but the smudge tool is bad for my sanity o_0 and I feel like I'm stepping on Meghan's toes.\n

Image: brdheads.jpg   381x500 71685 bytes 2000.10.14

So my digital art prof doesn't think that most of the digital art on the net is "Art", but she likes this bit of drivel that I threw together in a few minutes. Only entertaining thing about it is I built this bird one feather at a time ^_~\n

Image: natural2.jpg   373x489 130031 bytes 2000.10.13

Old picture that I finished during a class. I'm surprised at how well it turned out.\n

Image: precious.jpg   365x497 99018 bytes 2000.10.07

Ain't he just fucking precious. Don't touch me, I'm grumpy.\n

Image: reach.jpg   441x351 41290 bytes 2000.10.04

Another class doodle. I really like how this feels, I might go ahead and make a better drawing of it someday. blackfox/lion-taur thingie... atashi no!\n

Image: delilahC.jpg   327x498 97434 bytes 2000.09.24

Delilah, from the same story as Xanari. She's something akin to a Goddess or sorta-semi-angel. Eventually I'll actually have the story finished.. or started ^_~\n

Image: elegantdrag.jpg   331x489 101580 bytes 2000.09.23

nono THIS is the color version. doofus me\n

Image: Xanari.jpg   443x698 117896 bytes 2000.09.23

Xanari, the main character in a story of mine. And no, she's not naked to impress you :p A good deal of the jokes in my story center around the average Grad Student's inability to function around a naked female (Anthropology students in their first confrontation with topless natives)\n

Image: tamcarrie.jpg   288x392 57239 bytes 2000.09.17

"I slaughtered my pride to come as one of you, and played by your rules. Now, I'll play by mine. You'll lose." Tamar about to get Carrie on some asses.\n

Image: dreamwinds.jpg   787x496 264290 bytes 2000.09.02

Finished ^_____^ and again we see my inability to stick scans together :p\n

Image: dreamwind.jpg   599x661 326323 bytes 2000.09.01

is only part. am still working on rest. me is rebonding with my pencils that have been sorely ignored ^______^\n

Image: Albino.jpg   374x576 70497 bytes 2000.08.29

The real one looks so much better than this scan (has more color but I was too impatient to scan color). And I'm just flat bad at peicing together scan bits. There needs to be more albino deer.\n

Image: gargc.jpg   366x541 153465 bytes 2000.08.24

soooooo much scifi fun-ness!\n

Image: Robyn.jpg   475x342 117511 bytes 2000.08.22

Colorful fish very loosely based on the sea robin. I thought about making prints of this, then I remembered that nobody likes my stuff enough to pay money anyway.\n

Image: goylescifi.jpg   342x475 109918 bytes 2000.08.22

black and white inkiness. I think it's rather decent. I'll upload the color version soon.\n

Image: saph.jpg   368x523 87980 bytes 2000.08.21

This is Saph. The logo/mascot/whatever of my webpage, Mouse Haunt.\n

Image: naaru.jpg   308x406 84762 bytes 2000.08.21

Character profile for the Naaru. They're a race in a story I'm writing... one that just may spontaneous turn into a comic. we'll see.\n

Image: hooterroo.jpg   268x406 58775 bytes 2000.08.21

So I was in a strange mood, and the wallaby was an easy victim. My sister named this the "hooter roo".\n

Image: mink.jpg   353x453 109666 bytes 2000.06.27

I did this a long time ago. I guess I just missed loading it here.\n

Image: tamaraction.jpg   401x417 52945 bytes 2000.06.12

Tamar again, in a semi action like pose.\n

Image: hippie.jpg   275x432 59464 bytes 2000.06.07

feel the happy bounciness and cringe :p\n

Image: tamarspook.jpg   301x404 68421 bytes 2000.06.02

well, let's just try a draaaastic change in style for Tamar ^_^ I love how this one turned out.\n

Image: skunk.jpg   205x264 58352 bytes 2000.05.30

uh huh. a skunk :p I might make prints of this, dunno yet.\n

Image: tamaersit.jpg   173x274 40407 bytes 2000.05.30

I was playing with my new prismacolor markers and drew Tamar again. The odd floating in space thing she's sitting on is an idea I borrowed from my friend Eden ^_^\n

Image: dragonb.jpg   378x371 89945 bytes 2000.05.04

I shoulda uploaded this ages ago ^_^ Lots and lots of time with a tiiiiiiny point technical pen.\n

Image: gargreetch.jpg   327x398 89186 bytes 2000.04.30

I love these drawings ^_^ Gargreetch is really sweet, but bitter about the fact that nobody comes to her for wishes. They all go to the pretty unicorns and leave the poor old woman all alone.. *wanders off on tangent*\n

Image: cayote.jpg   273x370 69115 bytes 2000.04.30

I say there are very few things as sexy as a white fidora mmmhhmmm >:) She was supposed to be a wolf... but I spontaneously made her a cayote. prints at\n

Image: dragonmanC.jpg   310x429 72241 bytes 2000.04.30

A really fun 4 winged dragon man turing in front of background in a box ^_^ Prints at\n

Image: lum.jpg   560x677 119194 bytes 2000.04.28

A wolfed out picture of my friend Lumnos. This.. should eventually be a print at oh, and since I've been attacked on Palace lately, I drew this for a palace friend, so please don't make an av of it. All my other pictures you are welcome to. I love it when people make avs of my stuff.\n

Image: gothflare.jpg   337x359 42134 bytes 2000.04.27

ok.. if I had to like a pokemon... it would hae to be flareon. I just like the hair. So, here's my little gothic flareon.\n

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