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Image: simmehneleusion.jpg   900x582 86105 bytes 2006.05.30

"Look there! Do you think you can make it?" Simmeh pointed to a ledge beyond. Eleusion lifted her proud head and smiled "Of course."\r\n\r\nGift art for Eleusion on deviantart (\r\n\r\nDone entirely in Painter 8 using various tools, predominantly the X-Soft pastels and oily colored pencils.\r\n\r\nSimmeh Zokhier, Clamon, and the Brehtsoln sub-species are intellectual property of CERT\r\nEleusion is the intellectual property of Rebecca A. Russell.\r\nAnd the image, of course is CERT.\r\n\r\nIf you want to see a detail shot of the working size check this out:\r\nTutorial for this piece:\r\

Image: hangagermanflag.jpg   422x318 59873 bytes 2004.08.08

My fellow Americans, please learn how to hang flags. Yes, I am still alive. Kunst is CER

Image: maggock.jpg   574x636 73802 bytes 2003.07.14

Quick photoshop piece of Maggock for when she was the Chosen One on FAX.

Image: likeshine-lantair.jpg   800x560 41632 bytes 2003.07.14

FAX image for Likeshine. She's a fan of The Hulk.

Image: raistreq.jpg   800x677 146356 bytes 2002.11.29

Done by request for Raistlen, good bud of mine I've known longer than most anyone else online. Two personas and two sides of her Self. Brushes + India ink = fun! Took about five or six hour total and enjoyed every minute of it! Jwalanth, Gitani, and her Selfs Raistlen 2002, while the Shamien be CER 2002

Image: nanimwekises.jpg   800x671 222013 bytes 2002.11.29

This was fun, had to be scanned in four pieces. My half of the trade with the Jaywolf Nanimwe Kises! She's so spiffy and would be to herself.

Image: Kahatenicoyote.jpg   900x686 206053 bytes 2002.11.29

My scanner hates red. Art trade with Kahateni Coyote. Wings took forever, I can't believe I even bothered inking them! Both Raven and the 'yote are Kahateni Coyote, being as she would be copyright herself, ne? 2002

Image: killthepen.jpg   572x800 307231 bytes 2002.07.08

This is what happens when I get bored the last 7 hours of the flight back to AZ from Germany. This is the first time I've done something like this and I do believe it came out looking pretty awesome. Most of the things in here aren't purposful, they just kinda developed. Enjoy the dragons, wolves, weres, birds, cougars, and eyes.

Image: eye.jpg   445x352 155232 bytes 2002.03.21

Woo, an eye. Just bored in Painter.

Image: bucketlessgerph-ew.jpg   472x496 70687 bytes 2002.03.21

Poor little bucket-less Gerph. I know just how you feel! *sniffle* Gerphs and their buckets along with the saying "GERPH-BUCKETS!" would probably be CER 2002

Image: kywehnscrib.jpg   655x677 83845 bytes 2002.01.22

Kywehn . . . need to work on birds. M'gryph. Kywehn CER 2002, woo woo woo *passes out.* I'm done uploading for now.

Image: squawkintestii.jpg   585x484 158727 bytes 2002.01.01

Gryph! Muah . . . working on birds, I think I've managed to improve a bit drastically.

Image: shaguencatsk.jpg   500x376 46110 bytes 2001.11.24

Drawlings as a result from boredom in English. Guenitha are fun, so are shamien. There's one Zaub in there, the other's just a random feline, being as all Zaub have horns.

Image: kendforest.jpg   156x404 24033 bytes 2001.06.16

DEMU! Bwah! I really should draw these guys more often, but alas, I don't. Forest Demu, Kendra's character who is yet-to-be-named. Probably the one thing I don't like about drawing these guys is the complexity of their markings. Demu species me

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