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Image: gb.jpg   800x922 152324 bytes 2006.05.02

I decided to try my paw at a badge. I made a random char and made a badge for her. I really like her so I'm prob goin to make a full ref sheet for her \r\nart and char (c) Cosima Libri

Image: shirt.jpg   1101x1000 250690 bytes 2006.04.29

"stay away I bite"\r\n*purrrs* I'm making a t-shirt for myself and this is what i'm going to put on it :) After I figure out what my total cost is I'll start takeing commissions for t-shirts\r\nart and char (c) Cosima Libri

Image: cosimachar.jpg   1024x768 245009 bytes 2006.04.29

"Reupload of char ref sheet"\r\nI forgot to touch up the ink lines

Image: cosimaback.jpg   859x1000 177365 bytes 2006.04.29

The back view for my 2d char ref sheet\r\nart and char (c) Cosima Libri

Image: cosimafront.jpg   703x1000 178319 bytes 2006.04.28

The start of a 2d char ref sheet for myself.\r\nCosima (c) Cosima Libri

Image: fire.jpg   1120x836 266932 bytes 2006.04.26

"Fire"\r\nPart 2 of a 4 part series\r\nArt copyright Cosima Libri AKA Whisper

Image: air.jpg   1120x836 157803 bytes 2006.04.26

"Air"\r\nThe 1st of a series I'm working on. There will be prints available on my web site shortly.\r\nArt Copyright Cosima Libri AKA Whisper

Image: cdclwalk.jpg   827x850 90447 bytes 2006.04.21

CD and I goin for a walk...\r\n\r\nChars and art copyright Cosima Libri AKA Whisper

Image: cd.jpg   965x823 75379 bytes 2006.04.21

"CD"\r\nMy demon cat CD *purrs* His "real" name can only be pronounced by demons so I call him CD "Cat Demon :P" This is his only form, going to work on a char sheet for him.\r\nArt snd char copyright Cosima Libri AKA Whisper

Image: tease.jpg   738x1002 148125 bytes 2006.04.20

A male tries despretly to get the female's attension as she smiles coyly pretending not to notice him.\r\nCopyright Cosima Libri

Image: battle.jpg   1024x764 94075 bytes 2006.04.19

I know it's off topic but I was playing around with dragons and really liked how this pic turned out\r\nImage copyright Cosima Libri AKA Whisper

Image: matt2.jpg   505x1000 116003 bytes 2006.04.16

Another commission for my friend Chesire Matt. I don't draw males very offten so I like how this pic turned out. Prisma markers and pencils\r\nChesire Matt Copryright himself, art copyright Cosima Libri AKA Whisper

Image: matt.jpg   600x516 83098 bytes 2006.04.15

Commissioned for a friend of his Peace lovin' cheshire cat *purrs* I really like how his eyes turned out. This took about 15 mins to draw and ink, and about 2 hrs to color in photoshop cs.. what took the longest was the background, I couldn't decide what looks best... and yes those are neon green whiskers :P\r\nArt Copyright Cosima Libri AKA Whisper\r\nChar copyright Matt

Image: Gypsydance.jpg   1132x691 211615 bytes 2006.04.13

just noticed you couldn't see some of the poem so I changed the color

Image: ckr.jpg   1260x851 99831 bytes 2006.03.29

The "realistic" version of Kira and I, I couldn't decide if I liked this one or the other better.\r\nCharictors copyright Cosima Libri AKA Whisper

Image: cbc.jpg   1260x851 109264 bytes 2006.03.29

The "cartoon" version of Kira and I, I couldn't decide if I liked this one or the other better.\r\nCharictors copyright Cosima Libri AKA Whisper

Image: nightstal.jpg   1007x851 75731 bytes 2006.03.27

"Night Stallion"\r\nA nightmare stallion rareing.\r\nPhotoshop Cs and Daz Studio\r\nimage copyright to Cosima Libri

Image: purrr.jpg   894x999 83077 bytes 2006.03.25

"Purrrr"\r\nA sexy kitty wants to play :) She will be for sale on furbid, I will have framed and unframed prints. \r\nMy name on furbid is "Whisper" \r\nimage copyright Cosima Libri AKA Whisper

Image: char1.jpg   1024x1000 170583 bytes 2006.03.21

"Updated Char. Sheet"\r\nI made my markings and scales more detailed.\r\nDaz Studio, Photoshop CS\r\nArt and char. copyright Cosima Libri

Image: tiger.jpg   800x619 222503 bytes 2006.03.20

"Enjoying A Dip"\r\n\r\nA Tiger enjoys the cool water.\r\n\r\ndaz, bryce 5.5, and Photoshop cs

Image: dnfinish.jpg   1024x744 96407 bytes 2006.03.10

"Day & Night"\r\nIntroduceing Day the female tiger and Night the male tiger. \r\nCharictors and art copyright Cosima Libri 2006

Image: cp.jpg   1024x768 110072 bytes 2006.03.09

"Profile of Cosima Libri"\r\nI made a more detailed version of my quadroped form, and added my wings *purrs*\r\nart and charictor copyright Cosima Libri

Image: unirain1.jpg   1181x490 100186 bytes 2006.02.25

"Rainbow Dream"\r\nA rainbow of unicorns runs together.\r\nPrints will be available soon of the .psd file so the image is more crisp than what is shown.\r\nArt copyright Cosima Libri

Image: unirun.jpg   600x659 40758 bytes 2006.02.25

Enjoying a nice jog with a unicorn stallion.\r\nCharictor and art copyright Cosima Libri

Image: lildragonfy1.jpg   600x659 86586 bytes 2006.02.25

"Little Dragon Fly"\r\nA dragon fly landing in my hands *purrs* gotts love the little cutey\r\nCharictor and art copyright Cosima Libri

Image: cosima1.jpg   600x723 67534 bytes 2006.02.24

"By the Lake"\r\nMe standing by the lake watching the water.\r\nSee I can draw 2d art too :P \r\ninked and scanned into photoshop cs\r\nArt and charictor copyright Cosima Libri

Image: battle1.jpg   600x659 52515 bytes 2006.02.24

Battle\r\nA unicorn and dragon battle it out.. I know it's kinda off topic but I'm having fun with my program *purrs*\r\nart copyright Cosima Libri

Image: chat.jpg   599x546 54813 bytes 2006.02.24

A dragon stops by to have a chat with me *purrs*\r\nCosima Libri copyright herself, art copyright Cosima Libri

Image: randomfox.jpg   299x658 23007 bytes 2006.02.23

Just a random Vixen\r\nDaz phptoshopcs\r\nimage copyright cosima libri

Image: zen.jpg   558x468 48728 bytes 2006.02.22

"zen"\r\nA taur version of my mate in a state of Zen\r\ndaz and photoshop cs\r\nBoniface coptright his player art copyright Cosima Libri

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