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Image: pnkbunnyicon.jpg   600x721 93305 bytes 2002.05.18

Just playing around with Illustrator and Photoshop. Looks like a shirt design or something.

Image: falkaminority.jpg   560x707 96927 bytes 2002.05.17

A weird painter and photoshop sketch. My character Falka from the crossover "Slayers Minority", one of my fan fics on with the Slayers anime. Falka is (c) to me.

Image: penciledskye.jpg   600x487 56594 bytes 2002.05.09

A semi-realistic rendering of my gryphon character Skye as I see him. Very sketchy background.....blah...mainly playing with light. I came up with this big sweetheart such a long time ago. Skye (c) to Courtney Kays.

Image: eastercomic.jpg   360x485 81664 bytes 2002.03.31

Finally! I got a comic finished just in time for Easter. This was sketched this morning and colored in Photoshop. Grrr...I forgot to color Playto's mug...\r\nAlways Second in Line is (c) to me.

Image: petebiopic.jpg   450x574 87548 bytes 2002.03.21

Pete, a punk-fox from the "Second N Line" comic I keep putting off. Photoshop and painter. Did this after getting a lovely sunburn on my feet from the beach on Spring Break. Pete is (c) to me.

Image: playtosubway.jpg   411x552 72945 bytes 2002.03.01

A revision of the same pic I posted a long time ago. Revised in photoshop and classic painter. I need to get started on his part in the comic very soon. This is kinda similar to a the inked pic. More creative poses for him later. Playto (c) me.

Image: chesscat.jpg   560x410 114727 bytes 2002.02.11

a portfolio piece done in gouache. The original looks a lot better than this picture.

Image: gnatsheet.jpg   460x451 166968 bytes 2002.01.29

A rough character sheet for "Gnat" for a comic I'm writing. Playto's roommate and bestfriend...sorta.

Image: tmntfreak(1).jpg   427x692 84885 bytes 2001.12.19

By mistake I stumbled onto the main Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle site and it brought back a ton of memories. I was a turtle fan at the young ages of 7 through 9. If I ever have a nervous breakdown and go completely out of my head I'll be dressed as this when I rob the pizza hut. Hey, I'm already green! I'm (c) to my self :)

Image: xeflower.jpg   420x653 53858 bytes 2001.11.30

What a dead background for such a wonderful character. Xe! This cute little weasel belongs to Gloria Higginbottom from punky little online comic "Untitled". I really need to add a background. Xe(c)Gloria Higginbottom.

Image: falgrumpy.jpg   600x622 165233 bytes 2001.11.30

Quick little painter doodle. Falka reflects the mood everyone at my college was in yesterday.

Image: skyepose.jpg   560x662 69706 bytes 2001.11.30

Skye smiles shyly for the camera.

Image: playtopromo.jpg   320x300 29992 bytes 2001.11.29

Playto being moody while he walks down a vector style subway entrance

Image: remindme.jpg   523x431 41756 bytes 2001.11.29

Ouch. Falka, an old but revised character of mine. An animation still that I ended up coloring. Blood is damn hard to animate....jeez.

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