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Image: ahab.JPG   597x642 166158 bytes 2006.03.02

Thanks to Moby Dick.\r\n\r\nInspired by MC Lars. Bitch.\r\n\r\nFuck Target brand bottled water.

Image: astin.jpg   637x921 187231 bytes 2004.11.15

I managed to snag a comission and this is the result.\r\n\r\nThe meeting of two alike characters. Fortun is mine and the other belongs to TOS.\r\n\r\nIf anyone else is possible interested then hit up the post in the forum (address below). I'm extremely low on money and this is just to help me survive and get me home. Thanks for looking.\r\n\r\n

Image: binfelphotoshopmessexperiment2.jpg   340x330 53911 bytes 2004.11.19

I was making site graphics one day and figured it may be a neat idea to make Photoshop drawings with a short of... theme. A very vague one, I know.\r\n\r\nI'm partial to the gritty-solid ink look.

Image: boomitsonresize.jpg   708x951 287720 bytes 2007.01.20

Into The Ocean

Based on the Blue October single.\r\n\r\nWhatever there is to be said from this image is completely lost on me. I just wanted a dude in the advancing shadow of a wave, not consisting of water and a lot of fish, but of pure fish.\r\n\r\nThe lightly shaded folks at the top to be the crest. The dark shades representing the trough.

Tags: fish cunt crablice monkey wave Blue October   [Comment]
Image: boomshanka.jpg   594x822 87093 bytes 2004.10.25

I really, really like apples. Specifically, I'm a big fan of granny smith apples. Last one I ate, though, wasn't ripe. It was tough. Like a smoothly shaved tennis ball. I hold a grudge, but I know it wasn't its fault.

Image: buttballs.jpg   504x705 94482 bytes 2006.03.01

No idea. But it's an upload of such.

Image: finished.jpg   824x1014 341057 bytes 2006.03.08

My hair smells of mint for I have washed it. I am very pleased.\r\n\r\n\r\nScaley Dragon is The Red Scaled One's thing. :o

Image: forutncomplete.jpg   674x876 133083 bytes 2004.10.25

The truth is: I don't even own a single key.\r\n\r\nI am a liar.\r\n\r\nCrayola felt tip marker inked on bristol. Target had a sale and I'm cheap.

Image: monkey0001.JPG   447x595 121175 bytes 2005.11.30

Nondynamic. Not much fun. Hulk gloves.

Image: myfacebleedsregularly.jpg   636x735 87072 bytes 2004.11.30

Mr. Fuzzy Whifflekin says "Hello".\r\n\r\nInbetween my commission work and I thought I could use half practice and half... Just drawing stupid things that only I would like.

Image: myfaceitches.jpg   500x605 70543 bytes 2004.10.29

The colors are subtely grainly and ever so slightly different since it hopped file types and then was compressed. No biggie. It came a long way from a neglectable doodle... But the line art is still unexplainably bad.\r\n\r\nThere's nothing else to say...\r\n\r\n... Only that, at this moment, my face itches a bit.

Image: warpigeon.jpg   540x528 47117 bytes 2004.12.03

Pardon me, but perhaps you can help my friend and I. You see, we're coming from Knoxville and are on a road trip and decided to take The Highway To The Danger Zone. We took a wrong exit and happened upon I-75. All we need is for you to take us Right Into The Danger Zone.

Image: whaleziac.JPG   534x767 122973 bytes 2006.08.17

Started as a drawing meant to sell on furbid. Its future is uncertain.\r\n\r\nIt is what it is and what it is has panties.

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