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Image: IMG_8415_(1024x683).jpg   679x833 200888 bytes 2011.04.13

<sup>\r\nI am on a come down and can't sleep.\r\nSo I snorted speed.\r\n\r\nI am literally the smartest person you will ever know.\r\n\r\nEither way, this is me right now, failing. So much failing.\r\n\r\nCreepy Sophie Reeves

Tags: Creepy speed drugs fucked biro bored  
Image: ONEcccssff058.jpg   513x427 32902 bytes 2011.02.10

Fuck god and believe in yourself.

Image: ONEcccss057.jpg   273x680 38776 bytes 2011.02.10

Off Topic but IDGAF.

Image: ONEcc056.jpg   472x553 50208 bytes 2011.02.10

I only own a few ballpoint pens now. \r\nAwh damn i'm POOR.

Image: ONEcc055.jpg   498x741 53324 bytes 2011.02.07

Second ballpoint doodle.\r\nI fucked up the mouth royally. Muh\r\n(c) Me

Tags: White Lightening, Cigarette, Creepy, Ripped, Smoke, Punk  
Image: ONE054.jpg   365x513 39544 bytes 2011.02.07

First thing I bothered to draw this year. \r\nTrying out creepy as some kinda pit type. \r\n(c) Me

Tags: Leopard print, punk, creepy, ballpoint doodle  
Image: REFEFE050_(585x800).jpg   585x800 71190 bytes 2010.12.08

Tags: Hand BallPoint Sketch Hey Creepy  
Image: REFEFE048_(601x800).jpg   601x800 86951 bytes 2010.12.08

Tags: Drink Smoke Punk  
Image: REFEFE053_(477x800).jpg   477x800 57881 bytes 2010.12.08

Tags: Twist Pen Sketch  
Image: REFEFE052_(638x800).jpg   638x800 64033 bytes 2010.12.08

Tags: Back Crap Head Pencil  
Image: REFEFE051_(585x800).jpg   585x800 115005 bytes 2010.12.08

Tags: Bag Weed Stoner Smoke Sketch  
Image: REFEFE049_(735x800).jpg   735x800 103331 bytes 2010.12.08

Tags: Creepy Sad Emo Kid FUck  
Image: REFEFE047_(727x1024).jpg   727x1024 201542 bytes 2010.10.17

<sup>\r\nI need to start drawing again. \r\nI stole an old sketchbook from my parents house along with a pencil because I dont have any of it where I live now, so maybe ill try get back into it.\r\n\r\nDont hold your hopes though.\r\n\r\nCreepy Sophie Reeves

Tags: Creepy Pappillon One Smoke Nipples  
Image: REFEFE046.jpg   686x981 178844 bytes 2010.08.02

Creepy Ref INKS 2010

I've been meaning to do this for MONTHS, but the thing that really kick started me was wanting to one-up somebody on their ref.\r\n\r\nLMAO I R BITCH.\r\n\r\nAnyway, I removed a few things, like the inverted cross tattoo and leopard tatt, because EVERRRYYONNNNEE has those nowadays, and they got boring anyway. \r\n\r\nThe markings arnt on their, because when I colour it, I dont want black lines. People generally know my markings anyway (and there is a written despcription) but if you need any other clarification, just look through my gallery.\r\n\r\nThere's a few anatomical fuck ups, but I really cant be assed to change them, might sort it when I colour this, but that wont be for a while because I got PAR-TAYing to do. \r\n\r\nWow. This is the first EVER complete ref i've managed.\r\n Sophie Reeves

Tags: Chihuahua Ref Pappillon Crested Nude Inks 2010 Creepy  
Image: CANDYCOLO045.jpg   630x895 161579 bytes 2010.07.29

<sup>\r\nWelp... I fucked this one up.\r\nIDK what compelled me to draw that fucking wonky background either.\r\n\r\nPencil, Ink, Crayola, BlendyPen , Watercolour, Blah Blah.\r\nCreepy Sophie Reeves, The usual.

Tags: Creepy Chihuahua Pappillon Slushie Colour Shit Watercolour Poo.  
Image: PICss044.jpg   577x808 137714 bytes 2010.07.28


Im a lazy bitch when it comes to colouring. Ill finish this some other time when I find my other pencils. \r\n\r\nAlso you can see the fucking grooves in the paper where I gouge with my pencil. Gash.\r\n\r\nIDK why my scanner picks up colours so retardedly. Theyre better blended than this shows. Ah well. \r\n\r\n Sophie Reeves.\r\nI should make a ref sheet and get my hips pierced. Nom.

Tags: Creepy Pappillon slushy half coloures cute hair fucked up background shitty  
Image: PICss042.jpg   536x720 46476 bytes 2010.07.27

Where is the love?

ITS IN MY DOOBIE >:D\r\nCreepy Sophie Reeves

Tags: Creepy, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Spliff, Smoke, Naked  
Image: THREE039.jpg   413x520 37539 bytes 2010.07.11

Crappy scribble.\r\n\r\nMy hands cant stop shaking and I kept spacing out during this, hence the fail quality. Oh well.\r\n\r\nI shaved my head again. \r\n\r\nCreepy Me

Tags: Crappy Creepy Shaved Head Sad Lazy  
Image: RaverColour.jpg   555x1051 165397 bytes 2010.05.31

My scanner completly RAPED this image and make my shitty colouring look ever worse. \r\nAlthough I cant complain about my lack of colouring skills, since I never make an effort to improve and havent inked/coloured anything in months. I'm just too lazy.\r\n\r\nAnyway. Creepy in my planned birthday outfit. \r\nCreepy Sophie Reeves

Tags: Creepy pappillon raver fluffies Coloured  
Image: RaverInks.jpg   588x1096 84943 bytes 2010.05.31

Inked Version of my raver doodle. \r\nCreepy Sophie Reeves\r\n

Tags: Raver Inked Creepy Pappillon  
Image: EverythingToMe.jpg   534x922 92002 bytes 2010.05.28

I'm not cleaning this. i have so many more important things to worry about right now.\r\nCreepy is mine. And so is the little one </3

Tags: Creepy baby crying papillon puppy everything  
Image: Dreadhead.jpg   598x600 118441 bytes 2010.05.27

VCL compression makes me want to rape babies. \r\nI am tired and lazy and waiting to win an auction on these dreads. If I dont win, somebody WILL die. \r\n\r\nCreepy is still mine, chihuahua or papillon, fuck off fuck off fuck off.

Tags: Creepy dreads pappillon cute yellow black  
Image: Dont.jpg   364x548 72424 bytes 2010.05.15

Ughhhh.\r\nOpen Canvas.\r\nCreepy Sophie Reeves\r\nCBA with her markings.

Image: PinUp.jpg   358x528 50094 bytes 2010.05.15

Creepy as a Pappillon.\r\nCreepy Sophie Reeves.\r\n\r\nStupid compression is stupid.

Tags: Pappillon Creepy Smoke Pin Up  
Image: Falling.jpg   608x705 88117 bytes 2010.05.15

Not sure on this one. \r\nPaint Shop Pro 8\r\nCreepy Me.

Tags: Falling, Creepy  
Image: Speshull.jpg   824x598 71308 bytes 2010.05.15

OLD But I still kinda like it. \r\nMS Paint\r\nCreepy Sophie Reeves

Tags: Creepy, Blood, Special  
Image: MiddleFingerCunt.jpg   545x592 45452 bytes 2010.05.15

DeviantART is fucking annoying.\r\nPut this up to annoy some sensitive douche >.< \r\nCreepy Sophie Reeves

Tags: Pussy Creepy  
Image: CreepySmoke.jpg   350x584 60752 bytes 2010.05.15

I Like Cigarettes. Ballpoint Scribble.\r\nBack-To-Front-Foot-Lol.\r\nCreepy Sophie Reeves

Tags: Smoke, Creepy  
Image: BadDecor.jpg   588x774 277350 bytes 2010.05.15

Old gift for my wonderful xSabotage on DeviantART.\r\nAcid Sophie Reeves\r\nBio Shelby Sabotage\r\nFucked Up Bio. Royally.

Tags: Bio, Acid, Colour  

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