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Image: Anubian-Bleu-VCL.jpg   600x851 241338 bytes 2006.06.14

An anubian jackal valkyrie-like. I like this character, so I´m giving her a name and perhaps will draw her another time in the future. Her name will be Bleu.

Image: Dual_Fire.jpg   700x978 177200 bytes 2006.07.02

Two kinds of fire, two phoenix birds.\r\nThis will be for sale at my furbid account:

Image: Last-Dance-VCL.jpg   700x971 408021 bytes 2006.05.26

First serious picture of my character Crescent with her new look. I used my usual colored pencils + watercolor pencils for the character. For the background, I used most of the tips in one of Ursulav´s tutorials. I couldn´t follow all the steps, because I was using normal paper, and that means watercolors would have ruined it. Instead, I used colored penicls for the basic scheme of green, and them some prismacolor pencils for the scribbling.\r\n\r\nThe original will probably be on sale on furbid soon. If you are interested, e-mail me and I will answer you once the bid is open; or check the links in my deviantart site (same username).

Image: Pieces_of_Night_by_CrescentMoon.jpg   750x1193 314858 bytes 2006.02.18

My WolfXchange submission for the January´s trade (WolfXchange is a livejournal community, each month, each person draws something for another, randomly choosed).\r\nSilvercluto´s character Arliss (the maned wolf) and my own character, Crescent; playing with some pieces of night.

Image: The-Silver-Lotus-VCL.jpg   800x1200 95310 bytes 2006.07.24

The second part of "THe Golden Lotus".\r\nOriginal will be on sale on furbid:

Image: The_Golden_Lotus_DA.jpg   700x995 270929 bytes 2006.04.13

I have a story for this picture... but I still have to translate and I can´t wait anymore to submit the picture. The kitsune is half a fennec fox, half a red fox who wanted to be an elegant kitsune.\r\n\r\nThis picture is A3 size, and will be on sale on furbid:

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