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Image: lunastars001.jpg   838x839 270745 bytes 2008.08.10

Don't Worry About Me, Love; I'm Too Busy Playing With The Stars!

Commission for my Aunt of their beloved dog they lost May 28, 2008 to bone cancer.

Tags: luna mixed breed dog mutt stars moon shine memorial commission   [More Info]
Image: yuricolours.jpg   561x750 89920 bytes 2006.02.21

Yuri is a happy little rat! <3 my sweet boy.

Image: costumecomic.jpg   602x1060 154452 bytes 2006.01.25

Comic started, and intended to be finished, around Halloween '05, but i kinda forgot about it. Oh well, now it is just craziness with friends! (btw, it makes more sense if you know Roo isn't so fond of pet rats at all, and D and i both have some)

Image: paperwinter.jpg   613x800 166697 bytes 2005.12.09

Christmas present for my parents.. Shhh, i dont think they know about it yet!\r\n\r\nDifferent types of scrapbooking paper, xacto knife, gluestick.

Image: chestercandle001.jpg   606x800 173382 bytes 2005.12.04

"What's the Best Life for a Candle?"\r\nI don't know why that's the title exactly.. but it kind of works.. and..yes. We'll leave it at that.\r\nThis little guy is based off one of my boys, Chester.\r\nPrisma coloured pencils on black cardstock.

Image: snowpals.jpg   820x719 92368 bytes 2005.11.26

Ballpoint pen (blue and black) work doodle turned cute ^^

Image: crickeeroogradientgrey.jpg   840x284 86255 bytes 2005.11.23

Banner for the top of my LJ.\r\nMmm yay, impending crash and Centrum labels! ;)

Image: bearhug.jpg   524x500 105201 bytes 2005.11.23

I..hadn't uploaded this here yet? Wow..\r\n\r\nAnyhow, just a cute image cuz, well, it's true ^^

Image: crickeepsycho004.jpg   613x800 242531 bytes 2005.10.04

'Objects of my Dysfunction' aka 'Psycho Bitch' XP\r\n\r\nArt venting was good this time. Yes. It was very soothing and enjoyable, and i quite like the results, even if no one but me will understand what each item is meant to symbolize. If you think you understand any of them, you're probably wrong :P

Image: huskyhouse.jpg   820x537 106922 bytes 2005.08.04

Just playing around with some watercolours... Image is for sale; email me if interested (cricket_fur @ cluemail . com)\r\n\r\nWatercolours on 9x12 inch watercolour paper.

Image: crickeelolliconfrontation.jpg   800x578 197123 bytes 2005.06.23

Slight symbolism. Newer border collie character LolliPup vs. Cricket.

Image: cricketsit.jpg   550x750 120465 bytes 2005.05.30

Just a cute little pinup of Cricket doodled during breaks at work the other day.

Image: crickeerooratsc.jpg   730x515 99810 bytes 2005.05.18

Gratuitous cuteness.\r\nFlash 5 over pencil sketch. \r\n

Image: dancinbebbiesc.jpg   738x472 99529 bytes 2005.05.18

Fun with Flash ^^ I've a few more sketches in this style to finish up.. but these two are done :)\r\nA rottie and a lynx dancing to their boombox.\r\nI mainly listened to Black Eyed Peas' "Where is the Love?" while working on this...

Image: lolliburn.jpg   513x786 91755 bytes 2005.05.17

Apologies for the greyish photo... I wasn't keen on the idea of spending the same amount of time piecing together scans of this image as it did to create the whole thing in the first place.\r\nJust 3 hours of mindless scribbling on a piece of 12x18 inch paper. Tis LolliPup, a character of mine who doesn't get drawn much. Yay for incense...

Image: hxuicricketrun.jpg   904x633 150729 bytes 2005.05.10

Oh man, am i ever getting lazy about my backgrounds! I suppose its better than when my images never had any... but still.. slapping a few filters on a photo i took, and adjusting the colours and levels? ick. Bad Crickee! Oh well, anyhow, this is Hxui and Cricket just horsing around. You could say there is some symbolism in this image too...\r\nDrawn during breaks at work, so the running poses are a little off. Background photo is from a trip i took to Yellowstone a few years ago. Micron inks, Prisma markers, PS7.

Image: cricketcomforts.jpg   692x453 96101 bytes 2005.03.31

Not gonna go into depth on what spurred this picture on. I'd rather just forget ..err.. chalk it up to learning.\r\nI'll just say things are resolved and Crickee doesn't feel so ..dead.. inside anymore.\r\nyay ^^\r\n\r\nmmm i butchered the image with a brushpen and my markers.\r\n\r\nOh, and yes, i own all those plushes.

Image: kayrage.jpg   750x568 73111 bytes 2005.02.25

..So much for getting my apartment deposit back..\r\n\r\n=P Actually, drawing this prevented some similar scenario happening irl.\r\n*nods her head n wanders away*\r\n\r\n\r\nGrey scale Prisma markers (cool grey, french grey, warm grey, and a touch of deco aqua), Micron ink, red Splash ink, white gel pen.

Image: kayfrosty.jpg   800x432 77530 bytes 2004.12.09

Erm... im getting really sick of the Christmas music they've been playing at work..? Well.. :/ they started playing it before Thanksgiving even! And i think there are about 4 different versions of 'Frosty the Snowman' that they play in the whole mix... The mix lasts about 3 hours before it starts repeating......\r\nI swear... Rudolph might be next x.x\r\n\r\nPrisma markers and micron ink.\r\nThis took 3 or 4 hours, majority of that time being consumed by that damn pine tree >.< neeeeeedlessss

Image: kaycutthecrapc.jpg   797x607 102330 bytes 2004.09.19

Big, steaming piles of shit really stink. Here's my metaphorical attempt to cut the crap.

Image: kayroowingedshade.jpg   503x563 68551 bytes 2004.09.11

Drawing while at work produces some odd things sometimes o.o;

Image: kaymissingroo.jpg   547x347 65795 bytes 2004.08.25

Cuz sometimes...i miss him so much, all i can do is lay down and cry.\r\n..or, when at work, draw what i feel like doing -.-

Image: childish.jpg   520x399 57429 bytes 2004.08.20

Cuz sometimes, we say or do things we later regret.\r\nAh well.... We're soon old and so late smart. -.-

Image: battiebattiebat.jpg   500x470 69526 bytes 2004.08.05

I was playing Dogz5, saw the little bat flying around the Haunted Mansion, and was like, "OMG i must draw a bat!" And so i did ^^;\r\nNow the little dragonfly...well..i don't know why he is out so late, but he's gonna regret it!! Or maybe they're buddies and the bat is escorting the dragonfly around so no other bats eat him!\r\n\r\nDone in ProCreate PainterClassic with my Wacom tablet.

Image: flowerbunny.jpg   314x400 53447 bytes 2004.07.31

Front of a card im working on... Gonna send it to Alan's Grandparents as a thank-you..just for taking care of him n looking out for him while i can't be there. Stupidly sappy, i know..but.. oh well. I want to thank them anyhow.\r\n\r\nThis is about 3x5 inches, and was done in 45 mins while on breaks at work.\r\n\r\nRandom bunny/Image 2004 Laura Westrate

Image: LJmoods.jpg   386x494 74376 bytes 2004.07.05

Yeah, yeah, they may not look like much, but im proud of them lol\r\nI am such a narcissist >.< (dog form at least)\r\n\r\nTotal time to complete the mood theme, including sorting them out over at LiveJournal, but excluding a botched computer-colouring attempt: 8-9 hours.\r\nIf you like these and think you want me to make you a set of your own, think twice. Mucho dinero...things like this wont come cheap from me. I enjoyed it, but they were a pain in the butt! lol\r\nAlso, if you think you can steal these, DON'T. I will get after you for it. It will make no one happy. Thank you :)

Image: LJmoods2.jpg   403x395 73934 bytes 2004.07.05

I couldn't help myself! XD There were some drawings that just didn't fit the emotion i had assigned to them, and others i had originally forgotten about, so i had to make some more!\r\n\r\nAnd again (just to be darned annoying), i shall reiterate: If you think you can steal these, DON'T. I will get after you for it. It will make no one happy. Thank you :)

Image: borzoimoon.jpg   691x900 142963 bytes 2004.06.16

The rough sketch for this appeared in my sketchbook while watching "Nightmare Before Christmas." My brother and his wife are getting a borzoi soon, so i have borzois on the brain heh... Chalk pastels on 16.5x24 inch black canson paper. (This was photographed with a digital camera, so it's a tad blurry; my apologies.)

Image: downdollycolours.jpg   808x539 97814 bytes 2004.05.03

Coloured version ^^ Scanner beat the crap out of the colours though.. this is my sad attempt to revive them x.x Really, the shadow doesn't glow at all!! And it's not so orange..more brownish.

Image: mortycolour.jpg   787x575 77585 bytes 2004.04.19

Yeah... erm.. does anyone have a background idea? I'm totally stuck lol

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