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Image: albinocard.jpg   166x221 32022 bytes 2002.08.06

Birthday card for Alec. It's his 17th on the 8th. He used to have a few pet rats too :) Rat cards are fun... i cut all around this one, 'cept for the top of the ears, where the paper is still connected and thatís where it's hinged. Had to cut the whiskers on one side off though :( Prismacolor markers, coloured pencils, gel pen, and various other inking pens and colours.

Image: albirat.jpg   555x373 35346 bytes 2001.06.27

First you have to make your hand and brain work together. Then you have to make your hand draw what your brain sees. Then, when your hand can draw what your brain sees, you have to work on what your brain sees. And if that doesn't work then you have to let your hand see for it's self.

Image: alegria.jpg   391x711 77929 bytes 2002.06.21

I was feeling very uninspired and couldn't draw anything right, so i sat down, and forced this out of myself. It got better as i went along, so hopefully i can draw again now :P Drawn in my sketchbook, then coloured in Painter Classic with my wonderful tablet.

Image: angie.gif   510x736 18079 bytes 2002.04.16

This is the first drawing i have done that my mom has had a problem with... It's brush pen on 11x14 inch Bristol board and up for bids on Furbid: Some extra colouring options, etc. are offered if bidding goes high enough, so check it out please :D

Image: annacat.jpg   366x557 49600 bytes 2001.04.15

Fil said i should upload this one. I went a little mad with the sparkles...but its good... kinda... its an older pic that i recently inked and coloured, but not recently enough. I tried adding silver to the dress and found out that that is not a good thing to do..ick :P I dont remember why i called it Anna cat either. And look, its holding a TULIP!!!! AAACCCCKKKKKK!!! Go away tulips... A certain celebration gets on your nerves after 14 past years of it... hehe

Image: arab.jpg   576x576 69419 bytes 2001.07.05

*stares in disbelief* It came out looking halfway GOOD! I'm amazed! I love my tablet! I don't really like Arab horses, but after my mom and i got back from riding the other day, this popped into my head and i had to draw it. Rather cliche, but oh well.

Image: b4nafter.jpg   425x404 50022 bytes 2001.11.03

I got my wisdom teeth pulled out this afternoon. Everyone was telling me how groggy i would be afterwards for a few hours, so i thought it would be funny to see how i drew while like that. I drew a before pic at lunch time for comparison and then the same pic again after surgery. I was barely tired or anything though. Pretty much normal when i left 15 minutes after the whole thing was over. I guess i should try and draw it again just after i take the painkillers they gave me. Wooo boy, do those knock ya out! :ř

Image: b4naftrc.jpg   515x531 76034 bytes 2001.11.04

I coloured them.... yup i did. Oooh sparkles hehehe I showed this to my brother and he said, "They have big ears." That they do..Good job, Colt :P

Image: backyard.jpg   443x597 84786 bytes 2002.11.18

Big pastel pic i finally finished. It's a present for my mom's birthday. Took me over a month, but i'm finally happy with it (for the most part...), now let's just hope the framing people don't mess it up again and spill stuff on it like they had before :( I got it back the other day and there were little dark splotches in the sky i had to touch up. You prolly wouldnít have been able to tell in a photo like this though; my digi-cam made it rather blurry, and messed with the colours. \r\n\r\nThis is the biggest pic i've ever done too, just about 2 feet square! Chalk pastels are my new best friend. I hope to find the time to do more with them soon....

Image: banfram.jpg   250x247 19111 bytes 2001.04.09

Bought a cute silver frame in a store and drew this pic just for it... 3 by 3 inches... done on the paper they wrapped the frame in. Very thin stuff, nearly ripped it several times. Yah, the frame has bamboo on it, silver bamboo... 'tis mine :)

Image: battiebattiebat.jpg   500x470 69526 bytes 2004.08.05

I was playing Dogz5, saw the little bat flying around the Haunted Mansion, and was like, "OMG i must draw a bat!" And so i did ^^;\r\nNow the little dragonfly...well..i don't know why he is out so late, but he's gonna regret it!! Or maybe they're buddies and the bat is escorting the dragonfly around so no other bats eat him!\r\n\r\nDone in ProCreate PainterClassic with my Wacom tablet.

Image: bdaddy.jpg   525x551 73366 bytes 2001.04.05

It was my dad's birthday on the 3rd. Everyone wave and say happy birthday :) Coloured with my tablet in Painter Classic (which my daddy bought for me..)

Image: bdayboys.jpg   632x490 73338 bytes 2001.08.01

Nemo and Wilburt are 2 years old today! Willy wants cake and Nemo wants his hat off... Happy birthday to their sister Georgia too, who lives with my friend's sister. Only three ratties living out of Zelda's litter of eight. Pippin, Emma, Jewel, Garth and Starr have since died :( I hope the remaining three live to be three... *nod* Okay Nemo, gimme your hat. Wilb, cake is later!

Image: bdrat.jpg   259x266 26437 bytes 2002.03.27

Small (2 and a half inches square) birthday card for one of my best friend's birthday. Tara will be 17; which means i will be soon enough as well! Weeee... Her favorite colour is purple and this is tied to the box containing a bracelet i made charms for using mainly purple beads. It's cute :D

Image: bearhug.jpg   524x500 105201 bytes 2005.11.23

I..hadn't uploaded this here yet? Wow..\r\n\r\nAnyhow, just a cute image cuz, well, it's true ^^

Image: beaverwd.jpg   708x547 67495 bytes 2001.04.18

Coloured pencils on green printer paper. Its kinda cheesy, and its not my fav, but it works... Done one morning for like 3 hours in a row or something like that. Beaver chewing on a birch tree © 2001 Laura Westrate

Image: bechcrit.jpg   555x466 65900 bytes 2001.08.01

So this is what happens when you are sitting in a too hot cottage on Lake Michigan all day? Ahh, okay... Anyways, this little critter needs a name, both for s/he and the species. Also a test to see how many emails i can get?? Please? :D I don't bite, promise!

Image: blkbrmn.jpg   729x522 70820 bytes 2001.04.26

Marker and ink. The bear and sky took forever. My blue marker died colouring that. Well almost, if i rub real hard, i can get some out still... :P Bear and trees done while at the library for my English class. I had lots of fun with this :) Black bear (actually it would be a grizzly since it has the hump on its shoulders)

Image: blkrat.jpg   424x576 18217 bytes 2001.04.05

I have pet rats... love 'em lots! This is kinda of my rattie Wilburt. Ink on sketchbook paper, fixed up on the computer.

Image: blkratssmall.gif   525x288 13547 bytes 2003.01.25

More little rat lines for a banner that two 7th graders are painting for my school. I think they are only going to use the rats with books and pencils 'cause it's not too good of a message to say this school prepares you to have kids...though i meant it to represent life, as that is in the school motto. Oh well. They will be just white lines on green, if they decide to use them. Pencil sketches edited in Flash5.

Image: blkuni.jpg   650x441 30008 bytes 2001.04.06

Prismacolor pencils on coloured paper. Just a black unicorn with purple hair... might sell it on Furbid, anyone interested?

Image: bluedoe.jpg   406x561 42190 bytes 2001.04.07

And just to break the run of rat pics...could make a pun there, but i wont, its a deer!! Watercolor pencils on...yup, sketchbook paper, oooo. The reflection isnt too good, but i like the deer!

Image: bluesrch.jpg   423x390 35722 bytes 2001.06.08

Everyone but me seems to *really* like this pic. Dog thing under a tight blue cloth. I need better blue colours...

Image: borzoimoon.jpg   691x900 142963 bytes 2004.06.16

The rough sketch for this appeared in my sketchbook while watching "Nightmare Before Christmas." My brother and his wife are getting a borzoi soon, so i have borzois on the brain heh... Chalk pastels on 16.5x24 inch black canson paper. (This was photographed with a digital camera, so it's a tad blurry; my apologies.)

Image: borzwlk.jpg   445x579 33590 bytes 2001.11.28

I have no clue how to finish this, or if i even want to, i like it as it is pretty well. The head doesn't fit the body though. But it is a borzoi and its meant to look like that. I drew this, gave it to my mom and told her that now she can walk her borzoi...itís her favorite breed of dog :P\r\n(and please no sketches, i cleaned this up as much as i could)

Image: bristle.jpg   456x412 45389 bytes 2002.07.18

Several months ago, my brother bought me a little bristle fox with pistachio shells for ears, and i've always thought it would be fun to draw, so i finally did. Big wet oils in Painter Classic... and a few touch-up with the airbrush tool.

Image: broken.gif   267x346 43486 bytes 2003.07.04

For three years you were my companion... i thought you loved me... but i must have been mistaken. I'm hurt. You're evil.\r\n\r\n(edit desc.) My computer is currently dead. I know, before it was just my scanner, but now my whole computer is down, so i shall not be posting for a while. I will be back by August 23rd though cuz that is when i leave for college and i know i will get the new parts i need before then...

Image: brokenlynx.gif   586x428 131318 bytes 2003.04.23

*I need to learn to quit using red so much. Red DOES NOT work with .jpg compression, and .gif files turn out huge..grrrr..sorry*\r\n\r\nTitle: "Broken Lynx" \r\nHaha, i sound clever, or symbolic or something :P This drawing really means nothing other than it's just an idea i had (media wise). The possible symbolism etc. was enough to get this, and two of my other more recent works, into a local juried art show! \r\n\r\nThe real thing looks much better; even with a scan rather than a scan of a photo like before, this is still wonky.\r\n\r\nRed brushpen ink on Velum paper set over Bristol board with blocks of Prisma marker colour in appropriate places...

Image: brushfox.jpg   576x757 78375 bytes 2004.03.02

Okay, okay, yes, this is just a bunch of sketches, but i really liked how it looks. The hap-hazard image placement kinda works for me...\r\nThese are just sketches of my brush fox ( for an art project at college.

Image: buds.jpg   605x436 61751 bytes 2001.04.22

Well, i just sent my application into Yerf. Wish me luck!! As for this picture, i wanted to try a different way of colouring it which included not inking a lot of it, and then a little rougher shading type... I don't think it was a good enough picture to experiment on in the first place, and i don't really like it, 'cept for the bear's body, the shape and shading on that. And i REALLY gotta work on my backgrounds!

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