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Image: bully.jpg   375x785 63950 bytes 2003.10.02

Don't mind him, he's just thinking he makes the dodge and burn tools look good...\r\n\r\nPhotoShop7 colouring test.

Image: butyquen.jpg   351x244 20964 bytes 2001.06.27

Ehh, i don't think she likes me anymore... (no, i dont tie bows in her hair for real, thats just too much, but painting her nails is fun *nod*)

Image: bvrcrd.jpg   601x407 69385 bytes 2002.02.07

My AP Biology teacher broke his leg playing soccer with other teachers from my school. He will probably be in a wheelchair for several weeks and out of teaching for at least the rest of this week. I drew this for our class of 9 to sign. His name is Mr. Beaver, how handy, didn't have to think much about what animal to make him! lol

Image: cardicorgicolour.jpg   730x527 72476 bytes 2003.02.22

Edited the older pic a bit after some comments on YNA, then i added colours while just messing around with it, and actually liked the results. I was going to print this out and submit it to a local juried art show, but i cannot find the right paper to print it on, so i guess it'll just sit as a computer file now.\r\n\r\nBrown brush pen with computer colouring added in PSP5.

Image: carpethead.jpg   308x251 15280 bytes 2003.07.30

Yes, i saw her head in the carpet pattern at our cottage...\r\n\r\nHB pencil colourized in PSP7.

Image: catcoat.jpg   351x422 35447 bytes 2002.08.01

This guy is a sketch for now, but i like him. I'm gonna practice inking on him once i get new pens with my birthday money, which should hopefully be coming soon... I dunno if he looks weird as he is now, but if you mirror him, his face gets really messed up. Maybe he makes sense to me since i drew him... but he looks odd the other way.

Image: chestercandle001.jpg   606x800 173382 bytes 2005.12.04

"What's the Best Life for a Candle?"\r\nI don't know why that's the title exactly.. but it kind of works.. and..yes. We'll leave it at that.\r\nThis little guy is based off one of my boys, Chester.\r\nPrisma coloured pencils on black cardstock.

Image: childish.jpg   520x399 57429 bytes 2004.08.20

Cuz sometimes, we say or do things we later regret.\r\nAh well.... We're soon old and so late smart. -.-

Image: colliebeagle.jpg   579x403 85974 bytes 2002.07.19

I'm still having trouble being motivated to draw and finding inspiration :( I thought puppies might help, i mean, when do they not? They didnít for me in this case... The beagle pup is too big and i messed up on inking the collie's face. And no, the fence isn't crooked for real, i cut the bottom of the pic crooked, so i had to rotate it a bit in PSP and it got screwed up. 5x7 inch pic coloured with Prismacolor markers and coloured pencils.

Image: control.jpg   436x752 64968 bytes 2002.05.21

This is what watching Titan A.E. one and a half times within 6 hours will do to you... Heh, it's kinda cute though.

Image: costumecomic.jpg   602x1060 154452 bytes 2006.01.25

Comic started, and intended to be finished, around Halloween '05, but i kinda forgot about it. Oh well, now it is just craziness with friends! (btw, it makes more sense if you know Roo isn't so fond of pet rats at all, and D and i both have some)

Image: craysit.jpg   434x715 36266 bytes 2002.05.12

Okay, i lied, but i will take a break after this... least i should. I have exams to study for... Anyway, this is a drawing i did in my sketchbook, scanned and then coloured in Flash 5. I finally figured out that program (by trial and error) enough to do something with it! The dog is my best friend's golden retriever. Her name is McCray, but i call her Flexi Dog 'cause she bends and sits in ways that shouldn't be possible unless you're a ferret! She's dead cute like that too...

Image: crickeelolliconfrontation.jpg   800x578 197123 bytes 2005.06.23

Slight symbolism. Newer border collie character LolliPup vs. Cricket.

Image: crickeepsycho004.jpg   613x800 242531 bytes 2005.10.04

'Objects of my Dysfunction' aka 'Psycho Bitch' XP\r\n\r\nArt venting was good this time. Yes. It was very soothing and enjoyable, and i quite like the results, even if no one but me will understand what each item is meant to symbolize. If you think you understand any of them, you're probably wrong :P

Image: crickeeroogradientgrey.jpg   840x284 86255 bytes 2005.11.23

Banner for the top of my LJ.\r\nMmm yay, impending crash and Centrum labels! ;)

Image: crickeerooratsc.jpg   730x515 99810 bytes 2005.05.18

Gratuitous cuteness.\r\nFlash 5 over pencil sketch. \r\n

Image: cricketcomforts.jpg   692x453 96101 bytes 2005.03.31

Not gonna go into depth on what spurred this picture on. I'd rather just forget ..err.. chalk it up to learning.\r\nI'll just say things are resolved and Crickee doesn't feel so ..dead.. inside anymore.\r\nyay ^^\r\n\r\nmmm i butchered the image with a brushpen and my markers.\r\n\r\nOh, and yes, i own all those plushes.

Image: cricketpastel.jpg   647x433 79486 bytes 2003.03.06

'Nother scan of a photo (took photographs for a quick art scholarship portfolio). This pic would never have made it through my scanner otherwise; it's quite big, and really dusty (all charcoal and pastel). Photographed sideways cuz that's the angle i drew it at and if you turn it level, the image is really skewed... that'll teach me to draw large on surfaces parallel to the ground :P

Image: cricketpuppet.jpg   594x396 52711 bytes 2002.09.19

English class is fun now. We had to make a sock puppet skit for another project, and i found a way to fit Cricket in, so i made a sock puppet of her hehehe. Turned out well. My big black dog thinks this is like another dog too. She stares at it with big wide eyes. She wants to eat it! Nooo, you can't ...I'm hyper... sorry

Image: cricketsit.jpg   550x750 120465 bytes 2005.05.30

Just a cute little pinup of Cricket doodled during breaks at work the other day.

Image: critbw.jpg   590x666 57471 bytes 2001.06.25

(sorry for the re-upload, better file) Oooo... The result of: too much Animal Planet, being bored, and wanting to work with something on the computer. It started with llama ears, then the bunny type head and the lion-ish mouth, all the way down to "What kind of feet would this critter have?" logically that would be hooves... fuuuunn..... \r\n

Image: cutedora.gif   566x743 86397 bytes 2002.08.15

This is the pic that i have been editing all day. Sadly it ends up as a .gif, which messed with the colours, but at least the image isn't all fuzzy! Anyway, it's my sweet black and brown veriberk girl Dora. I made her dark brown here though for simplicity. Coloured in Flash 5. I'm slowly learning that program by myself... well single frame drawings for now. My animation attempts have not been successful! :P Pencil sketch edited in Flash 5.

Image: cuterio.jpg   297x301 25099 bytes 2001.06.27

When i was doing a rough colouring job for madrat.jpg on the computer, this is the only part of the pic that i actually liked better than the real pic so i cut it out to use it. Itsa pic of a young looking Rio coloured in Painter with my tablet.

Image: dadshrse.jpg   545x387 45157 bytes 2001.06.24

My dad saw this and said "Hey finally, a horse i can ride!" Only thing is that i bet this horse walks funny, very little leg room ;)

Image: dancinbebbiesc.jpg   738x472 99529 bytes 2005.05.18

Fun with Flash ^^ I've a few more sketches in this style to finish up.. but these two are done :)\r\nA rottie and a lynx dancing to their boombox.\r\nI mainly listened to Black Eyed Peas' "Where is the Love?" while working on this...

Image: day911.jpg   469x518 56442 bytes 2001.09.12

I pray for all those involved and i pray that our country will continue to be strong!\r\n\r\nSome people are just sick. They play bizarre mind games, physical games, and they enjoy it. I doubt i will ever understand how someone could think of such horrible actions, much less carry them out.

Image: deezah_c.jpg   606x438 36601 bytes 2001.05.04

Deezah again. I need to buy better colours of coloured pencils to really draw the background in on this pic... but i just wanted to see how i wanted to do it, so i messed around with Terragen until i got what i liked. A bigger version is my computer wallpaper at the monent... 1024x768, like you really wanted to know that. Gosh i like this dog :) Deezah © 2001 Laura Westrate\r\n

Image: dogeatdog.jpg   850x511 76986 bytes 2002.04.11

Gift pic for Melissa O'Brien 'cause i love her art ( She can get her lines to be so smooth and really neat other effects, plus, she is super nice too. I really hope you like it Melissa! ..i do :)\r\n\r\nHecate, Frisket and Melsa © 2002 Melissa O'Brien\r\nPic © 2002 Laura Westrate (so is the big-butted dead dog i guess, but i don't really want it..:P It's just supposed to be a random dog, and it's a coincidence if it resembles anyone's character or real dog.)

Image: dogtest.jpg   500x428 69223 bytes 2004.04.15

Just trying to copy Twapa's Flash vector style ;) Fun stuff! This was just a test, but one thing's for sure: I figured out how to do feathers if i ever need to! XD

Image: Dora.jpg   448x328 40317 bytes 2001.06.13

This is Dora, one of my newest rats. I got Dora and her sister last week after Jewel died. Dora is very hyper so she decided not to stay in the box for her Yah...Dora the Explorer :P

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