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Image: wolfspinec.jpg   626x330 56065 bytes 2003.05.28

I haven't coloured anything with coloured pencils in so long... and it shows o.O Dumb little wolf.

Image: kaynroo.jpg   399x676 50812 bytes 2003.05.25

Work in progress of my mate and I. *hugs to her sweet Roo*\r\n\r\nThis file will be moved to Sketches when i upload the final image.

Image: kayhealing.jpg   467x416 62518 bytes 2003.05.19

'Cause sometimes Puppy is a dumbass...

Image: wererat.jpg   720x572 75029 bytes 2003.05.05

*big yawn* 4am now.. been working on this for over 8 hours straight (and that's just today)! I always end up putting more time into computer-drawn pics than real media for some unknown reason. \r\n\r\nIllustration for a play i am writing, "Wererat at Half-moon." ( Legend has it that some Giant Forest Rats become wererats every half-moon... wererats enjoy eating noisy campers...but they hate light (hence only changing at a dimmer moon phase). I'll bet he's pissy 'cause the campers have discovered this and thus kept their flashlights on! \r\n\r\nPainter Classic's Pen and Ink tool is all i used for this. This is only 80% of the original file size btw.

Image: kayshapes.jpg   456x396 64113 bytes 2003.05.01

Cricket looks kinda wonky here, but this was nearly all done at school, so i had no references and inspiration just kept driving me to ink and colour it...yay for study hall (and art class :P)!\r\n\r\nThat blue "circle" is too dark; my eye keeps getting drawn back to it *grrr*

Image: brokenlynx.gif   586x428 131318 bytes 2003.04.23

*I need to learn to quit using red so much. Red DOES NOT work with .jpg compression, and .gif files turn out huge..grrrr..sorry*\r\n\r\nTitle: "Broken Lynx" \r\nHaha, i sound clever, or symbolic or something :P This drawing really means nothing other than it's just an idea i had (media wise). The possible symbolism etc. was enough to get this, and two of my other more recent works, into a local juried art show! \r\n\r\nThe real thing looks much better; even with a scan rather than a scan of a photo like before, this is still wonky.\r\n\r\nRed brushpen ink on Velum paper set over Bristol board with blocks of Prisma marker colour in appropriate places...

Image: kayheadbookmark.jpg   230x336 34180 bytes 2003.04.18

I wasn't paying much attention in English class either today, but it's okay 'cause we weren't doing anything 'cept reading silently... This took about 40 minutes. I actually sign my school papers with just the little rat face. Nearly everyone knows it belongs to me as well. If they don't, it's not too terribly hard to figure out lol

Image: unforgettable.gif   390x596 41309 bytes 2003.03.25

Ever notice how it's never quite good enough the first time you think you finish a pic? Ah well... Added the shadow and a few other things.\r\n\r\nTitle page for my school's yearbook this year. Took forever to find the time to sit down and do it o.O

Image: cricketpastel.jpg   647x433 79486 bytes 2003.03.06

'Nother scan of a photo (took photographs for a quick art scholarship portfolio). This pic would never have made it through my scanner otherwise; it's quite big, and really dusty (all charcoal and pastel). Photographed sideways cuz that's the angle i drew it at and if you turn it level, the image is really skewed... that'll teach me to draw large on surfaces parallel to the ground :P

Image: doracharcoalsphoto.jpg   643x311 58173 bytes 2003.03.06

Scan of a photo of the "doracharcoals" image. The colours are much closer to the original here, and also the full picture is shown, but the details are shot to heck. Wish i could manage to scan the real thing again... *plots to steal it away from her art teacher*

Image: hit.gif   675x405 94489 bytes 2003.03.05

Gaa, .jpgs hate red... so alas, you get a stinkin' huge .gif file that's not quite as messed up... Pic inspired by gym class today, and some recent discussions in the Yerf forums.\r\n\r\nHaha, poor little Ryan...

Image: flee.jpg   505x664 90924 bytes 2003.02.27

Edited this really early this morning before i leave on a college visit for a few days. I added highlights, shadows and a few other things per critique from Yerf application reviewers. I think it looks much better now :) Big Thank Yous to them!

Image: cardicorgicolour.jpg   730x527 72476 bytes 2003.02.22

Edited the older pic a bit after some comments on YNA, then i added colours while just messing around with it, and actually liked the results. I was going to print this out and submit it to a local juried art show, but i cannot find the right paper to print it on, so i guess it'll just sit as a computer file now.\r\n\r\nBrown brush pen with computer colouring added in PSP5.

Image: ratflags.jpg   380x750 68495 bytes 2003.02.07

Little banner ideas for the next art project we're working on. Teacher wants something like this to be hung on the telephone poles around our banners for museums and such, since our building doesn't look too much like a school. Name blocked out so you don't know where i go o.O right... like you couldn't figure it out somehow anyway... That beach ball gave me hell btw *grrr*

Image: blkratssmall.gif   525x288 13547 bytes 2003.01.25

More little rat lines for a banner that two 7th graders are painting for my school. I think they are only going to use the rats with books and pencils 'cause it's not too good of a message to say this school prepares you to have kids...though i meant it to represent life, as that is in the school motto. Oh well. They will be just white lines on green, if they decide to use them. Pencil sketches edited in Flash5.

Image: veganbeet.jpg   422x597 69794 bytes 2003.01.23

Wow, that took forever to get this image to upload o.O Second poster for Gym class... This 'un's for a restaurant called Vegan Beet, all the little herbivore furries come here lol

Image: kabobs.jpg   451x589 71417 bytes 2003.01.23

For my gym class we have to make little nutrition facts poster type things... I'm notorious for not completely following what we're supposed to do, heh, and instead i came up with fake restaurant fact sheets. This is for Ka-Bob's, a place for carnivorous furries (and i guess omnivores too since fruits, etc. are offered)

Image: murucolours.jpg   746x492 84502 bytes 2003.01.03

Finally finished this commission after... *ashamed to say* way too many months. Anyway, this is Murashu; he's an aardwolf. The combination of my scanner and .jpg compression really dulled the colours, but i am happy with this for the most part. And just a random side note, i think he looks pretty cool with inverted colours lol\r\n\r\nPrismacolor markers and coloured pencils with a touch of white gelpen\r\nMurashu © 1996 his player, image © 2002 Laura Westrate

Image: pikaham.jpg   517x517 63690 bytes 2002.12.20

Oh, forgive me for the uber cuteness...i never thought i'd be a part of it, but this is for my brother and his fiancť again..'nother pic of Pikachu, their chinchilla. Jennifer has recently found Hamtaro, and i had to try this lol My poor brother... I'm gonna set a giant version of this as his wallpaper while he's gone at work today! *devious* What a surprise that'll be *CUTE!!WAAA..dies*\r\n\r\nPic mine, Hamtaro -whateverineedhere- belongs to ..them..?

Image: kaysmallsad.jpg   313x309 37827 bytes 2002.12.15

I wasn't happy the other day. Normally everything just rolls off my back and i can shrug and say whatever, but then again, every once and a while...things just hurt.\r\n\r\nCricket-pup's belly turned out a little too pink i think. It looks weird. I oddly really like this though... Prisma markers and an ink pen.

Image: snowfoxscribble.gif   607x495 26424 bytes 2002.12.10

My brother asked me to make a background for he and his fiancťís Christmas card today, so i quickly made this (and they really liked it:). I thought it was cute and decided to add the happy little snowfox to it (in the same place they had edited in Pikachu, their chinchilla). Drawn with my tablet in Painter Classic.

Image: wesleybubblebath.jpg   707x644 109014 bytes 2002.12.02

It's done! Took me over 6 hours to paint the bubbles alone, but i am VERY happy with how it all turned out! *glee* So, voila! Here you have Wesley my (blue) silver fox, and that strange object my brother and i both seem to be obsessed with, a rubber duckie! I really like the torn edges too... Watercolour, coloured pencil and acrylic paint on 8 x 8.5 inch watercolour paper.

Image: kayheadold.jpg   228x246 30068 bytes 2002.11.30

Part of a bigger pic, but this is the only chunk i liked enough to share. I remember drawing it earlier this year when i was upset that i couldn't manage to draw anything and have it turn out well. Now i feel sorta like this again, but it's because i don't have the time to make art... Cricket's markings are outdated here btw.

Image: backyard.jpg   443x597 84786 bytes 2002.11.18

Big pastel pic i finally finished. It's a present for my mom's birthday. Took me over a month, but i'm finally happy with it (for the most part...), now let's just hope the framing people don't mess it up again and spill stuff on it like they had before :( I got it back the other day and there were little dark splotches in the sky i had to touch up. You prolly wouldnít have been able to tell in a photo like this though; my digi-cam made it rather blurry, and messed with the colours. \r\n\r\nThis is the biggest pic i've ever done too, just about 2 feet square! Chalk pastels are my new best friend. I hope to find the time to do more with them soon....

Image: wesleyblue.jpg   304x476 56570 bytes 2002.11.06

Wesley begs! He's blue o.O My poor silver fox... Colour/technique test for my next art project. So many! *pant pant* very little time. I take too long... And talk weird now... I go.

Image: doracharcoals.jpg   993x413 83819 bytes 2002.10.24

(This is gonna be long, Iím sorry...) 'Nother art project. This is a larger charcoal pic (9 and a half by 19 and a half inches, i believe) of my sweet rat Dora. She had surgery to remove a big tumor on her neck, below her left ear, and it went well...for a few weeks. It has now grown back bigger than before, and is one big open wound. She has lost a lot of blood over the past week or so and is very pale. I know she is going to die any day now. I'm so upset. She is the most special rat ever, too smart and cute for her own good, red-brown butt fur, little white chin, softest fur Iíve ever felt, and the best personality. No one could ask for a better rat.\r\n\r\nMy art teacher really likes this pic and wants it framed and hung as a permanent piece of art for my small high school, i'm quite pleased about that :) It's actually bigger than this by a few inches all around, but i goofed in scanning it, and returned the original to school before putting the pieces together on my comp to see if they fit right... oh well. The paper also has this light pink/purple tone to it too, but i forgot to switch my scanner out of greyscale, erg..\r\n\r\nOkay, i guess i'm done. Charcoal and little charcoal crayon type thingies on pastel paper. Pic © 2002 Laura Westrate, Dora belongs to her own self.

Image: murutest.jpg   306x335 52592 bytes 2002.10.19

Testing colours for my commission... It has taken me about 7 months to get this far, several sketches and now an inked pic waiting for the colours to be okayed. I'm ashamed of myself, so slow...

Image: pastelclouds.jpg   783x588 68139 bytes 2002.10.07

(I deleted another non-furry pic so hopefully Iím allowed to upload this one) Playing with the chalk pastels in Painter's the background for a pic I'm working on, but i don't know when that will be finished, and i really like this, so i decided to upload it. This file will be replaced with the final whenever it's done. Clouds are unbelievably fun, i had no idea. Must do more clouds...

Image: kayportrait.jpg   1111x605 109182 bytes 2002.09.30

Got my first art project of the year back today. Assignment: Portrait. I chose to do a self-portrait of sorts. We could use any media we wanted and make almost anything we wanted, so long as it was 2-D. We had less than a week to do them since our teacher had a local show he wanted to enter them in. Unfortunately, the people hanging up the works switched the two side panels :( The fog was on the left and comet on the right. Yes, that makes sense...

Image: nighthorse.jpg   738x572 95782 bytes 2002.09.26

Arg, stupid horse nose... Art class assignment to create 3-D illusionary space with just black and white. I chose to use black paper and a white coloured pencil. Yes, thatís all this is. I'm sorry if it's too bright for you, but my monitor is very dark and i can't do anything about it except make the art brighter for me. It looks better IRL anyway. Stupid scanner. And wow, look, no inking lines! 8 1/2 x 11 inch black cardstock or something and a white Prismacolor pencil.

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