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Image: doracharcoals.jpg   993x413 83819 bytes 2002.10.24

(This is gonna be long, Iím sorry...) 'Nother art project. This is a larger charcoal pic (9 and a half by 19 and a half inches, i believe) of my sweet rat Dora. She had surgery to remove a big tumor on her neck, below her left ear, and it went well...for a few weeks. It has now grown back bigger than before, and is one big open wound. She has lost a lot of blood over the past week or so and is very pale. I know she is going to die any day now. I'm so upset. She is the most special rat ever, too smart and cute for her own good, red-brown butt fur, little white chin, softest fur Iíve ever felt, and the best personality. No one could ask for a better rat.\r\n\r\nMy art teacher really likes this pic and wants it framed and hung as a permanent piece of art for my small high school, i'm quite pleased about that :) It's actually bigger than this by a few inches all around, but i goofed in scanning it, and returned the original to school before putting the pieces together on my comp to see if they fit right... oh well. The paper also has this light pink/purple tone to it too, but i forgot to switch my scanner out of greyscale, erg..\r\n\r\nOkay, i guess i'm done. Charcoal and little charcoal crayon type thingies on pastel paper. Pic © 2002 Laura Westrate, Dora belongs to her own self.

Image: doracharcoalsphoto.jpg   643x311 58173 bytes 2003.03.06

Scan of a photo of the "doracharcoals" image. The colours are much closer to the original here, and also the full picture is shown, but the details are shot to heck. Wish i could manage to scan the real thing again... *plots to steal it away from her art teacher*

Image: dorahead.jpg   523x417 53481 bytes 2002.08.15

A head shot of Dora from another file that my computer keeps messing with. I love how her face turned out, and the full body pic doesn't show it well (especially now since it's a .gif), however i will promptly remove this if it's not allowed. The whiskers on this one look all fuzzy on my comp, but the whole other pic was like that before:(

Image: dos.jpg   535x399 63069 bytes 2002.06.16

I decided that sometimes i make things that are supposed to be white too dark and heavily shaded, and then they end up looking grey or some such shading colour. I drew two wolves, and decided to make them white and give myslef something to practice on. The howling wolf in the background is not too good (all around), but the browner foreground wolf came out okay. Now it just needs a background... Prismacolor coloured pencils on sketchbook paper. Image © 2002 Laura Westrate

Image: dotbis.gif   649x468 10204 bytes 2002.05.15

Everyone love connect-the-dots, right? Sure. I made this for part of a quiz that fellow students coming along on the Yellowstone trip will have to take. One thing i learned about connect-the-dot pics though is not to put in too many dots, or you can see what the picture is before you even start! I had no bison reference pic when i did this so i hope it looks okay...

Image: downdollycolours.jpg   808x539 97814 bytes 2004.05.03

Coloured version ^^ Scanner beat the crap out of the colours though.. this is my sad attempt to revive them x.x Really, the shadow doesn't glow at all!! And it's not so orange..more brownish.

Image: dunno.jpg   700x480 71482 bytes 2001.11.07

*Clicks the upload button, shrugs her shoulders and walks away*

Image: dutt.jpg   518x673 76105 bytes 2002.04.17

This is Dutt. He is my new love. He comes everywhere with me. He's about 8 feet tall, weighs 350 pounds, and is from the planet Hepsaan. He might look scary, but he is very kind, at least to me. Do not cross him. I don't want to know what he can do... I love him, yes i do. *snuggles Dutt*

Image: egyptgod.jpg   760x579 89907 bytes 2002.05.31

Probably the last project i will have to do for my 11th grade year! I researched a dozen Egyptian gods with animal heads to see if i could figure out why ancient Egyptians may have chosen each animal to represent their gods. Pretty interesting... There are flaws in these drawings (such as the scarabs front pair of legs and the "claw fringes"), but i still think they all turned out really cute. I especially like Sobek and Bastet :) Seth is a "Seth animal" just so you know... drawn/interpreted from some sort of hieroglyphics i found. Thought he was cute too. Prismacolor coloured pencils and ink.\r\n\r\nBTW, i'm leaving later today on that Yellowstone trip for two weeks, incase anyone emails me and thinks me rude for not answering right away...or something. So, bye :D

Image: Eliza.jpg   442x331 42340 bytes 2001.06.13

And this is Eliza. She's the bigger of the two rats. Too big to fit all the way in the little box... :D She has a little white tummy, but you can't tell from this. Both done with Prismacolor pencils on sketchbook paper and computer text.

Image: ermgym.jpg   426x754 43271 bytes 2001.09.20

This should have a background sometime soon... I think its a weasellemur *taunts her brother* doing gymnastics. She was caught in a pose that i don't think is actually possible. I bet she fell over just after this was ďtakenĒ :P It was going to be an ermine, but it got to be too dark, so it has turned out to be the first example of an inside joke of sorts... ~*note: It has been pointed out to me that this is an awful lot like the gymnastic weasel in Animalympics. This was not intentional! I had totally forgotten about that movie while drawing this picture. It was going to be a skunk, but i guess i like ermines too much...I apologize*~

Image: ermine.jpg   579x489 32890 bytes 2002.03.31

Just a cute little ermine i drew while listening to a friend of mine's music ( *nod nod*) Also, so you know, i will be gone for 3 days visiting a college in Evansville, Indiana, so that's what's up if i don't answer emails and the like. Cheerz!

Image: fall.jpg   483x748 66526 bytes 2001.10.16

Last weekend was stressful. My cousin tried to kill himself...again, my great uncle died, and i had (still have) a lot of homework to do. I drew the original line art for this after i got back from the Feast of the Hunter's Moon in Indiana, thinking about my cousin the whole time. It turned out too sun-shiny for a suicide related pic, but my cousin is still alive and fairly well, so i guess itís allowed to turn out light and silly now... Laugh at the "leaves," they look like crud :P

Image: finch.jpg   333x372 22872 bytes 2001.07.24

It rained and stormed almost all day today and it took its toll on one little house finch. Luckily i found the soggy birdie just as one of our cats noticed it. I dried it off and let it go a few hours later. The little finch needed to be drawn in all its glory (though i didn't do the cute thing justice)...

Image: flee.jpg   505x664 90924 bytes 2003.02.27

Edited this really early this morning before i leave on a college visit for a few days. I added highlights, shadows and a few other things per critique from Yerf application reviewers. I think it looks much better now :) Big Thank Yous to them!

Image: flowerbunny.jpg   314x400 53447 bytes 2004.07.31

Front of a card im working on... Gonna send it to Alan's Grandparents as a thank-you..just for taking care of him n looking out for him while i can't be there. Stupidly sappy, i know..but.. oh well. I want to thank them anyhow.\r\n\r\nThis is about 3x5 inches, and was done in 45 mins while on breaks at work.\r\n\r\nRandom bunny/Image © 2004 Laura Westrate

Image: fluffdry.jpg   576x461 38024 bytes 2001.04.06

Someone put him in the dryer and set it on "fluff dry!" Fun (a little too much, maybe) with brush pens...

Image: fmg.jpg   360x504 50417 bytes 2002.03.16

I had a half-day of school today (March 15th) so my mom took my best friend (Tara), aunt who is visiting from CA, and my grandma to see the da Vinci horse and butterflies. I took 48 pictures today! Mostly of the pretty butterflies... This is just a pic to commemorate my fun day. Do you know where i was?? lol

Image: frostflyer.jpg   576x504 73385 bytes 2003.09.11

Random something i painted in my sparce spare time here at college. I don't know what it is..but hey, still kinda fun. I recorded this into a little .rif movie file and its really fun to watch over and over again...

Image: furr.jpg   538x476 36540 bytes 2001.08.21

I realized i hadn't drawn anything in a while, so i sat down with my sketchbook and added lines until i thought it was finished... Some sort of fox thing that has markings on only half it's body? Not really sure. Kinda cute though.

Image: geoshine.jpg   326x452 42943 bytes 2001.04.07

Happy day, extremely happy day! Some of you might know why :) *wave wave* Yes, thank you so much!! Anyway, just a little 5 by 7 inch pic of a rattie in a ray of light. I like this one, i do. Its like one of the ratties i had once, Georgia. She is very pretty. I gave her to a friend's sister when she (the rat) was old enough. Prismacolor pencils on..sketchbook paper lol yah..I love my ratties :D \r\n

Image: glory_c.jpg   457x646 59537 bytes 2001.04.15

King of the jungle. King of glory.

Image: glory_cp.jpg   525x725 70805 bytes 2001.04.28

I can't believe this took so long! Normally i can get a coloured pencil pic done in a day or so... but this, wow, and its not that much more than i normally do. One of my friends at school really liked it so last night i had my brother print out a good copy on his printer for her. She was really happy :) Now should i take down the computer coloured one? They are a bit different really and i like them both.... pic © 2001 Laura Westrate

Image: glssrats.jpg   464x159 43853 bytes 2002.02.16

I've been making glass beads for about 2 weeks since my mom is taking a class and brings her stuff home. Itís real fun to do. Just today i decided to try making rat beads. They turned out okay, and I'm getting better too. The albino in the middle was my first, then the black hooded one and the black-eye-white was third. They are about an inch and 3/4 long and 3/4 of an inch wide (main bead part). I hope to figure out a way not to use the mandrill and have a hole through them. I wont ever string these on a necklace as i am sure the tails will break off, but they are fun to just play with :P They are hard little buggers to photograph too. They reflect and shine too well in the flash.

Image: grandmaW.jpg   653x354 35604 bytes 2001.05.07

I drew this a few months ago when my grandma Westrate died. They had poodles. Still had Molly when she died. My grandpa liked the pic, i think. She was a rather important person 'round here and a heck of a lot of people miss her. I love you Grandma!!

Image: hamlight.jpg   801x652 84852 bytes 2002.01.04

Commission-ish type thing for my brother to give to the people at the job he is quitting today. I don't really know what it means, he just told me what to draw. Hamsters power America? lol Prismacolor markers and coloured pencils on ..11x14 Bristol board!! *ooo's and aaa's*

Image: hendlion.jpg   509x702 98470 bytes 2002.02.27

Sorry for the wrinkles, etc. but this is drawn on a paper grocery bag and i couldn't get them to go away. I love it when teachers give the option of drawing/decorating stuff for a project! This one is for part of my AP English project on 'Henderson the Rain King' by Saul Bellow (fun book). BTW, i have opened a Cafe Press store 'cause i REALLY need money for Yellowstone and no one wanted the pics i had on Furbid. Email me if there is a pic you would like to see offered either place!

Image: hit.gif   675x405 94489 bytes 2003.03.05

Gaa, .jpgs hate red... so alas, you get a stinkin' huge .gif file that's not quite as messed up... Pic inspired by gym class today, and some recent discussions in the Yerf forums.\r\n\r\nHaha, poor little Ryan...

Image: holly.jpg   669x518 67534 bytes 2002.08.02

I have a new email bud 'cause she liked my rat drawings on YNA, and i just found out that she has a dog that is Aussie Cattle Dog/Corgi mix, which is just what i imagine Cricket to be! Needless to say i was very excited, and after she gave me a little description of her body shape and head markings, i drew this. She told me it's pretty close, but i guess Holly has a stubby tail (like Cricket! :), and different markings on her back. I love the ticking idea too... Iím thinking of changing Cricket's markings again, lol Holly belongs to Cory. Inaccurate pic of "Holly" belongs to me.

Image: horse1.jpg   400x400 48969 bytes 2003.08.30

Inspired by smudges on a window in Gelston Hall...

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