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Image: kaymark.jpg   132x406 30569 bytes 2002.09.19

Week mark for my school planner. They have a small slot for some paper pic or something, so i drew this to go in it. The top of the plastic is slanted like that so the pic is too, sorry. Not a neat cropping job. Couldn't help it.

Image: cricketpuppet.jpg   594x396 52711 bytes 2002.09.19

English class is fun now. We had to make a sock puppet skit for another project, and i found a way to fit Cricket in, so i made a sock puppet of her hehehe. Turned out well. My big black dog thinks this is like another dog too. She stares at it with big wide eyes. She wants to eat it! Nooo, you can't ...I'm hyper... sorry

Image: kaytongue.gif   318x317 20013 bytes 2002.09.03

Bigger version of my newest avatar. Shrinking it lost some detail, and i like it okay as a regular pic. Flash 5 over a pencil sketch (which i like better than this final one :P and it's in my Sketches directory).

Image: kaycurl.jpg   582x515 64472 bytes 2002.08.26

Coloured the sketch that has more meaning than you'd think... Curly hair is fun to draw :D Cricket's head looks squished :( Prismacolor markers and white gel pen.

Image: topdog.gif   462x528 49375 bytes 2002.08.24

Pic for something my brother wanted me to do. German Shepard dog in Flash 5.

Image: schoolratcard.jpg   572x742 76446 bytes 2002.08.23

One of the main people who helped to start up the charter school i go to is retiring from the Board this year. I was honored when asked to draw a card for everyone to sign at Convocation in thanks to him for all his hard work. He is a physics professor at the college in my town btw, hence the certain equations. This card consists of 4 sheets of paper; a translucent light green vellum with a sketch of our school building on it (which i did not draw), under that, and just visible, is this piece of stiff paper, then a stiff sheet of green with the words "Thank you for helping our dreams take flight!" written on it, and lastly, a blank black paper. The pages are all bound with black and green cords ending in tassels. Everything besides the rat was drawn with metallic gel pens, which my scanner does not like. This looks much better in real life. Our school mascot is the (River) Rat, so thatís why the rat is there...

Image: madbeast.jpg   368x452 49697 bytes 2002.08.22

I got new inking pens a few weeks ago and tested them out on this pic. Keep in mind I wasn't trying for anything even remotely good, just a test. The coat was inked in black and the head in dark brown, though you can't really tell in the scan. Coloured/poorly shaded with Prisma markers.

Image: cutedora.gif   566x743 86397 bytes 2002.08.15

This is the pic that i have been editing all day. Sadly it ends up as a .gif, which messed with the colours, but at least the image isn't all fuzzy! Anyway, it's my sweet black and brown veriberk girl Dora. I made her dark brown here though for simplicity. Coloured in Flash 5. I'm slowly learning that program by myself... well single frame drawings for now. My animation attempts have not been successful! :P Pencil sketch edited in Flash 5.

Image: dorahead.jpg   523x417 53481 bytes 2002.08.15

A head shot of Dora from another file that my computer keeps messing with. I love how her face turned out, and the full body pic doesn't show it well (especially now since it's a .gif), however i will promptly remove this if it's not allowed. The whiskers on this one look all fuzzy on my comp, but the whole other pic was like that before:(

Image: prazref.jpg   840x620 81364 bytes 2002.08.10

Months ago i made up this new breed of cat-like mammal, mainly this one character out of the species. Her name is P'razema and she's a jerraket. Pretty much all the important stuff is on this pic. I have several more sketches of her i hope to ink and colour pretty soon. As always, when you make up and animal, you hope no one else has one similar, or with a similar name. So apologies to anyone if it seems like i've copied you or anything. As far as i know, i came up with this all on my own.

Image: kayears.jpg   565x242 57159 bytes 2002.08.08

Just trying to memorize her main marking patches... Prismacolor markers and some ink pen *shrugs*

Image: albinocard.jpg   166x221 32022 bytes 2002.08.06

Birthday card for Alec. It's his 17th on the 8th. He used to have a few pet rats too :) Rat cards are fun... i cut all around this one, 'cept for the top of the ears, where the paper is still connected and thatís where it's hinged. Had to cut the whiskers on one side off though :( Prismacolor markers, coloured pencils, gel pen, and various other inking pens and colours.

Image: kaynewref.jpg   499x670 79508 bytes 2002.08.03

I'm getting a new coat for my birthday ;) Only one more day and I'm 17! I decided that Cricket didn't look like i thought she should, so i figured out new markings and body type for her. I'm quite happy with her now :D Though she looks more like an Aussie Shepard mix than Aussie Cattle Dog... Eh, and her headshot is messed up :( I think i was half asleep when i wrote the text too...just a few mistakes *sarcasm* "semetrical" and "pump" ..what was i thinking?? o.O Oh well, i live....

Image: holly.jpg   669x518 67534 bytes 2002.08.02

I have a new email bud 'cause she liked my rat drawings on YNA, and i just found out that she has a dog that is Aussie Cattle Dog/Corgi mix, which is just what i imagine Cricket to be! Needless to say i was very excited, and after she gave me a little description of her body shape and head markings, i drew this. She told me it's pretty close, but i guess Holly has a stubby tail (like Cricket! :), and different markings on her back. I love the ticking idea too... Iím thinking of changing Cricket's markings again, lol Holly belongs to Cory. Inaccurate pic of "Holly" belongs to me.

Image: catcoat.jpg   351x422 35447 bytes 2002.08.01

This guy is a sketch for now, but i like him. I'm gonna practice inking on him once i get new pens with my birthday money, which should hopefully be coming soon... I dunno if he looks weird as he is now, but if you mirror him, his face gets really messed up. Maybe he makes sense to me since i drew him... but he looks odd the other way.

Image: lulubounce.jpg   485x673 69947 bytes 2002.07.28

This pic was inspired by a rat i had many years ago. Lulu, a beautiful blue hooded rat, used to be this sleek, hyper little girl. She could jump several feet (high and long, with a record of 40-some inches long once...). Somehow, that changed and Lulu started to gain weight; eventually she could no longer jump so well. My brother got the quote from some Disney "documentary" on wood ducks, and it fit poor Lulu perfectly! Sadly, a few months later Lulu fell about 4 feet from her cage and broke her back. She regained some movement, and i made her a little harness and she had swimming therapy sessions, which seemed to help, but after another few months, she had to be put down. She was almost 3 years old though, which is pretty good for a rat. Prismacolor markers, gel pens and some fancy paper and printer ink.

Image: kayscribb.jpg   488x602 68824 bytes 2002.07.28

I had no prelim sketch or anything; i just sat down with some markers and a big sheet of Bristol board and wasted them... She's out of proportion and at some angles that donít agree with each other, but i think it's fairly good for free-handing it... I just wish Bristol didn't dull the colours so much. S'like it just sucks the colours right in :(

Image: colliebeagle.jpg   579x403 85974 bytes 2002.07.19

I'm still having trouble being motivated to draw and finding inspiration :( I thought puppies might help, i mean, when do they not? They didnít for me in this case... The beagle pup is too big and i messed up on inking the collie's face. And no, the fence isn't crooked for real, i cut the bottom of the pic crooked, so i had to rotate it a bit in PSP and it got screwed up. 5x7 inch pic coloured with Prismacolor markers and coloured pencils.

Image: bristle.jpg   456x412 45389 bytes 2002.07.18

Several months ago, my brother bought me a little bristle fox with pistachio shells for ears, and i've always thought it would be fun to draw, so i finally did. Big wet oils in Painter Classic... and a few touch-up with the airbrush tool.

Image: melado.jpg   515x635 76923 bytes 2002.07.12

I did the pencil sketch of this in my journal on the way to Yellowstone. Over a month later, i finally scanned it and inked it in Flash, then coloured it in PSP 5 ('cause Flash was being mean). If i've got my Spanish right, Melado means "honey-coloured" which i thought was cute for him...

Image: kaytagn2.jpg   263x174 12811 bytes 2002.07.11

Since the other one had long since fallen apart, i made a new dog tag, this time a set, and actual dog-tag size! And Cricket actually looks like i've always wanted her to! I'm very happy with these :) And the number, btw, is my ICQ number lol

Image: runawayc.jpg   495x634 68229 bytes 2002.07.09

Yea, now he's coloured... i just need help with a background! I think it should be dark with a light source in the upper left-hand corner, but i have no idea of theme or anything. Suggestions and help, please..? *polite smile* There are a few inches above his head yet and a bit on his right side, but the bottom and left are out of extra room. Prismacolor markers and coloured pencils on 8x11 inch sketchbook paper.

Image: ratlines.gif   536x350 17276 bytes 2002.07.05

Stayed up all night finishing off a crazy idea of mine. All these little rattie line drawings will be on products at my Ratcetera Cafe Press store. It's to raise money/have some money waiting for my rats if they need medical attention, new toys, more food etc. since my parents are getting fed up with paying for them all the time, but i wont go into that. This is a really bad plug i know, but Iím not begging anybody to go. They'll be up for sale here:

Image: kaytail.jpg   512x419 54769 bytes 2002.07.04

I always wondered what she would look like with a long tail... I don't like it, and i donít think Cricket does either :P Poor pup; she'll get her short tail back next time!

Image: sneaker.gif   377x481 27864 bytes 2002.07.04

Hmm, well this took way too long. I battled with Flash for a while, but finally we compromised. I gave up on the shading, and it let me delete some unwanted lines. This was inspired by one of our cats, Sneaker, whom actually looks like this for the most part. She has very well defined cheekbones and the fur around her nose comes to a point on each side! She resembles an alien... love her though. Thisíll probably appear on stuff in my Cafe Press store:

Image: skull.jpg   387x359 60018 bytes 2002.07.01

I found an animal skull under a big tree while at our cottage on Lake Michigan the other day. I believe it is an opossum skull, but i'm not sure. I would have drawn it the day i found it, but there was a family of earwigs inside that needed to be bathed in hot soapy water for a while... My scanner and PSP5 are in cahoots, they don't like light values of blue :( All the scratchy hatching marks on the top of the skull and inside the mouth are from squirrels that decided they needed more calcium in their diet :P Drawn with blue coloured mechanical pencil lead on sketchbook paper.

Image: kaysoccr.jpg   679x485 81290 bytes 2002.06.29

Okay.. so i was wrong. I still don't feel like drawing, but at least i /can/ draw now. Before i couldn't get anything to look right :( I was bored last night and told my friend Alec. He told me to draw something, and after some prodding, he told me to draw Cricket and a rat playing soccer. So, here you are, Cricket and a tan hooded rat (could be either Lenae or my first rat, Roxsan) playing with a reject soccer ball :P The only thing in this pic i looked for reference pics, and it still turned out bad, heh. Anyway, 5x7 inch Prismacolor marker and coloured pencil drawing on sketchbook paper.

Image: monty.jpg   276x303 29717 bytes 2002.06.23

I shoulda known better... my rats are my muses! I feel like i could draw a human right now! *gasp* But i wont, it's late and i need to go to bed. Oh, this is my only male rat that i have right now. His name is Monty and he's such a sweetheart :) Just a doodle that took over an hour while waiting for a friend to come online.

Image: alegria.jpg   391x711 77929 bytes 2002.06.21

I was feeling very uninspired and couldn't draw anything right, so i sat down, and forced this out of myself. It got better as i went along, so hopefully i can draw again now :P Drawn in my sketchbook, then coloured in Painter Classic with my wonderful tablet.

Image: papabear.jpg   624x534 61719 bytes 2002.06.17

(Fixed up after a few suggestions on the earlier file from people on YNA) I can't believe this took me several hours to do..arg My dad really liked it though (nearly cried!), so it was worth it. He bought me all my Macromedia software, so the least i could do was use Flash to draw him a Father's Day card! Eh heh...

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