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Image: poogie.jpg   544x396 56845 bytes 2001.09.16

This was drawn back when Maggie and Rio still would not get along. Maggie got so upset once that she started chasing her tail. When she caught it she chewed on it until that registered as pain in her strange little mind. She and Rio also would scratch and chew themselves until they were bald in places and had little scabs all over. Even when they finally ended up living together, they would groom each other so hard that they had little scabs under their chins and on their shoulders. I miss my Maggie...she was such a funny little rat! Poor Rio is all alone now.

Image: kayhole.jpg   675x510 71413 bytes 2001.09.15

Sad and ironic that the words 'hole' and 'whole' are pronounced the same. They are so different. When you feel the deep hole in your heart, you don't feel whole. But maybe without that hole, you cannot be whole. I know this in no way compares to those who have lost family and friends this week, but my family and I will miss my fuzzy man Mink and the little white Maggie. What an upsetting week...

Image: day911.jpg   469x518 56442 bytes 2001.09.12

I pray for all those involved and i pray that our country will continue to be strong!\r\n\r\nSome people are just sick. They play bizarre mind games, physical games, and they enjoy it. I doubt i will ever understand how someone could think of such horrible actions, much less carry them out.

Image: timwar.jpg   446x634 89480 bytes 2001.09.10

I've been reading the book series Redwall for my AP English class. Does it show? :P This is Tim the stoat, named after the friend who wanted me to give the pic to him. At least he got it named after him!! For some reason this pose seems familiar to me, though i looked at nothing to draw it. Well, okay, i had my mom stand on the footstool to see how i wanted the hands... lol

Image: wallflwr.jpg   354x604 33393 bytes 2001.09.09

Because no one wants to go to the prom with a rat...

Image: waltfly.jpg   369x651 54022 bytes 2001.09.04

I tried drawing Walter again the other day. I don't think he looks as cute here. He's chasing a butterfly though :) *shakes head* Why can't i ever get my characters to look the same way twice? Grrrr....

Image: tissle.jpg   596x705 50150 bytes 2001.09.03

I was drawing red squirrels and i thought the ones with the tufts on their ears looked like a rat with feathers on their ears. My mom and i had been trying to think of a name for almost an hour when i set a rat on the keyboard and she pressed "tsssl", thus came Tissle. She's some sort of magical rat. I don't know how she attaches the feathers yet, but she does change the colours a lot. The ring around her eye is dyed fur. And note the guinea fowl feather on her necklace too *nod*

Image: kaysleep.jpg   669x405 55884 bytes 2001.08.30

I have stayed up too late the past few nights doing homework. I am a very sleepy puppy. I drew in class to keep myself awake. Is drawing in class or sleeping worse? I got some new markers yesterday too. Pretty colours! I want to curl up like a rat and fall asleep on my head... Pic in the left corner, ratties do sleep like that. It's so cute. *yawn* Yup, time for bed now.

Image: walter.jpg   477x378 42295 bytes 2001.08.27

This is Walter. Walter would like to tell you that he will one day be a big strong saber-tooth cat, but he will still be very cute. Walter is also telling me that i am scaring him. I'm not sure how, but he says that i am.

Image: rosedew.jpg   289x703 23560 bytes 2001.08.26

We are allowed some non-furry pics right? This took two and a half days to do. One of my brother's friends needed a drawing of a rose and she asked me to do it. This isn't the version she got though. I kept editing afterwards until i got this. She didn't want thorns or dew or rough leaves, and i had forgotten that roses have the green leafy things under the petals, so those just got added. I'm so happy with this! Had the hardest time with the rose bud itself, but i think it is okay now...

Image: kayribb.jpg   573x777 85302 bytes 2001.08.24

Drawn on a happy day. Still a happy week, even though school has started up again. Finally got to finish it because i stayed home sick from school today. Yes, last day of the first week and i get sick. She's kinda out of proportion, but i still really like it. Prisma markers, gel pens and ink. Any suggestions for a background?

Image: polardog.jpg   275x363 20115 bytes 2001.08.22

Just spent like 20 minutes editing this pic pixel by pixel to get rid of a stupid black line and little black dots that were on the paper. I couldnít get rid of the text that shows through the paper though. I tried! But if this ends up in my sketches section anyway, well at least itís in my archive. I like it. Drawn at the top of my paper in my Women's History class... Everybody was like, "Oooo, thatís cool." even the teacher :D And the paper itself was yellow too...

Image: furr.jpg   538x476 36540 bytes 2001.08.21

I realized i hadn't drawn anything in a while, so i sat down with my sketchbook and added lines until i thought it was finished... Some sort of fox thing that has markings on only half it's body? Not really sure. Kinda cute though.

Image: ollie.jpg   635x603 48144 bytes 2001.08.13

This is where most of my time is going. The bottomless pit that is Ollie, the guinea keet. He (or she, we don't know yet) is a baby guinea fowl that i cracked out of a leftover egg. Its sort of a tradition around here that every summer i go out to the nest after the chicks have hatched and look for ones that have been left behind for any number of reasons. This year, as the first year, i found an egg that hadn't hatched yet and freed the peeping chick inside. It's amazing how cute they are as chicks and how ugly they get to be as adults! Hopefully Ollie gets to be full grown. Lucky, the first chick, was eaten by Ivy after about 6 weeks, and all the others were either too sick or had bad accidents within the first month. :(

Image: jywjnky.jpg   393x279 19104 bytes 2001.08.12

I haven't felt much like drawing lately so im taking the time to upload older pics. This one was drawn while watching Junkyard Wars earlier this year. You gotta love that show!! Edited in PSP5.

Image: kaywind.jpg   554x396 32896 bytes 2001.08.12

I was trying to be artistic... From a few months ago, since her markings aren't current. Coloured pencil with a watercolour wash over it.

Image: rio.jpg   353x274 25498 bytes 2001.08.12

Part of an older pic of many drawings of my rat Rio. This is the best one and only one worth posting. Cheap text 'n stuff added...

Image: rcc180.jpg   673x422 44511 bytes 2001.08.12

I know... the turtle is already going counter clockwise... The pic is after a clock my brother got from his roommate after he left college, a going away present. I found that the turtle and penguin go counter clockwise after i drew the pic. It's because you are supposed to read it from the reflection... Odd clock. I don't think my brother liked this pic anyway...

Image: kayclear.jpg   657x429 58089 bytes 2001.08.09

"Hidden, so well hidden in this picture, why can't i be draw outside these lines?" Listening to Out of the Grey's song 'Disappear' once and i got the idea for this pic. From really eary this year...

Image: bdayboys.jpg   632x490 73338 bytes 2001.08.01

Nemo and Wilburt are 2 years old today! Willy wants cake and Nemo wants his hat off... Happy birthday to their sister Georgia too, who lives with my friend's sister. Only three ratties living out of Zelda's litter of eight. Pippin, Emma, Jewel, Garth and Starr have since died :( I hope the remaining three live to be three... *nod* Okay Nemo, gimme your hat. Wilb, cake is later!

Image: bechcrit.jpg   555x466 65900 bytes 2001.08.01

So this is what happens when you are sitting in a too hot cottage on Lake Michigan all day? Ahh, okay... Anyways, this little critter needs a name, both for s/he and the species. Also a test to see how many emails i can get?? Please? :D I don't bite, promise!

Image: kayrats.jpg   529x587 55538 bytes 2001.07.29

Well, you would be that happy too if you were covered with your favorite rats! Clockwise from the left: Emma, Midge, Pearl, Rio, Igor, Dora, Mink and Cassie. And don't look at me like that; i am perfectly sane. Rats make wonderful pets. I would rather have a single rat than a dog! Common all you rat lovers, nod your heads, you know you agree with me! lol

Image: starr.jpg   558x634 25828 bytes 2001.07.29

Heh, what do you know... i hadn't uploaded this... Least i can't find it in my directory. This was done sometime early this year in Painter with my wonderful Wacom friend. Suggestive lines or somethin' like that...

Image: midgec.jpg   438x542 36070 bytes 2001.07.28

New char. Midge, after my favorite rattie. This is the top half of the whole pic. The dress wrinkles are going to take me forever... I love Medieval/Renaissance stuff so thatís where her dress came from (though i doubt that there is one like that..i made it up). And that braid on her head, itís not real! lol Maybe thatís why she has that kinda smug look on her face.

Image: juxtpstn.jpg   467x670 78208 bytes 2001.07.25

Yes, they are both on the same page. An interesting juxtaposition, eh? Since the little finch pic, i wanted to draw a crow and after i drew the crow i saw a cool hairstyle on TV and i drew that, then drew a body to go with it.

Image: finch.jpg   333x372 22872 bytes 2001.07.24

It rained and stormed almost all day today and it took its toll on one little house finch. Luckily i found the soggy birdie just as one of our cats noticed it. I dried it off and let it go a few hours later. The little finch needed to be drawn in all its glory (though i didn't do the cute thing justice)...

Image: nemohppy.jpg   410x463 47499 bytes 2001.07.20

Itís Nemo! My Little Nemo. Inverted-Skunk-Boy! And just about as opposite of the real rattie as you can possibly get. He is a near Eeyore rat. Very shy, easily insulted. You can pet him if he feels like it. And plus, he is a lump much like his brother Wilburt, aka Brick... He looks skinny in this pic. But hey, his markings are cute cute cute!! I love my little Nothing Boy, yes, umm...heh

Image: swmpflme.jpg   445x640 64629 bytes 2001.07.15

Why does my dad always think that what i draw is a mirror to how i feel? According to him I'm feeling "murky"... Actually, i got the idea for this when my brother's dog came tearing out of the cornfield with her mouth open and her tongue flying out her muzzle. She nearly ran me over. I guess she couldn't see through the tall corn. Serves me right for standing at the edge and calling for her... I just think the pic looks cool.

Image: wlfsky.jpg   360x432 27939 bytes 2001.07.13

Nice break from the alphabet; itsa tablet doodle! Wooo... Mommy wolf and two pups lookin' at the moon. Maybe the Mommy wolf is telling her little wolves a bedtime story.

Image: kayfield.jpg   647x523 53396 bytes 2001.07.10

I finally drew a portrait of myself. I have had the hardest time trying to draw one i liked. Most of it was because i could never figure out a good background, but i was looking through some photos i took and there was one of corn sprouts in the field behind our house, so with the background came a picture i am happy with. I think this is my best background yet BTW.

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