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Image: topdog.gif   462x528 49375 bytes 2002.08.24

Pic for something my brother wanted me to do. German Shepard dog in Flash 5.

Image: treestn.jpg   595x811 87057 bytes 2001.12.31

(I hope i still have some non-furry allowances... I have only uploaded one other non-furry pic)\r\n\r\nI had to try and imitate old Japanese art for school. I actually like this a lot. The 'water spots' are where my Prisma clear blender accidentally spilled its juice all over the paper. Yellow tint and grain etc. added in Painter Classic.

Image: twelrafac.jpg   571x701 108272 bytes 2003.06.08

Dern scan line... But hey! i did get this finished on time; only took staying up all night long o.O Wendy's such a good friend though, she makes it worth it. Here's hoping she likes her graduation gift *crosses fingers* These are twin elf rat-fairies, just to be sure you know lol\r\n\r\nMicron ink, Prismacolor marker, watercolour, and gel pen on 11x14 inch Bristol board. Note: Bristol board does not like watercolour...

Image: unforgettable.gif   390x596 41309 bytes 2003.03.25

Ever notice how it's never quite good enough the first time you think you finish a pic? Ah well... Added the shadow and a few other things.\r\n\r\nTitle page for my school's yearbook this year. Took forever to find the time to sit down and do it o.O

Image: veganbeet.jpg   422x597 69794 bytes 2003.01.23

Wow, that took forever to get this image to upload o.O Second poster for Gym class... This 'un's for a restaurant called Vegan Beet, all the little herbivore furries come here lol

Image: wallflwr.jpg   354x604 33393 bytes 2001.09.09

Because no one wants to go to the prom with a rat...

Image: walter.jpg   477x378 42295 bytes 2001.08.27

This is Walter. Walter would like to tell you that he will one day be a big strong saber-tooth cat, but he will still be very cute. Walter is also telling me that i am scaring him. I'm not sure how, but he says that i am.

Image: waltfly.jpg   369x651 54022 bytes 2001.09.04

I tried drawing Walter again the other day. I don't think he looks as cute here. He's chasing a butterfly though :) *shakes head* Why can't i ever get my characters to look the same way twice? Grrrr....

Image: watched.jpg   592x334 44815 bytes 2002.01.02

What do you think of this one, Justin? Do you want to spill garlic butter on here too? :D Prismacolor markers on sketchbook paper.

Image: waterdog.jpg   500x480 43296 bytes 2001.11.04

I got bored i guess...? Water dog running lots of dihydrogen monoxide :P errr yah...

Image: watermare.jpg   381x400 56786 bytes 2004.01.07

Just a kinda quick, silly doodle from like 3am this morning. Tablet drawn in Painter Classic.

Image: waterwingsgood.jpg   517x800 147175 bytes 2003.11.20

Reupload: Final version of a pic i started in March of this year (yes, i take forever and a day to finish pictures). Original sketch can be found here:\r\n\r\nInked with a brown chocolate-scented gel pen, cut out of the paper in my sketchbook (yes, that took a few hours! *rubs her poor hand*); on a "scrap" piece of mattboard (about 11.5x7.5 inches) i drew the waterfall, rock and fern (various colours of brush pen and gel pen), then pasted the wolf-girl on it, coloured her, drew the border with purple gel pen, coloured it in with coloured pencil, and added more to the water Fern is standing in.\r\n\r\nOh, and the bird got the same treatment.\r\n(btw, the mattboard is off-white)

Image: wererat.jpg   720x572 75029 bytes 2003.05.05

*big yawn* 4am now.. been working on this for over 8 hours straight (and that's just today)! I always end up putting more time into computer-drawn pics than real media for some unknown reason. \r\n\r\nIllustration for a play i am writing, "Wererat at Half-moon." ( Legend has it that some Giant Forest Rats become wererats every half-moon... wererats enjoy eating noisy campers...but they hate light (hence only changing at a dimmer moon phase). I'll bet he's pissy 'cause the campers have discovered this and thus kept their flashlights on! \r\n\r\nPainter Classic's Pen and Ink tool is all i used for this. This is only 80% of the original file size btw.

Image: wesleyblue.jpg   304x476 56570 bytes 2002.11.06

Wesley begs! He's blue o.O My poor silver fox... Colour/technique test for my next art project. So many! *pant pant* very little time. I take too long... And talk weird now... I go.

Image: wesleybubblebath.jpg   707x644 109014 bytes 2002.12.02

It's done! Took me over 6 hours to paint the bubbles alone, but i am VERY happy with how it all turned out! *glee* So, voila! Here you have Wesley my (blue) silver fox, and that strange object my brother and i both seem to be obsessed with, a rubber duckie! I really like the torn edges too... Watercolour, coloured pencil and acrylic paint on 8 x 8.5 inch watercolour paper.

Image: wick.jpg   369x378 27184 bytes 2001.10.12

Eh, finally made and drew a character for my brother. A giant river otter fits him perfectly. He's tall and thin, his hair always looks wet because of all the gel, loves fish (to eat or keep in tanks), looks good in glasses, has whiskers, and makes silly noises. The otter's name is Wick because it reminds me of a tall, thin, fiery thing, much like Colt most times :P Hope he doesn’t visit my archive very often... O.o

Image: wilburt.jpg   719x524 53195 bytes 2001.04.07

This is my Wilburt, i love my rattie. He is such a sweet boy. He is sleeping right now. These are just some sketches of him i did the other night. The one of him on his back, that is so him. Hes just like that. Awwwww I love you buddy :) Willy © himself, and if you take the pic, he will come sit on you and break your arm, lol awww

Image: wings1.jpg   266x390 49451 bytes 2002.04.04

1 of 3\r\n\r\nWinged cat drawn with coloured mechanical pencil leads. I might sell these on Furbid if anyone wants them. Three 4x6 inch pics on acid-free paper...

Image: wings2.jpg   256x396 44058 bytes 2002.04.04

2 of 3\r\n\r\nWinged raccoon drawn with coloured mechanical pencil leads.

Image: wings3.jpg   262x389 56278 bytes 2002.04.04

3 of 3\r\n\r\nWinged fox drawn with coloured mechanical pencil leads.\r\n

Image: wlfscrd.jpg   526x347 71638 bytes 2002.02.12

It is actually at that angle on the real paper. This is for sale on Furbid ( ) to help send me to Yellowstone for a school trip. This is slightly brighter in RL too, btw. Prismacolor markers and white coloured pencil on 5x7 inch paper.

Image: wlfsky.jpg   360x432 27939 bytes 2001.07.13

Nice break from the alphabet; itsa tablet doodle! Wooo... Mommy wolf and two pups lookin' at the moon. Maybe the Mommy wolf is telling her little wolves a bedtime story.

Image: wolfspinec.jpg   626x330 56065 bytes 2003.05.28

I haven't coloured anything with coloured pencils in so long... and it shows o.O Dumb little wolf.

Image: yuricolours.jpg   561x750 89920 bytes 2006.02.21

Yuri is a happy little rat! <3 my sweet boy.

Image: zionfly.jpg   465x469 42173 bytes 2001.04.05

Went with my faimly to my uncles on my dad's b-day. Their grandson pretended he was an airplane...i tried to colour it kinda childishly.. well, he's 4 sooo...

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