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Image: Akuro.jpg   479x688 67939 bytes 2003.10.28

This is a pic i did for a good friend. it's drawn in coloured pencil \r\n

Image: Akuro_Knight.jpg   445x700 48630 bytes 2003.12.31

This is my part of an art trade i did with Akuro

Image: Anubis.jpg   397x700 115127 bytes 2004.03.15

an other request for a member of Dreamdancers furrum. Drawn with a pilot fineliner and tria makers. \r\n

Image: Arcturius.jpg   424x700 29819 bytes 2004.07.03

a pic i did for Arcturius after reading that not meny people have drawn him so i thought would.

Image: Cartoon_Heraldez_1.JPG   490x700 47107 bytes 2006.08.03

A mini Heraldez ^^ isn't he cute!

Image: Cilve.jpg   570x700 30128 bytes 2003.10.28

Image: Darkphenonix.jpg   452x700 44706 bytes 2004.01.05

pic i did for Darkphenonix

Image: Drako_Crowley.jpg   528x700 47574 bytes 2004.03.14

This was drawn for Drako Crowley a friend from Dreamdancers furrum. he was also a the first fur i start talking with. pilot fineliner pen and tria makers

Image: dream_warrior.jpg   484x700 40509 bytes 2003.12.31

Another pic i did for Dreamdancer

Image: Dreamdancer.jpg   473x700 42938 bytes 2003.12.31

A pic i did for my friend Dreamdancer

Image: Fated.jpg   513x700 51299 bytes 2006.01.23

Image: female_hd.jpg   397x700 34279 bytes 2003.10.28

Image: Foxb.jpg   444x700 88991 bytes 2004.11.25

For this piece was a gifted pic for the 1st fur i have met irl and so have tryed to add some of the playful character of the person of who it shows.

Image: foxb_oil.JPG   960x1280 201575 bytes 2006.01.23

I was in a Rut with my art before i started this painting. I didn't really have the time and when i did i didn't have the effort to do any thing. \r\n Some how i managed to pull my self togther enought to start this. Finishing tho took a lot of time and effort but i'm happy with the way it came out in the end. Yeah i have a few problems with but but the fox i did for loved it so thats all that matters really ^^.

Image: Funky_Fox.jpg   700x477 35982 bytes 2006.08.03

Image: Goten.jpg   461x700 44237 bytes 2005.10.19

hmmm not much really to say about this . well i did this for a fur friend who live in the same town as well and thats about it really

Image: Goten_1.jpg   485x700 66901 bytes 2005.10.19

not much to this pic really and i found it kinda dull to do. you know one of thouse pic ya get out of the way asap !

Image: HAPPY_B-DAY_KIRO.jpg   480x700 36096 bytes 2004.07.03

Happy Birthday Kiro !!!

Image: Heraldez_Crimson.jpg   463x700 38394 bytes 2005.10.19

Heraldez is one of if now my best fur friend who also lives in my home town which is ace ! ^^ so with him being such a good frind and all i had to do him a character pic and this really dose show how he is in real life fun to be around and playfull. \r\n\r\n all tho i think i have done a good job on the pic over all ... it could do with more work on making him look more like a squirrle but i'll work on that as i'm sure i'll do him more pics ^^

Image: Joshs_pic.jpg   963x700 136716 bytes 2004.09.11

This is a very very ! over due B-day pic for a frined of mein. heh heh sorry u had to wait some long for this josh. \r\nso any way about the pic it's a mix of Tria markers, coloured pencil, non water resistant pilot fineliner pen, white whater mixable oil paint and a hell of a lot of time. \r\n

Image: Joshua_Snow.jpg   472x700 26488 bytes 2003.10.28

Image: Kiro_Echitsune.jpg   564x700 45042 bytes 2004.08.13

just a Character pic of Kiro Echitsune\r\n\r\ntria makers

Image: mandarax_1.jpg   434x700 164849 bytes 2003.10.25

A pic i did for a friend from Dreamdancer furrum

Image: moon_wolf.jpg   700x700 62089 bytes 2004.11.25

ah my 1st every photoshop background ...... i would say this is one of my better pics the female wolf character looks good but it just looks out place. This was a request from GypsyMoon

Image: Rogue_wolf.jpg   549x700 33642 bytes 2003.10.28

Image: Rusty.jpg   511x700 41589 bytes 2004.08.16

Image: rusty_#1.jpg   464x700 43566 bytes 2006.01.23

Image: Rusty_(dragon).jpg   700x509 35734 bytes 2004.07.03

i got this request by e-mail from some one i had never talked to befor. it sounded intresting so did it not really much more to say really. hmm i don't like the head on this

Image: Sil.jpg   494x700 50838 bytes 2005.10.19

A gift pic for a UK fur friend who a mix of a wolf and a dragon i think there may have been some thing ells as well but i can't rember. any i used tria makes and highlighted in white ink

Image: Sploosh_!.jpg   503x700 99875 bytes 2005.10.19

This was an interesting request from Wolf Ekko which was also kinda fun to work on. took a long time to get an idea for it tho but when i got one there was no stopping ^^. in my eyes it has turned out great as well and whats makes it evin better is that i did this using a Dip pen and inks some thing i had verly little exp with before.

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