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Image: aboutTS.jpg   642x456 123010 bytes 2003.10.19

Practise from English lesson.\r\n\r\nPencil, Photoshop 7, Flash, Fireworks\r\n

Image: AirpressureExpl.jpg   453x650 109746 bytes 2005.02.08

Scene from Klerrai-project: Explosion of airpressure pipe.\r\nI need much more practicing with watercolors... ^^; \r\n\r\nPencil, Ink brush pen, watercolors\r\nArt and Klerrai Crocuta\r\n

Image: AngryKia.jpg   800x712 155790 bytes 2003.09.30

Run! Run! Kia is really pissed off!\r\nI have some time want to draw someone else character like this. Now I did it. It was fun. I do it some day again. I will. \r\n\r\nPencil\r\nKia Poseidon Simons\r\n

Image: attack.jpg   498x700 87269 bytes 2006.02.11

" ..When the wind was right and dandelion seeds big enough, bravest of the rodents took their swords and bows and started attack against two headed dragon. It was already too close to rodents homelands and was getting closer every minute... "\r\n\r\nI'm not fully satisfied how this came out but it's good enough and I like the idea :)\r\n\r\nsize: A2\r\nmedium: pencil, watercolours, coffee and tea\r\nFor sale in Eurofurence XII\r\n

Image: atTheStop.gif   353x600 37679 bytes 2004.10.22

One of my best doodlings. \r\nDoodling is fun but I think that I have to do some "real" artwork now too.\r\n\r\nPencil, Ink brush pen

Image: autumnWormDragons.jpg   700x489 58529 bytes 2006.03.03

Two little worm like dragons. \r\nI tried new kind coloring method. I really like the result and it's much faster than my normal way to colour.\r\n\r\nSize: A4\r\nMedium: Pencil, Watercolours

Image: backGekko.jpg   399x581 41663 bytes 2005.09.28

Other ok painting I did on my mates back\r\n\r\nWatercolors

Image: Blackpantheri.gif   700x496 103433 bytes 2004.09.18

Pic of nice and cute cat, Blackpanther =^-^= \r\n\r\nPencil\r\nBlackpanther (c) Blackpanther \r\nArt (c) Crocuta

Image: blocked_ears.jpg   600x600 98326 bytes 2002.11.20

I couldnt believe how irritating blocked ears can be before it really (I mean it) gave troubles to listen music, watch telly or live normal Friday evening. \r\n\r\nWacom tablet & Photoshop\r\n

Image: bloodybunny.jpg   600x600 85700 bytes 2002.11.07

I was practising to use our schoool new tablets and this cutie is one result. \r\nWacom and Photoshop 7.0

Image: bridge_dragon.jpg   896x517 149709 bytes 2008.06.22

Bridge dragon

You can use his back as a shortcut from bridge to brige.\r\n\r\nOne of two of my "main" pieces for Eurofurence 13 Art Show. ^^\r\n\r\nMediums: Paper mache, cardboard, epox ( for the eyes), watercolours, ink and coffee.\r\nSize: 62.5 x 49.0 x 10.5 cm (x, y, z)

Image: brightField.jpg   700x618 77420 bytes 2003.03.30

strange feeling of Dj vu?\r\nI was playing around with StoatClr.jpgs shadows and finally "playing" turned to serious attempt to make new kind artwork. \r\n\r\nPhotoshop 7 & Wacom tablet

Image: bubbletree.jpg   726x510 81295 bytes 2008.06.22


Size: A2\r\nMedium: Watercolour, candle, ink

Image: Bullets.jpg   800x568 117036 bytes 2003.10.14

\r\nPencil, Colour Pencils

Image: campfiring_on_tree_of_trees.jpg   515x714 95025 bytes 2008.06.22

Campfiring on the Tree of trees

Mushnail is grilling sausage ( mushroom sausage of course ) on campfire on branch of tree which every branchs grows small trees; it's The tree of trees.\r\n\r\nAPD-piece for day 20. 04 .2008.\r\n\r\nMedium: Pencil, ink, water colour\r\nSize: A2 ( 16.5 × 23.4 inches )\r\nArt © Tuomo Suorsa / Crocuta

Image: CannateBW.jpg   700x497 114410 bytes 2004.01.19

Cannate from my Klerrai project. \r\n\r\nKlerrai Crocuta\r\nPencil

Image: Carca-yo.jpg   498x700 98703 bytes 2008.10.03


Yo yo, it's Carca-Yo! \r\n\r\nI'm not sure if this joke works on other languages: In french wolverine is "carcajou" and in finnish you spell it in same way like "carca-yo".\r\n\r\nMedium: Pencil, ink, watercolors\r\nSize: A4

Image: ccard.gif   500x700 131444 bytes 2005.12.30

Christmas and New year card for this year. I made also watercoloured version for my mates siblings and mom.\r\n\r\nWacom & Photoshop

Image: chaser.jpg   700x499 81711 bytes 2006.02.24

Doodle.\r\n\r\nsize: A4\r\nmedium: pencil, watercolours

Image: Christmas_Card_2006.jpg   513x700 103775 bytes 2007.01.07

Christmas Card for year 2006.

Handpainted print. Grey outlines shows shape of the card.\r\nText translation: "Have a peacefull Christmas and good New Year"\r\n\r\n..bit crappy scan ;__;\r\n\r\nSize: about A5\r\nMedium: pencil, black ink, Photoshop 7, watercolours

Tags: rat  
Image: Citylizardweb.jpg   800x565 118345 bytes 2006.04.20

Lizard got nice view from his residence.\r\n\r\nThis was first time when I tried to draw and colour city landscape: drawing was fun ( ooh.. the perspective and rulers and all that ..stuff!) but colouring had big problems and I used much time for it. Finally I just decided that "I put orange here, brown there, yellow to that spot and more orange here! That's it! ..and maybe bit green here! ". It's not like me: usually I just do some art so long that I think it's good but at this time I just got enough and wanted to get rid of it. ..I'm not satisfied for the result but it's ok.\r\n\r\nIt's for sale in Eurofurence XII, anyway *g*\r\n\r\nsize: A2\r\nmedium: pencil, watercolours, ink, coffee and tea

Image: CommonLzrdPrwv.jpg   431x600 61416 bytes 2003.10.19

Anatomy practise from last summer. \r\n\r\nPencil\r\n

Image: craco.jpg   885x562 89402 bytes 2002.11.07

I just love draw detailed shadows; its one of the best ways to relax.\r\n\r\nPencil

Image: cracoClr.jpg   800x536 131853 bytes 2003.01.08

Cracos coloured version.\r\n\t\r\nPencil, Colour pencils\r\n

Image: CrocuNuotiolla.jpg   205x300 23770 bytes 2004.01.19

Im at the campfire, but I was too lazy to draw it.\r\nDone in summer 2003. \r\n\r\nCrocuta to me\r\nPencil, Painter Classic\r\n

Image: CrocuSummer.jpg   276x400 38849 bytes 2004.01.19

Memories from summer 2003\r\n\r\nPencil, Painter Classic\r\n

Image: designCreature.jpg   449x425 84586 bytes 2003.05.11

Its fun use layout-programs to drawing: lines and colours are clear and teacher think its some kind practising. \r\n\r\nAdope InDesign 2.0 & Wacom-tablet

Image: Dog_of_lamp.jpg   318x900 81608 bytes 2006.06.22

For sale in Eurofurence XII.\r\n\r\nsize: 21 x 59 cm\r\nmedium: pencil, watercolours, ink

Image: Doughnuts.jpg   850x585 136142 bytes 2003.02.06

I have sometimes scavenged food from trash can. No, Im not so poor student: In Finland state pay good study grant and housing allowance to students, so I have money for food (and to life too), but if you get good food for nothing, why pay for it? \r\nAnd sometimes you can find some good surprises like organic milk and doughnuts!\r\n\r\nPencil, Colour pencils \r\n

Image: Ef14_conbook_cover_entry.jpg   576x800 149218 bytes 2008.08.04

Welcome to the beast

My entry for the EuroFurence 14 conbook cover contest.\r\n\r\nMedium: Pencil, ink, watercolours\r\nSize: A2+

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