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Image: Inferno_VS_Taiyo_01.jpg   599x600 149225 bytes 2004.10.08

(RE-UPLOADED: Cos of Inferno's tail being wrong.)\r\n\r\nIt's time for a couple of VERY gorgeous males: Taiyo and Inferno. Now, Taiyo may not like killing, but he DOES love training. And here he can be seen practising w/ Inferno (neither like killing so this prolly won't be a very bloody battle..). Both of them are myutujins and prolly pretty well matched in power. Now, Inferno's not my chara, BTW, but Taiyo is! Don't they jis look so CUTE?? Hehehehe, love 'em!\r\nInferno is © B.L\r\nTaiyo is © Crystal M. Ondricek

Image: Seikou_Valentine_2003.jpg   386x444 65915 bytes 2003.03.29

I spent Valentine's day working... and I was still feeling the absense of my boyfriend. And I think it was about that time after my boyfriend went home that I'd slipped into a depression that I'd felt before he'd come here, but had been entirely non-existant the entire time he was here. Shortly after he left... like a week or two, I slipped right back into it. So, that explains the expression on her face. Valentine's Day is supposed to be a happy day, but she looks, at best: contemplative; at worse: depressed... but I was trying not to let that get into the pic too much... didn't want to chance ruining the holiday for others or making them feel sorry for me... I used this as a profile pic on a forum, so yeah..

Image: Seikou_2003.jpg   413x518 79070 bytes 2003.03.29

This is actually the very first pic of Seikou alone that I did in 2003. It was done the day after my boyfriend left... We live in seperate countries and he went home. And I think that's why I drew her alone and looking so somber... I'm not sure what she's looking at or what she's planning to do about whatever she sees... but it's something... and is specific enough to gain and hold her attention.. and apparantly not something she's terribly happy to see.. I don't recall feeling a whole lot that day except for the absense of my best friend and companion.

Image: Foxy_Boy.jpg   315x593 87215 bytes 2003.03.29

I won't go into the inspiration for this picture... let's just say it's someone who was and is still very special to me. Not my boyfriend, but still very important to me. He played kind of a pivotal moment in my life.. and the picture's mainly sort of a dedication to him.\r\n\r\nThe picture itself, however, just portrays a sensuous male fox with a kind face. Somehow solitary, but not uninviting. And DEFINITELY inviting the eye to rove over his beautiful body and encouraging the mind to wander into any gutters it pleases.\r\n\r\nI'm told this is one of my better peices. I'm pleased. ^_^

Image: German_Shepherd.jpg   515x472 115211 bytes 2003.03.29

I love German Shepherds. Don't you?\r\n\r\nHere's a Shepherd boy looking seductive and welcoming you to join him for companionship. Doesn't he look all cuddly and sensuous?

Image: Genesis.jpg   452x590 111584 bytes 2003.03.29

I think it's pretty obvious that I love cheetahs.\r\n\r\nGuess she doesn't count as a furry. But anyways, this is Genesis (she was, uhm... basically a result of science... genetic messing around...) and the insperation for this whole... concept... came from one of my best friends. She has a chara like this that is a Tiger. And yes, some of her design inspired Marijke's design.\r\n\r\nHope the name doesn't offend anyone... There is a chara in a video game named "Testament" and I found that to be quite intreguing. Had I tried more to develope this character's background, there would have been a good reason as to why she is called "Genesis".

Image: Marijke_002.jpg   461x529 82838 bytes 2003.03.29

Second ever picture of her. Just showing the more final designs of her clothing. She's got fuzzy ears. ^.^

Image: Marijke.jpg   387x557 83089 bytes 2003.03.29

Just my first ever finished picture of Marijke. I have ultimate settled on her -instead of Akemi- as my fursona. The glove length has changed from this pic, however, as have her feet to achieve a more lion-like appearance. This is very meerkat-esque, but hey, that's the first anthros I ever really drew and never before had a "big cat" character, so I've had to practice a lot since I've chosen Marijke.

Image: Valentine.jpg   677x598 112103 bytes 2003.03.29

A heart. For the sake of having a heart.\r\n\r\nThis picture is self-explanitory. However, I hope that I will someday fix that annoying lack of spots on her arm.\r\n\r\nI used a dip-pen (fountain pen with an actual inkwell) and a felt-tipped pen for this. My first upload of a picture done with the fountain pen.

Image: Dark_Sei-Good_Kittah.jpg   506x510 107314 bytes 2003.03.29

The idea for this one just popped into my head once, based on a discussion about the personalities of the two characters in question (Seikou and Darkmane). Sexual innuendos are implied this time. But nothing would actually come of it. And no, he's not cheating on Marijke, this picture is above and beyond any real storylines. Basically just a picture done for the mere sake of having fun with a couple of characters with well-developed personalities.

Image: Darky_Marijke_Comp.jpg   488x536 150084 bytes 2003.03.29

It's supposed to be a computer keyboard. Darkmane is, IRL, a coder... like... computer programming languages and stuff like that. He adminned at a forum when we first became close friends. But anyway, the story of the pic is that Darkmane is doing his coding duties and is depressed... maybe a particular line of code just can't be convinced to agree with another line, or maybe it's just gotten monotonous for our ravenmane. Whatever the problem, Marijke (my white cheetah femme) has come over to offer her presence and companionship as a distraction or to lend a sympathic ear and a second opinion if needed. It must have worked as he looks content.\r\n\r\nBy the way, the name "Marijke" is Dutch and is pronounced "Mar-EYE-kuh".

Image: Darky_Seikky_Ritz.jpg   696x533 140310 bytes 2003.03.29

When my love came to visit America, he found a particular snack cracker named "Ritz" and fell in love with them at first sight. This picture is not meant to have any sexual innuendos (that quote is actually on the box. G'head... check it. I dare ya!). It's simply Seikou teasing Darkmane with a treat that he cannot get back at home.\r\n\r\nI actually gave the original to my boyfriend. He watched me draw, ink and colour it, and loved eet.\r\n\r\nThere are a few little quirks that bother me... such as the perspective... it came out wrong and Seikou just looks odd as a result. Also, Darkmane looks... small... in comparism, I guess. And then the colour of the cracker bothers me... it's too yellow. Looked fine on the computer I coloured it with though... ah well.

Image: Seikou_Goofy_Grin.jpg   254x269 78223 bytes 2001.07.17

Hmmm... what should I say about this pic? You've all see this pose at one point or another, I'm sure. If you watch DBZ, you've seen Gokuu do it, if you watch Pokčmon, you've seen Ash/Satoshi do it (And likely you've seen Tenchi Masaki or Ranma do it too). Anyway, the point of this pic was simply... it's cute. And this is prolly the silliest you'll ever see Seikou acting! She's generally not given to such silly displays. And I know there are a few things wrong with it -but it's pretty good for a first try and having no reference pic of any sort, doncha think? Huh? *Grins* Anyways, Seikou is © Crystal M. Ondricek \r\nNow, dun steal or else I'll bite you! Though, I haven't a CLUE why you'd WANT to.. I get flamed to Hell for her all the time by people.. stupid jerks with nothin' better to do... *Grumbles*

Image: Sexy_Taiyo.jpg   374x546 89361 bytes 2001.07.08

Yes, I consider Taiyo a Pokčmorph. Anyway, this is Prince Taiyo posin' fer the artist! And looking way too feminine, I think... But anyway, you get to see his new outfit and his ears, his nipple rings (I fergot to draw in his eyebrow ring) and his tattoo... which is apparantly drawn wrong... The "TaiyoSSJ.jpg" shows how it's *supposed* to be drawn.. Anyways, Taiyo is © Crystal M. Ondricek

Image: Akemi.jpg   400x620 119141 bytes 2001.07.07

I got invited to an anthro RP. They said I couldn't use onna my Pokčmorphs, which was fine. So, I created this lady by combining muh two fave 'big' cats. Her name's Akemi and she's a Caracal/Cheetah mix. I dunno her age, her personality, her likes, her dislikes, her sexual preferences... Still workin' on all of that. I suppose that when the RP actually starts, then I'll get all that worked out. One thing I do know is that she REALLY has white hair (not cos she's old, damnit!), but she dyes it blue apparantly. Anyway, her mother's a Cheetah, and her father's a Caracal.... I guess.. I don't know if she has any siblings either.. I jis know that she leaves home to find out who she really is and what kind of life she truly wants (which may be because she was banned... but I haven't decided if she IS banned or if she jis leaves on her own or something) Copyrights are on the pic..

Image: Dance_of_Love_01.jpg   533x400 108929 bytes 2001.03.20

This's the small version, so you can count yerself as one of the lucky ones! The other was 800x600 pixels (makes a nice desktop image).. Anyway, this is one of my three fave images that I've ever drawn! Oh, and the two in the pic are Seikou (green girl) and Taiyo (mewtwo-morph). I love this pic a lot! Took me forever to do. Cos when I sketched it, the paper was too small to get their feet on, so I hadda get it onto a larger peice of paper, then of course I hadda ink it (that took days, cos people kept interrupting me!), then I finally got it scanned and colored yesterday (3-19-2001), and it took me 5 and a half hours to color and get it lookin' the way it does here. So, enjoy and the copyrights are on the pic.

Image: Chelle_Vicious.jpg   387x387 110001 bytes 2000.05.18

I TOLD you she had Tito's personality, didn't I?? Hehe. Only an animal with a temper would be worthy of a Saiya-Jin (which DOES include cats, mind you!) Oh, and no, she cannot talk. Or at least, Seikou and Co can't *understand* her. They jis hear barking. However, certain more telepathic charas of mine CAN understand her... Like Kimmie, Nčoko and Taiyo. *Grins* Chelle is © Crystal M. Ondricek\n

Image: Chelle.jpg   479x457 253405 bytes 2000.05.18

No, this isn't for Anthropomorphic art. \r\nThis is Chelle. Basically, since I couldn't decide whether to give Seikou a kitten or a Cheetah kitten, I decided to give her a Chihuahua instead! Since *I* have a Chihuahua (cole-black, female) And, yes, there is *deffinate* Oliver and Co style in there. *Smirk*\r\nYes, she is loosely based on Tito (she even has a simular personality - not to mention the oh-so-kawaii accent!). But, she is not related to Tito, and she doesn't have a crush on him either... She doesn't even KNOW him! And, I got the name for her from The Road to El Dorado. The main girl in the show is named "Chel", I jis changed the spelling. Oh, I had a Chihuahua too.. She was Cole-black, her name was Ebony Tina and she died June 5th, 2000.. I miss her. She died after this pic was finished, actually...

Image: Kimmie_Warrioress.jpg   403x600 358228 bytes 2000.05.18

Recognize the cloths on our perky little MeerBat? *Smirk* They're Piccolo-San's! Actually, he wears PANTS, not a skirt, but the pants that I originally drew jis did not suit Kimmie, so she got a skirk instead. BUT, the colors are all right. No, Kimmie is not 'going out' with Piccolo-San. She is being trained by him, and she admires him greatly, but she's already got a mate. *Grins* Kimmie is © Crystal M. Ondricek\n

Image: Neoko_not_yoda.jpg   566x405 104687 bytes 2000.05.05

Nčoko does NOT like being called "Yoda." at all! Basically, I showed the other pic of Nčoko (the headshot of her and Seikou) to my sis and she laughed and said that Nčoko looks jis like Yoda. Well, Nčoko wasn't too happy about it -to put it delicately- as you can tell. Nčoko, as you probably know, is a Mewthree (or Myusan); another clone of Myu. She's female (duh), and she has some simularities to both Myutu and Myu. Oh, and that stone is partly the source of her power (actually, it's more like it controls her power.. like a filter, sorta). That's why it's glowing slightly different from her eyes. And despite her cuteness, she IS a lethal Pokčmon. Her strength is unknown as she jis keeps "getting stronger, and stronger!" - Vegeta-Sama to Kui in the early Namek Saga. \r\nNčoko is © Crystal M. Ondricek, Yoda is © LucasFilms (that's what he calls it, right? Meh, I'm sorry!)

Image: Seikou_Sexy_Grin.jpg   343x419 137014 bytes 2000.05.05

It's Seikou smilin' fer the pic! Actually, she's smiling partly because she finally got a compliment from Vegeta-Sama! And, partly because she's trying to TEASE Vegeta-Sama! *Grins* And, yup, she's not wearing all that much. I actually had a, uh, reference pic for it.. sort of.\r\nSeikou be © Crystal M. Ondricek, and Vegeta-Sama be © Akira Toriyama

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