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Image: alone.GIF   500x309 25782 bytes 2003.09.03

"My dreams are empty without some to inspire them." ~ Mage Shine\r\n\r\nCylu © Cylu-chan \r\n

Image: Aynta_.JPG   573x722 43154 bytes 2003.02.23

Yay for new chars! This is Aynta! She’s an ex-assassin in a story I’m writing. She’s not as mean as she looks, but she’s twice as dangerous. This is just a first try at drawing her, so I may change some things. First would be her clothes. Blah. She needs street clothes.\r\n\r\nAynta © ME!\r\n

Image: ayntacrawlP.JPG   566x600 48903 bytes 2003.05.04

This was meant to be uploaded on the day X2 came out, but I got lazy. Man that movie rocked ass. 1 of 2 pics for the movie, and this is only cuz Nightcrawler moves the way I Aynta would if she were ever animated (cept without the mad teleporting skills.)\r\n\r\nAynta © ME!\r\nNightcrawler © Marvel\r\n

Image: ayntanon.JPG   475x500 43007 bytes 2003.06.02

*sigh* I don’t think she’ll ever talk to me again. Now we know why Aynta doesn’t have a chibied non-anthro form.\r\n\r\nAynta © ME!\r\n

Image: bad_day.GIF   509x700 39550 bytes 2003.02.15

'nuff said\r\n\r\nButter Bunny © me.

Image: beat_down.GIF   434x700 50248 bytes 2003.04.22

Some people just piss me off. Well, that and finals *bangs head on desk*\r\nI hate focusing on…stuff. Wait, what was I talking about? *wanders off again*\r\n\r\nAynta © ME!\r\n

Image: briggslook.GIF   388x493 25162 bytes 2003.06.25

Being able to look completely innocent and a little confused at the same time is a gift that I need to learn. This reminds me of what my little papillon does when he knows he did something wrong. He's too friggin’ cute and he knows it! \r\n\r\nCylu © Cylu-chan\r\n

Image: Butter_bunny.GIF   700x700 56139 bytes 2003.02.01

So I was at work at the theater when one of the butter pumps exploded, and we had to place the blame somewhere...\r\nBehold! Butter Bunny, bringer of chaos and extremely slippery floors\r\n\r\nArt copyright me.

Image: cause_i'm_a_blonde.JPG   704x604 52270 bytes 2003.02.23

No offence to any one, k. But behold! I have finally figured out the most inappropriate song to have stuck in your head during an exam. Thank you, Julie Brown! So glad that that class is over.\r\n\r\nCylu © ME!\r\n

Image: Chasefull.JPG   600x600 54359 bytes 2003.05.08

Woo! First pic of Chase my cheetah gryph on VCL. Probably my second oldest character, too. This would be her in the third phase of transformations. Quick doodle done in painter 7.\r\n\r\nHuntress Chase © ME!\r\n

Image: chibiumbra.GIF   340x623 32681 bytes 2003.06.14

ah Spring: a time of never-ending rainy days, esp. for michigan. At least someone’s happy about it. She’s so cute all chibi with her little ducky umbrella! I wish I had a ducky umbrella…\r\n\r\nAynta © Cylu-chan\r\n

Image: Cylu_ear.JPG   550x494 22348 bytes 2003.03.16

Another painter disaster . I need to stop defiling the poor program. Anyway, trying a new look for Cylu. I’ll see where it goes. Meh.\r\n\r\nCylu © ME! \r\n

Image: don.GIF   450x450 14036 bytes 2003.08.25

If you’ve every seen Don Hertzfeldt’s animations, you’d understand.\r\nMY ANUS IS BLEEDING! (YAYYYYYY)\r\n\r\nArtwork © Cylu-chan\r\n

Image: go_the_hell_away.GIF   700x702 60138 bytes 2003.02.09

It's not that I'm anti-social or anything like that. It's just that I don't enjoy being dragged out of bed at 3 a.m. in my Sailor Moon T-shirt and my MSU boxers by drunk people looking fo their friend! And that's not the first time either! Next time they show up I'm gonna chase them out of the dorm wielding my 5ft. dogwood staff. Yeah, that would do nicely.\r\n\r\nA very pissed off Cylu copyright me!

Image: gotta.GIF   536x617 69167 bytes 2003.06.21

So we were taking a break from walking my dog in B-ham, trying to avoid all the old rich people, when this guy drives by and chooses to gawk at us. And not like the “oh look, girls” gawk. It was more like the “oh look, car accident” gawk. This is what we should have done (he was in a convertible, too. Damn). I think she’s the only one who’d get it, though. :p\r\n\r\nCylu © Cylu-chan\r\nChandi © herself\r\n

Image: Indanin_(color)P.JPG   782x800 69752 bytes 2003.04.22

This is my entry for the April competition and it took me long enough. His name is Indanin. Don't know what to call the species yet, but it's been in my head for a very long time. Think of him as a woodland tree spirit/fairy...thingy. A creature built for survival: four ears, acute senses, and an extremely fast flyer. His tail can mimic surrounding foliage for camouflage. If he were a cross, I guess he'd be between a squirrel, rat and fox.\r\n\r\nIndanin © ME! \r\n

Image: love_majic_trance.GIF   800x549 51681 bytes 2003.01.31

yeah for music. think i was listening to the matrix dance mix\r\n*shrug* this was the result\r\nthe green symbol in the back stands for love-magic, hence the mispelled filename.\r\nMage Shine copyright me. all mine! MINE!

Image: luv_ma'_elf.jpg   595x505 72725 bytes 2003.01.30

First pic on VCL. Wheeeeeeeeee! I'm so happy! This is Cylu in her anthro anime-ish version. And she's doing her favorite thing: huggin' her Legolas doll. Bless you and your good looks Orlando Bloom *shakes fist*\r\nCylu copyright me! no takka it!

Image: Meeee!.GIF   309x700 69052 bytes 2003.04.25

Wheeeee! I should do a series of these with all my chars! This is Cylu looking uber anime right now. *sigh* I really need a set style from drawing my characters. *shrug*\r\n\r\nCylu © ME!\r\n

Image: mourning_stars.JPG   800x800 88475 bytes 2003.02.02

The three Mage sisters gazed into the heavens, feeling, rather than seeing, the birth of new stars.\r\n\r\n*sigh* compression killed it. Suck.\r\nMage Blayze, Mage Shine, and Mage Gleam copyright me

Image: needmidol.JPG   600x594 96639 bytes 2003.08.11

Every full moon I tend to become a little disgruntled…for all the right reasons.\r\n\r\nMage Shine © Cylu-chan\r\n\r\n

Image: neenar.JPG   500x500 55498 bytes 2003.02.23

This is for (not at) all my friends and family that encourage me. Thanx! This is also at (not for) all the people who do deserve it. *cough*Dona*coughcough* So there! NAAAHH! That's what you get for callin' me funny lookin'! Straight up wodo!\r\n\r\nAynta © ME!\r\n

Image: New_Cylu.GIF   453x695 37345 bytes 2003.02.01

Luv me. I'm fluffy!\r\nCylu copyright me

Image: nomoretoday.GIF   650x328 23784 bytes 2003.07.04

The mood set after another fantabulous day at work\r\n\r\nAynta © Cylu-chan\r\n

Image: otter(ahhdrr)P.JPG   550x549 16753 bytes 2003.03.24

An inside joke between me and my roomie. Scary, isn’t it? I think it's too cute and therefore, it must be destroyed. Instead, I'll just post it now and plot later. Whee for Must See T.V.!\r\n\r\nAhhdrr the Otter © ME!\r\n\r\n

Image: piggyyyyyyyy.JPG   500x396 55744 bytes 2003.07.25

"Oh, sure we can fly; but only to spite those silly humans." \r\nA Red RIver Hog for the Yerf Binaries\r\nArtwork © Cylu-chan

Image: purple_shine_.JPG   505x477 26355 bytes 2003.01.31

older pic having fun with graidients. Brought to you by the color purple \r\nthis time watching Inu Yasha\r\nignore the pants, i suck at life\r\nMage Shine copyright me \r\n...hmmm, forgot her wings *shrug*

Image: purplefly.JPG   500x500 16892 bytes 2003.03.17

Crapped out another painter poo. Purple is such a calming color for me, esp. since the times are a little idiotic right now. Meh. *shrug*\r\n\r\nMage Shine © ME!\r\n

Image: rakuyu01.JPG   433x600 33266 bytes 2003.06.02

Yes, I know my anatomy skills bite ass, but I was focusing on the coloring. And don’t ask me what he’s doing. Probably getting handed his weapon of choice, a garneted mace. This is Rakuyu the Wanderer, a traveling buddy of Steed’s (another of my chars).\r\n\r\nRakuyu the Wanderer © Cylu-chan\r\n

Image: rarwor.JPG   550x720 45544 bytes 2003.03.14

That's what I get for listening to Drowning Pool. I swear their songs make you want to scream along with 'em. Funfun. Messing around with painter 7. Luv the messed-up anatomy. Luv it I say!\r\n\r\nCylu © ME!

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