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Image: some_girls_got_it_up.jpg   800x659 148299 bytes 2006.11.05

Sillyness!\r\n\r\nTouch of compression damage but I don't think it's that bad.\r\n\r\nFrom left to right:\r\nSexy (c)\r\nPiggy Banks (c)\r\nUnnamed mole fursona (c)\r\nFemme Sketch (c)\r\n\r\nAll used with permission\r\n\r\nDMW (c) TheDMW

Image: dmw_painter_id_up.png   813x546 299590 bytes 2006.11.05

Now this is current- an ID. Hopefully, this will look as rediculous in a few years as my old work does to me now. Progress is fun.\r\n\r\nStaff: Sorry about the largeish file, but it needs to be .png for the transparency and any more optimizing really ruins the quality. If it's a big issue I can replace it with a non-transparent .jpg version but I'd really prefer to keep that element if I can.\r\n\r\nDMW (c) TheDMW

Image: DMW's_snowy_afterlife_up.jpg   493x787 62174 bytes 2006.11.05

Not current, but more recent work\r\n\r\nI didn't have any kind of strategy for computer coloring at this point\r\n\r\nDMW (c) TheDMW

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