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Image: ravers.jpg   477x600 93704 bytes 2002.05.01

i drew this a long while ago for Des on Side7. then i had a poster/flyer art assignment for Computer Paint class. my teacher is a Photoshop retard. he thought this was pretty cool and i got an A with extra credit on it.\r\nanywho, the characters Des and Mutt are Des Gundry and the art is me. \r\nthis is a scan of a print since my digital copy got eaten by a virus. procrastination decided to bitch-slap me. moral: back up your old work! about 40 pic of my digital art died and i had no other copies.

Image: deck-spider.gif   182x600 36883 bytes 2002.04.17

spider design idea for a skateboard deck... done 100% in Adobe Illustrator. image is Daniel Fordien, 2002. All rights reserved.

Image: final-logo.gif   618x617 61592 bytes 2002.04.12

i created this logo for my business project: my coffehouse business plan. it was required... and i think coffee beans can be anthro too. anyway, i had fun drawing it and i hope it gets printed on a cup sometime. \r\n\r\nHappy Bean Coffee and the Happy Bean character are Daniel Fordien 2002. All rights reserved.

Image: zapf.jpg   462x575 51633 bytes 2002.02.03

for a while i thought i could quit doing furry art... i was wrong. i was at the diner one night and i needed to draw something so this was created. it's one of the few pics of my character Zapf Jockitch, the loser bat. i guess i'm back now...\r\nZapf Jockitch and image are Daniel Fordien, 2002. All rights reserved.

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