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Image: dh_vicezz.GIF   616x800 45182 bytes 2003.01.29

Lineart for an upcoming Grand Theft Auto Vice City parody poster starring Zig Zag as that chick from the poster. Zig Zag is a trademark of Malcolm Earle aka Max Blackrabbit.

Image: dh_run2.jpg   591x767 56959 bytes 2002.08.25

Oh I see what the upload allowance thing is doing; it's cycling witty terms. Witty. Another prelim commission sketch, this time of a smoking female fox. That leotard is hot. She hates my guts for drawing her in it. Now I am sad.

Image: dh_mute.gif   700x543 139924 bytes 2002.08.04

While I was down in Florida visiting Shannon Haskins last week, I had the pleasure of playing with the most adorable creature known to man: a sugar-glider. Pictured here is the best rendition I could do of "Mute," as it was quick and would not sit still. It ate a grape off my finger, and I was so honored. The sheer cuteness of it almost made me forget about the car accident I got into while down there.

Image: dh_dolfi.GIF   776x597 70678 bytes 2002.07.22

Inked version of Dolfina the Dolphin, my first dolphin morph. Yeah, dumb name, I know. I always wanted to draw one, and though this one is much sexier than I intended, I'm happy with her. My anatomy is getting better at least. Note that I am going to color this with colored pencil and sell it on FurBid soon.

Image: dh_dino.GIF   600x464 56667 bytes 2002.07.19

You put the beer in the coconut, and throw the can away, you put the beer in the coco...oh, I'm sorry. I was mezmerized by this widdow dwagin's cuteness. Art trade with Ali Wagner of Side7, character copyright her. Now we must unfortunately shoot it. It's TOO cute.

Image: dh_mage.GIF   619x800 91718 bytes 2002.07.10

Another art trade, this time with Marisa H. of Side7, of her weasel mage character Marisa. Here she's powering up some magical blast in the classic DBZ kamehameha pose. Whee Happy Fun Inking Time. My fingers are now broke.

Image: dh_demon.gif   619x800 180472 bytes 2002.07.09

My half of an art trade with the talented Drakhenliche of Side7, of her character Silvala. I only colored in specific spots in order to draw your attention to them. I didn't start coloring, then stop.

Image: dh_takle.jpg   632x806 260439 bytes 2001.12.23

A commission for Michael Russell from last year, a response to his "2000 Olympics" challenge. It's Naomi Pierce and Benjamin Franklin from Franklin and Pierce playing soccer. Naomi is obviously "leaving Ben in the dirt." Oh, and Alex in the in b/g there, too. Colorful, ne? I just wish I had a better scan of it.

Image: dh_azzy.jpg   554x713 182537 bytes 2001.12.23

Tiny little story behind this one. As a gift for Diosden Rodriguez, I drew his dragon character, Azriel. But he states that she's dreadfully depressed all the time, on the verge of suicide sometimes. So hence this, which shows her in one of her rarer, happier moments. Daniel's giving her a hug. Okay, everybody..."Awwww!"

Image: dh_cheez.gif   817x330 95857 bytes 2001.12.23

This is pretty bad. The pose of Sandra's body is all wrong, but I like the stupid joke. Sandra Nightweaver is borrowed from Bookshire Draftwood.

Image: dh_wat12.jpg   612x788 325077 bytes 2001.12.23

The last of the Dead Earth watercolors. I did not upload many of them because they are not of a furry nature. But these two are. Legend speaks of two legendary dragons who control the powers of Light and Dark in the universe, Bahamut and Tiamat. To give away any more about these two would spoil the comic. (Psst! Anybody want a commission? I draw dwaggins! Email me!) Cheers.

Image: dh_wat9.jpg   609x782 189907 bytes 2001.12.23

Ninth in the Dead Earth watercolor blah blah...This is Francisco Rodriguez, Vicky's dad and an official Not Nice Person. He smokes, drinks, likes pr0n and beating up women. Oh, and he LOVES his bike. But is he evil? Oh my little VCL viewer, life is so much more complicated than that.

Image: dh_wat5.jpg   609x783 201588 bytes 2001.12.23

Fifth in the Dead Earth watercolors. Here we've got Marcus Blacktail, leader of District (the main megalopolis in the comic), and his notably tweaked son, Colin. Though Colin is totally psycho, his father is not, and is a shrewd politician. Not evil, just motivated by personal interest.

Image: dh_wat4.jpg   608x779 192323 bytes 2001.12.23

Fourth in the Dead Earth watercolors. This is of Sandra and Ryan Nightweaver, who have a rocky relationship in the comic despite what you see here. Sandra is riding Paco Black, leader of The Cult of the Dragon, a group of sentient horses who revere dragons. Sandra is a sniper, Ryan is a blacksmith. Everyone has to have a job.

Image: dh_wat3.jpg   782x609 192337 bytes 2001.12.23

Third in a series of preview watercolors for The Dead Earth comic that I'm working on. This is of Patricia Farrell and her daughter Molly. They built the airship Molly that Landslide travels in. Aren't they cute? Of course they are.

Image: dh_wat2.jpg   612x791 246944 bytes 2001.10.10

Another in the series of watercolors. This one is of the two dragon protectors of Earth, Dimitri and Sophia Francis. Both are nearly invincible, though they have sworn to never kill any life. Both are kind and generous, though their origins are shrouded in mystery.

Image: dh_wat1.jpg   595x791 191372 bytes 2001.10.10

The first in a series of watercolor character and mecha illustrations I did for my comic, "The Dead Earth." This first one is of Daniel Slyder and Victoria Rodriguez, the two main characters. Rumors of their love affair are greatly underrated.

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