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Image: MikiMaka.jpg   600x900 153290 bytes 2006.06.03

Ah... Miki Maka... everyone's favorite Mutant cyborg (But don't tell her that...)

Image: Callie.jpg   686x900 121596 bytes 2005.07.09

This is Callie, from the "Female Muscle Furries" Yahoo Group. She is (C) the group and its administrators. No not repost without their permission.\r\n\r\nHere she is a little more mature, older, wiser, and with a WHOLE lot more muscle. And did I mention that she's put on alot of weight... in her chest? :D\r\n\r\nThe six boobs thing is just my little addition. Cause I'm a dirty boy.

Image: Ki.jpg   686x900 184864 bytes 2005.06.01

Ki's a chara I made for DocWolph's universe. She's a member of an insectid race called the Kath and is amung the first to evolve in her race, in which if they survive the sickness gain massive physical strength, wings, exo-armor and other insect abilities.\r\n\r\nMore on her later.\r\n\r\nKi and the Shadow League is (c) Daniel "Pendragon"\r\nGrace League is (c) David "DocWolph" Ashmore

Image: KirinBW.jpg   600x788 97882 bytes 2005.02.20

Well... hopefully this one uploads correctly. But this is a collaboration charachter between Docwolph and myself. Her name is Kirin! More about her in her upcomming story line... and eventualyl color!

Image: Sanari.jpg   600x788 184580 bytes 2004.05.23

This charachter is created by David "DocWolph" Ashmore, also located here on VCL (check him out), with inks and colors done exclusively by me. This image is placed here with permission.

Image: ChuraRSPDFinal.jpg   457x600 99648 bytes 2004.03.03

Ok everyone, this now incorperates several new techniques, firstly being Shadows over landscaping. It took ALOT of work....\r\n\r\nBut anyways... Chura is (C) Redsilver, and this image was inked by him.\r\nColor by me: Pendragon

Image: RoughEqis.jpg   558x960 176477 bytes 2003.12.06

Wow... it's amazing what you can make outta two pens and a coupla highlighters :D\r\n\r\nEqis is (c) DocWolph

Image: Yurie.gif   457x600 76072 bytes 2003.10.22

Thisis yurie. She was alot smaller before I pwuffed her. Yurie is (c) her player Clio

Image: KaTaoKaTao.jpg   724x960 182796 bytes 2003.07.13

The kataokatao... The Empress of the Katao empire. Aint she cute :D

Image: KaTaoRoyal.jpg   892x960 172251 bytes 2003.07.11

The Ka-Tao are a creation a friend of mine online and I are making. They are a race of reptillians that are broken into three castes. These are samples from the Royal Caste

Image: MaxineFinal.jpg   670x960 149108 bytes 2003.07.06

Yay! It's maxine... Buff and in the buff, and now in TECHNICOLOR!(tm) Maxine, as the image states, is (c) Max the Black Rabbit.

Image: KayokenI.jpg   552x960 95159 bytes 2003.06.26

hey... what can I say? Someone challenged me :D

Image: MaxineBW.jpg   682x960 98288 bytes 2003.05.30

yay! BlackRabbit's MAXINE... Buffed and in the buff. "Check dis body out baby" MAXINE is (c) Max the Blackrabbit at

Image: HeadmistressBW.jpg   523x960 153957 bytes 2003.05.23

Whew! Wow.. she's purdy. This is MENIKOMENQOLUI, a creation of and (c) by DocWolph. I told him I'd take my hand at his headmistress to see if he liked the design. I will more than likely be colorig this ^^

Image: EmmaFinal.jpg   732x960 239000 bytes 2003.04.30

This image is created, inked and copywrighted by DocWolph (located here on VCL) Her appearance here is only cause I colored her ^^

Image: FeliciaCSmall.jpg   776x1200 204747 bytes 2003.03.09

*Repost* Felicia and Darkstalkers is (c) CAPCOM. This image is posted by their direct permission and is not for sale due to their company policies and procedures. This image is also posted by permission of both Snout and Ch'marr being that it is in accordance with CAPCOM company policies and the policies of this website. Thank you all for your cooperation...

Image: Felicia.jpg   581x1200 177116 bytes 2003.02.20

hmmm... pwuffed felicia! Felicia is (c) Capcom and the Darkstalkers Franchise

Image: SherriPD.jpg   660x720 131202 bytes 2003.01.21

**Repost** (Much to several people's glee) It had been brought to my attention that I had failed to ask the creator - Pcc of - of Sheeri permission before posting one of his creations that I collored onto my sight for all of you to see.\r\n\r\nHe in so many words has given me permission to do so. :D\r\n\r\nAnd now the official notice: This picture is posted with permission of her creator, and is (c) Chris Morrison of PCC @\r\n\r\nGo visit! :D

Image: GDmiaInPD.jpg   654x1200 150556 bytes 2001.08.12

The woman who wrote drew and inked this is perhaps the best thing I can term a goddess. 6'4" tall, with a 13 inch chest! Yes, she is quite hypnotic. Here she has created her primary charachter - Mia - using the manga style utalized by Fred Perry (taught to her through the ever popular "How to Draw Manga" books by AP publishers). I DID *NOT* DRAW THIS. I did, however, color it, much to Mia's delight, and that is the only reason it is here. Whaddya think?

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