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Image: FellaniaBloodclaw.jpg   600x750 162404 bytes 2006.12.22

Fellania-BloodClaw in PD

Enh... its a request :D I've Started a Deviantart, and this was one of the people I was playing, mistaking her for Atariboy. Oh well... I got to draw sexy muscle.

Image: Iridium.jpg   695x900 203903 bytes 2005.07.14

Not really a Comission or a request, but rather Gift art ^^\r\n\r\nI don't have a gift art section yet, so this is where this is going. Iridium is a well known muscular furry over the web, and I came upon her web site - finally - filled with all the beautiful images of her chara. I just HAD to draw some art for her...

Image: Squeeakers.jpg   646x960 148309 bytes 2003.08.18

This is a picture from a friend on line. This is her charachter and is (c) her. no reposting, whatsoever folks. Sorry

Image: SuperRenamonC.jpg   712x1200 180841 bytes 2003.02.22

Wow... that looks SO much better in color :D

Image: SuperRenamonBW.jpg   900x1200 157084 bytes 2003.02.15

Just breaking in my new Pens ^^

Image: RamsNPD.jpg   720x960 182414 bytes 2002.07.27

this is Ramsey... he's my best friend in the hole world, and currently, he's defending our nation overseas in kosovo. His army buddies didn't believe him when he told them he knew me... well... he and I both decided to make sure there was no doubt of THAT! ;3p

Image: TigerSam.jpg   673x875 195749 bytes 2001.03.08

This is a comish from Andre Harmon of the FPFC. Hope he likes it... :)

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