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Image: empress_dark_cataluna.jpg   290x425 122952 bytes 2002.07.07

She's not just a fiesty cat, she's also an Empress of the dark moon. (c) July 2002, Dark Cataluna.

Image: furspots2.jpg   330x378 80189 bytes 2002.02.12

Ain't this so adorable? It's my logo for my Furspots ring on\r\n(c)2002 by Dark Cat and coloured on photo shop.

Image: kawaiiminou.jpg   553x422 69778 bytes 2002.02.12

Self portrait of me being adorable if I was a cat-girl. *Heheheh* My Trickster thought this was so cute, but I told him: "I'm not cute, I'm adorable".\r\n\r\n(c)2002 Dark Cat.

Image: ageless.jpg   617x538 82520 bytes 2002.02.08

This picture I did especially for Valentine's Day it's for my husband and I left the backround the way it is to symbolise an aging photo (of Dark Cataluna from the Dark Moon, to her Coyote Trickster) and being looked at again in the present.\r\n(c) Poem and drawing copyright 2002 by me.

Image: cataluna.jpg   312x357 25813 bytes 2001.12.05

Another of my favourites, this is Cataluna, sister to Dark Cataluna.\r\nCataluna is (c)copyright of Dark Cataluna.

Image: minohki.jpg   255x395 62675 bytes 2001.12.05

Min-Ohki is one of my ditzy characters, sure she looks like a fighter and cute, but she's meant to be the ditziest of the whole Cataluna clan of mine.\r\nMin-Ohki is (c)copyright 2001 by Dark Cat.

Image: taya.jpg   183x422 70272 bytes 2001.12.05

I named this one after my Cat, Sutea (pron. Sue-Taya).\r\nTaya is (c)copyright 2001 by Dark Cat.

Image: weapon.jpg   259x327 40300 bytes 2001.12.05

One of my all time faves, I use this one for role playing, Dark Cataluna has her dark moon weapon in this image.\r\nDark Cataluna (c)Copyright 2001 by Dark Cat.

Image: DCROSE.JPG   116x407 41450 bytes 2001.12.05

A little gothicness gets to Dark Cat.\r\nDark Cataluna (c)copyright 2001 by Dark Cat.

Image: DC.JPG   244x428 76719 bytes 2001.12.05

If I could be a furry, this would be my self portrait. It's Dark Cataluna. (Me).\r\nDark Cataluna (c)copyright 2001 by Dark Cat.

Image: trickster5.jpg   229x370 70212 bytes 2001.12.05

One of my best drawings.\r\nCoyote Trickster is (c)copyright 2001 by Dark Cat.

Image: trickster2.jpg   188x385 45383 bytes 2001.12.05

Er...I TRIED to paint this in another or my colouring programs, but it didn't work out as well my others. *SIGH*\r\nCoyote Trickster is (c)copyright 2001 by Dark Cat.

Image: trickster3.jpg   159x402 48609 bytes 2001.12.05

I had a choice of uploading Coyote Trickster is a black oriental dress or being totally naked...but the dress is clingy enough ^_^\r\nCoyote Trickster is (c)Copyright 2001 by Dark Cat

Image: trix.jpg   392x422 155819 bytes 2001.12.05

One of my very first Coyote Trickster [My husband's Role Playing Character] coloured on Photo Shop [which is a program I had never used before]\r\nCoyote Trickster is (c)Copyright 2001 by Dark Cat.

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