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Image: 3.jpg   530x800 50193 bytes 2003.10.31

Tenshin, Shultz, and myself with our weapons of choice…eh, another old one…at least I started using more than just one slaggen type of pencil to draw with for this one.

Image: BF-gift.jpg   600x450 59407 bytes 2004.10.31

this is a Christamss gift i did for my BF....was going to give it too him last i visited, but i forgot ^.^;;; anywho, the body and gun are prismacolor and the background is pastel. \r\nP.S. yes, i am bi.

Image: dark_nf-c.jpg   600x800 67830 bytes 2003.10.31

My new form, same as the last, but I tried coloring this time…not too bad for a first try…but still not too good either :p

Image: dark_nf.jpg   538x800 44224 bytes 2003.10.31

My new form ^.^ …don’t really use it that much, but I still like how it looks. :p this is a semi-old drawing and I believe that I’m starting to get better at this point…still suck, but I’m getting better at sucking :p …ooooo, that sounded bad ;3

Image: df0_rejuvenated.jpg   534x750 46777 bytes 2003.04.04

This is me after a friend, Kenzo, gave me a rejuvenation position. It caused my body to be alive , while I‘m still dead. (get it? :P ) I like the pic and the potion a lot, and my thanks goes out to Kenzo! Oh, the sword I’m holding is called “The Sword of Shadows”. It allows me to travel almost anywhere via a dimension called “the Shadow Realm”.

Image: df0_staff.jpg   742x607 33651 bytes 2003.02.28

Sweet, I’m actually on the VCL! The pic is me holding a power enhancing staff. Oh, and by the way, I’m a demon. Right now I’m in my favorite form, a jaguar. \r\nHope you will enjoy your stay. =) \r\n\r\nDark Fur 0 is me

Image: lee.jpg   652x699 39986 bytes 2003.04.03

Lee is a lemur…and she’s not dead! We really don’t know much about her yet. She was just wondering around when I found her. She seems to have the I.Q. of a first grader, but she has some extraordinary fighting skills. One of her favorite weapons are two yo-yo’s with blades attached. (shown in the pic) Lee © Dark Fur0

Image: RL_head.jpg   548x800 58675 bytes 2003.10.31

And, finally, I drew something more recent after a several month blah period…this is a brand new drawing and a brand new char…so new that I don’t really have a background or anything for him yet :p …I’ll have to try and get a full body pic made...but after I finish the umpteen other drawing that I made a while ago. O.o

Image: sledge.jpg   736x781 57415 bytes 2003.02.28

Sledge is another strange creature, but nobody knows what he is. \r\nThis is an older pic, but it’s still good\r\n

Image: ss.jpg   461x750 37179 bytes 2003.04.03

This is Shultz Schwartz. He’s another demon. He’s a German Shepard that died right before WW2. He’s a great inventor…but freaks me out with some of his inventions. :P

Image: SS_tank.jpg   800x432 29651 bytes 2003.10.31

Yes, believe it or not I’m actually uploading again…only took god knows how long to get my rear out of park. o.O …I have done quiet a few drawings, but I haven’t uploaded any of them…so what I’m doing is, I’m taking some of my better ones and downloading from old to new…this one of course is an old one. Shultz Schwartz in a tank…enough said. :p

Image: Tenshin.jpg   405x700 26222 bytes 2003.04.03

I’m finally downloading again! Sorry, I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately... Hmm? Oh, right! Character description. Uuh...his name is Tenshin, he’s a demon fox that I pulled from hell. He’s from the futile Japan era and is an arms master. (or at lest that’s what he says)I’m going to get a character description out as soon as I can. It’ll make things a little more clear. \r\n\r\nP.S. I apologize for a mistake I made, I am not a jaguar. I’m a panther. I didn’t realize what I put down until it was too late. My bad. @.@\r\n

Image: Tenshin2.jpg   526x700 36792 bytes 2003.04.04

Here’s Tenshin again. This time he’s wearing his “battle clothing” and he has his favorite weapon along. A chain weapon that he said he made himself. More will be explained in the character description.

Image: Vessel.jpg   750x783 96508 bytes 2003.02.28

This is Vessel. A strange creature that is both angle and demon.\r\nI really like the way the wings turned out in this pic.\r\n

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