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Image: arianna.jpg   535x419 83376 bytes 2003.04.23

Arianna, Rusty Spotted cat. Arianna is (c) Mari.

Image: catgirl.jpg   370x601 46727 bytes 2003.04.23

The random catgirl strikes again! An exipirment with the cool grey prismacolor parkers. This one now has a home with Merrick, Alan's brother. Beware the stalking catgirl! *prrarrr*

Image: chirquen-school.jpg   418x678 123374 bytes 2006.03.26

Chirquentine in her St. Mary's uniform. Shameful hussy!

Image: Chirquentine.jpg   477x375 70606 bytes 2006.03.26

Another sketch of my kitty girl, Chirquentine.

Image: hedgie.jpg   389x429 51553 bytes 2003.04.23

Mirael, another one of my characters. I've had her a little over two years now. Mir's a hedgehog who likes to dye her spines and dance! Oh, and she likes muffins... Lots of muffins...

Image: kizuka-magic.jpg   180x493 47719 bytes 2003.10.24

Kizuka, the hyena Illusionist and Mowa (Spirit-singer). She's my character in an Akoma IronClaw campaign which I am loving to death. She's a bit spooky, over-confident, and tempramental, but she's darn good at what she does.

Image: kizukadance.jpg   506x721 42878 bytes 2006.03.26

Kizuka, dancing!

Image: quen.jpg   469x480 57491 bytes 2004.04.09

Chirquentine's plush form. Aww, kitty!

Image: quen2.jpg   447x318 37588 bytes 2003.10.24

Chirquentine, my sultry, sassy, sometimes plushy Silver Egyptian Mau. The pose was taken from another work of art that I have seen, I do wish I could remember who did it!

Image: raen.jpg   275x618 60344 bytes 2003.04.23

Raenafel, my first ever role-playing character. She's half wolf and half elf. Skilled in hunting, and also posessing the ability to heal by touch.

Image: roo.jpg   405x598 53969 bytes 2003.10.24

Tribal kangaroo. Comes from a rather dynamic pose I found from a photo, and doing some artwork for an Elementary school's musical show.

Image: runtel.jpg   480x773 82418 bytes 2006.04.01

Runtel, gargoyle teenager.\r\nRuntel is copyright his player, of course.

Image: sinda.jpg   411x443 82970 bytes 2003.10.27

Squirrel bat with no backstory! Just random cuteness... \r\n\r\nP.S. - I am now enlightened that bats are not rodents as I previously thought! Quite an interesting discovery. Thank you, Ras (:

Image: terra.jpg   465x685 101149 bytes 2006.03.26

Terra, tauren huntress.

Image: Ty-yen.jpg   480x343 87735 bytes 2003.04.23

A character picture of my patron's character Ty-yen. I hear he's sweet once you get to know him... Providing he doesn't bite your head off first. *Giggles* Character (c) Alan, his player.

Image: vry2.jpg   298x534 50268 bytes 2003.04.23

Vrykoulous: spoted hyena, lecher, punk rocker and sex machine. Truly a fun and interesting character to draw! I'm really happy with how this one came out as well. Vry is (c) his player, Jeremiah.

Image: wolfboy.jpg   478x586 64735 bytes 2003.04.23

Mmm, wolfy. *purr* This little number was drawn for my good friend Nesil, he's got a permanent home in his sketchbook now. He looks like a wolf-elf, perhaps Raenafel's brother? Hmmm...

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