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Image: 4ever_providence_darthiawolf.png   700x791 175811 bytes 2008.10.29

Never ending Providence

Put all your angels on the edge \r\nKeep all the roses, I'm not dead \r\nI left a thorn under your bed\r\n\r\nI'm never gone...\r\n\r\nGo tell the world I'm still around \r\nI didn't fly, I'm coming down \r\nyou are the wind, the only sound\r\n\r\nWhisper to my heart \r\nwhen hope is torn apart \r\nand no one can save you...

Tags: lion warrior male angel   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: actaestfabula_by_darthiawolf.png   944x707 170943 bytes 2007.10.12

Acta Est Fabula

Third place in the Anthro Fortitude Contest.\r\n\r\nSometimes in the life, you must confront your fears... your own predator. From the prudence, "Acta est Fabula" , the comedy is over.\r\n

Tags: wolf lobo ciervo deer   [Comment]
Image: daddy_courage2_by_darthiawolf.png   876x704 70596 bytes 2007.11.02

"Daddy is a hero...

but sometimes he cant win all the battles..."\r\n\r\nfor a lot of people, have a family and triying to survive needs a lot of courage and streght.

Tags: darthiawolf wolf father dad mother son family   [Comment]
Image: evil_darthia_darthiawolf.png   660x912 184756 bytes 2007.12.22

This is my forest

An old drawing that i decided to color...\r\nand... if you know me... you will know who was my inspiration in this one... ;)

Tags: wolf swords forest male nude   [Comment]
Image: future_by_darthiawolf_.png   844x860 122904 bytes 2007.11.10

"In the future...

... you will never be alone again..."\r\n\r\nno time for more details xP\r\nits not perfect... but i like the final result... :)\r\n

Image: iwillbethere_by_darthiawolf.png   634x1000 103104 bytes 2007.10.30

I will be there...

so peaceful.... ^^

Tags: cat feline lioness lion sky darthiawolf   [Comment]
Image: leon_warrior_by_darthiawolf.png   700x727 194565 bytes 2008.02.25

You are finally here...

Long time without do something... finally i have decided to finish this and submit.\r\n\r\n

Tags: lion warrior male   [Comment]
Image: nav_07_finale_darthiawolf.png   490x660 90149 bytes 2007.12.15


Long time i dont submit nothing @_@\r\nI like chistmas, the lights, the happy people, ... but...

Tags: wolf were anthro loneliness urban christmas   [Comment]
Image: nekbar_granero_by_darthiawolf.png   860x619 110856 bytes 2007.10.28

I can't take it in...

"Can't close my eyes \r\nThey're wide awake \r\nEv'ry hair on my body \r\nhas got a thing for this place \r\nOh empty my heart \r\nI've got to make room for this feeling \r\nso much bigger than me \r\n\r\nIt couldn't be any more beautiful - I can't take it in. "\r\n\r\n\r\nMy Character, Nekbar ^^

Tags: Nekbar Goat pan darthiawolf   [Comment]
Image: nuke_by_darthiawolf.png   661x777 102065 bytes 2007.10.27


My part of a trade with a friend ;)

Tags: wolf lobo nuke darthiawolf darthia   [Comment]
Image: pee_by_darthiawolf.png   724x530 119964 bytes 2007.10.27


PeeeeEEEE!!!! \r\nA quickly work... I Hate the urban backgrounds!! >.< \r\nbut well... enjoy xP\r\n\r\n\r\nQue cochino es mi fursona... XDDD

Tags: darthia darthiawolf werewolf pee   [Comment]
Image: Phyxis_by_darthiawolf_vcl.png   700x1002 213715 bytes 2007.10.27


My third character, Phixys, the Sea Wolf (from the family of the seal), Darthys friend ^^\r\n

Tags: seal marine wolf phyxis darthia were sea   [Comment]
Image: Phyxis_lovethesea_by_DarthiaWolf.png   825x650 105675 bytes 2007.10.28

Phyxis Loves the Seaaa

A young version of Phyxis ... em... playing in the sea.. XDD \r\n

Tags: seal seawolf phyxis darthiawolf ocean   [Comment]
Image: presa_darthiawolf_.jpg   550x787 177638 bytes 2007.10.12

Im hungry...

My fursona eating.. xP

Tags: darthia wolf hungry   [Comment]
Image: subterranean_echoes_by_darthiawolf.png   700x1069 141811 bytes 2007.10.28

Subterranian Echoes

Another world under your feet.

Tags: minotaur bull subterranean darthiawolf   [Comment]
Image: summersunshine_darthiawolf_finale.jpg   680x684 123094 bytes 2007.10.12

Summer sunshine i miss you

[...]\r\n\r\nJust sweet beginnings and bitter en-dings \r\nIn coffee city, we borrowed hea-ven \r\nDon't give it back, I've never felt so wanted \r\nAre you taking me home? \r\n\r\nYou tell me you have to go... \r\n\r\nIn the heat of summer sunshine \r\nI miss you like nobody else \r\nIn the heat of summer sunshine \r\nI kiss you, and nobody needs to know \r\n\r\n\r\n*The Corrs

Tags: wolf darthia summer shunshine   [Comment]
Image: timeandtide_by_darthiawolf.png   658x656 84944 bytes 2007.11.17

"Time and Tide"

Hello Kittyy...! ;)

Tags: feline cat female   [Comment]
Image: zodiaco_sag_by_darthiawolf.png   912x684 77850 bytes 2007.10.30

Zodiaco: Sagitario

Horse horse horse =)

Tags: horse sagitario centaur zodiac archer   [Comment]

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