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Image: Drax.JPG   367x457 28150 bytes 2000.11.10

This is one of my latest characters and my fave! \r\n me\n

Image: trex_colours.JPG   586x880 36163 bytes 2000.09.27

Here's Trex cheetah (the half Cheetah/half man). This was the first thing I coloured in Adobe! ^_^ I think that the colouring came out pretty well! \r\nTrex Cheetah and Art to me.\n

Image: robot_trex.JPG   788x1044 179551 bytes 2000.09.27

Image: rastachick_trex.JPG   878x746 62497 bytes 2000.09.27

This is one of my characters called the Rastafarian Chicken. I first drew him in history lesson when I was bored. Its an evil bird! \r\nCharacter and art me, dun steal.\n

Image: NeonDragon_Trex.JPG   613x908 73511 bytes 2000.09.27

My half of an art trade with Neon Dragon. This is her character, Neon.\r\nCharacter Neon Dragon, art me.\n

Image: max_trex.JPG   781x946 174347 bytes 2000.09.27

This was one of my first pictures of Max, my original character and also my first character, that I play. \r\nCharacter Aryanna, art me\n

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