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Image: AI-Ranger00b.jpg   887x700 200984 bytes 2002.10.18

Took two days of work to finish... It wouldn't have taken so long if my tablet worked - though I might not have bothered to detail the battle damage. Most of the detail survived the resizing and image compression... \r\n\r\nThe armor is a design that I have "evolved" over the last 8-10 years (I only just recently came up with a good female breast plate for this suit).\r\n\r\nThe sword is a little larger than I'd perfer for this type soldier, but it looks good anyway. The color job was strongly inspired by "The Master Chief" from Halo (copyright Bungie) otherwise the suit would have looked much less impressive... I still havn't designed a good helmet yet...\r\n\r\nWhen I have a name for my model here I'll send it up with a revised image of her...or a whole new one altogether...\r\n\r\nAll sources are property of their owners. This image and it's contents and (c) David C Ashmore 1992-2002.

Image: AnG01a.jpg   730x700 161316 bytes 2002.11.14

Almond and Guyv posing for a quick snap by a poorly 2D rendered beach. \r\nGeez I gotta fix this one bad.\r\n\r\nAlmond, Guyv (c) David C Ashmore 2002

Image: AR-Ranger00b.jpg   560x700 160782 bytes 2003.01.02

Trained for smarts more than raw military force, The Royal Rangers are some of the most highly skilled and respected troopers around.\r\n\r\nNext I'll have to start working on the heavy troopers.\r\n\r\nAphkian Royal Ranger (c) David C Ashmore 2002-2003

Image: Asha1-1.jpg   600x723 142569 bytes 2002.06.06

Asha 1-1, the gymnast...\r\nA member of the League of Super-Powered Athletics, she is a happy, daffy, kitten who could care less about fighting (one of the main activities there).\r\n\r\nI consider this one of my better markered drawings. The toning was less than grand but was accomplished with charcoal pencils.\r\nThe background was done in Paintshop Pro...again with the use of layers and filters.\r\n\r\nAsha 1-1 (c) David C Ashmore

Image: blades00a.gif   700x700 89542 bytes 2004.08.17

Some dumb old drawing I did ages ago.

Image: Cadsba1a.jpg   386x768 71808 bytes 2002.05.08

My first attempt to color a drawing in Paintshop Pro 6... \r\nDidn't use layers or reduce the lines to 2-tone first...\r\nI was surprised the it worked so well...\r\nThe color is obviously simple but, I felt, effective.\r\n\r\nShe's a wierd cross of a wolf and rabbit (a species I call Kadason)- I can't explain the tail...yet.\r\nCopyright David C Ashmore 2000-2002

Image: Camii00c.jpg   457x700 88431 bytes 2002.06.16

Camaii... Started as a sketch I did for practice... I tried to write her into a few rough stories and develop a backstory for her... No dice.\r\nAnyway, She's looking for a home (a series for me to slate her for)... She'll likely just end up another member of either the League of Super-Powered Athletics or The League of Mystic Arts and Combat.\r\n\r\nCamaii (c) David C Ashmore 2001-2002

Image: Cascata01.jpg   400x762 111372 bytes 2003.03.10

Kudos Bob for naming Cascata. The name works wonderfully.

Image: Chirse0.jpg   732x600 92799 bytes 2002.04.11

Geluri's best friend and a creation of the rather twisted sorceress, Hoss Ahlo.\r\nAnother sketch I did in college. I probably won't keep up very long as is.\r\nChirse is (c) David C. Ashmore 1999.

Image: Clahn00a.jpg   630x650 91726 bytes 2003.02.12

Clahn \r\nage: 18\r\nHt: 4'8"\r\nWt: 150 lbs\r\n\r\nThis little fellow is on of the most "over-the-top" fighters around. He recklessly challenges and battles larger opponents with his wild, chaotic fighting skills and seemingly endless endurance and energy.\r\n\r\nWhen not fighting, he's actually a cute little guy who goes out of his way to help others. You will rarely find him far from Lanmi's side as he acts like her bodyguard...\r\n\r\nClahn (c) David C Ashmore

Image: Clreyes01.jpg   539x768 152621 bytes 2002.06.22

A preistess of the fist, Mother Cleareyes is foresworn to use no other weapons besides her fists and feet in battle - she can't even use her claws. She lost her sight due to a genetic defect. One that would have been corrected in her youth if she'd been told of it.\r\nShe is mainly a teacher now, but can fight and defeat all but the most skilled and powerful fighters...\r\n\r\nMother Cleareyes (c) David C Ashmore 2001

Image: Clrsmoke00a.jpg   465x700 113099 bytes 2002.10.27

Lanamay (aka Madam ClearSmoke) is a Nyrian. A felis(cat)-type being gifted with ageless bodies and tremendous psychic power. She is a telepath and a savagely efficient killer. Few people have ever escaped her, fewer have done so more than once. \r\nWhile she is an assassin, she does try to make friends with whom she can talk to about anything except her work. Sadly, she's always getting bounced between field partners and can't keep one for more than one or two contracts. Still she isn't the loneliest person working the dreaded "green list" (basically nearly illegal contract - black-ops stuff).\r\n\r\nLanamay does remove the mask when not working... Her bangs keep anyone from seeing her eyes...\r\n\r\nLanamay/Madam Clearsmoke (c) David C Ashmore 2002

Image: Col-Leski-Red.jpg   750x750 162971 bytes 2002.11.15

The original drawing is now a character and a beaut is blood red armor. I'm finishing a pic with her platoon but here for now. Actually, I like this format. I may use it to show other charcters in the future.\r\n\r\nThe Leski Clan is the ruling clan of Aphkian royalty, which acts to regulate the powers of the Aphkian Imperium. Largely known for their diplomatic powers, the "Royalty" rarely have need to deploy such lethal warriors as Ramota. But when the need does arise, there was a breakdown somewhere. \r\n\r\nCol. R. Leski, The Leski Clan, and all other concepts here (c) David C Ashmore 2002

Image: Coniquoi00a.jpg   422x700 144968 bytes 2002.08.09

Coniquoi... a rarity for me...a prehistoric animal...a Sabre-toothed cat.\r\nShe is an aspiring fighter with a fairly cautious style that doesn't allow opponents to take easy advantage of her inexperience.\r\n\r\nI made her up only eight years ago and her outfit, drawn as it was then, still looks great... \r\n\r\nCopyright (c) David C Ashmore 1994-2002. But wait! There's more...

Image: Dhani00a.jpg   344x700 127720 bytes 2002.10.03

The sam Dhani from "Dhani-sk01.jpg" a few years years older and a 2nd Lieutenant in the Cersile Spacefleet. Still a sweet bit of fluff, Dhani is more of a shameless flurt than an exhibitionist now. She is also the friend of one Viky Star.\r\n\r\nColored in PS7 edited and back and fore grounds made in PSP 6.02. \r\n\r\n(c) David C Ashmore 1990,1996,1998,2002

Image: Dimono00a.jpg   413x700 137987 bytes 2002.08.10

He was the second sabre-cat I ever drew way back in 1994... He translated well but I changed the color of his outfit a the last moment.\r\n\r\nHis a decidedly cute young fellow who enjoys the woods and the presence of girls...they seem to enjoy him as well...\r\n\r\n(c) David C Ashmore 1994-2002...

Image: fighter1a.jpg   400x762 103045 bytes 2002.11.02

Another sketch I colored. Made a couple of mistakes. I can fix those. \r\n\r\nSame storyline. Same problem. She's got no name and I want a little help in finding one for her. This one favors water when fighting and when just relaxing. She's a tad prissy but not a b---- about it. \r\n\r\nIf I don't come up with a name then I'll repost this image with her new name. \r\n( a Mr. Bob Dean, gave her a new name!!! Kudos, dewd, kudos!!! Her name is now Cascata. Let me stamp that to the image and repost!)

Image: FoxMage00.jpg   539x700 164838 bytes 2002.08.14

Nothing too spectacular...A mage fox... Actually belonging to a Bakeii, a race very similar though smaller to the Aphkians, breed known as the Sha'hebbii. Their known for the psychic abilities and willowy, almost ghostly, bodies... They make better spies than fighters.\r\n\r\nSha'hebbii Bakeii (c) David C Ashmore 2002

Image: fytwolf01.jpg   655x650 144607 bytes 2002.07.05

Meet the Champ... \r\n\r\nAn Aphkian Lupine fighter of one of the mountain clans.\r\n\r\nImage (c) David C Ashmore 2002

Image: fytwolf02a.jpg   491x700 120458 bytes 2003.02.18

A random drawing I did quite some time ago for practice. He became part of a 3-hour coloring binge. Man, I hate being "blocked"...\r\n\r\nImage(c) David C Ashmore 2002, 2003

Image: fytwolf03a.jpg   519x700 115823 bytes 2003.02.18

Another part of my insane coloring binge. I decided to try a series of effects that I did on other images, plus some new ones... At this point I started to re-invision a little series I was working on years ago... \r\n\r\n(geez, those pants look like plastic. I will not be doing that again, for a while)...\r\n\r\nImage (c) David C Ashmore 2002, 2003

Image: Geluri01.jpg   602x768 97883 bytes 2002.04.11

A bright young and promising mage who makes her concerns over her best friend, Chirse, known. \r\nAn illustration made from a drawing I did in my Art Appreciation class in college.\r\nBased on photo of an ancicent Greek statue of a fully robed dancer.\r\nI chose not to cover her face - contrary to the particular tradition.\r\n

Image: gyra1.jpg   402x700 101950 bytes 2002.07.18

I finally got my tablet to work... \r\n\r\nTo test it I used it to color Gyra here... I like the outfit. \r\n\r\nGyra herself is a professional bodyguard and personal trainer for a politically powerful family who is in a rather poor standing with the the ruling prides of the Casid Lions. She's kept quite busy, but is typically assigned to protect the children... She'd rather be fighting. Still she is diligent and patient with her charges.\r\n\r\nGyra, "Casid Prides" (c) David C Ashmore 2002, all rights reserved.

Image: Gyro00a.jpg   475x700 109334 bytes 2002.12.26

Gyro\r\nage: 25\r\nHt: 6'10"\r\nWt: 263 lbs\r\n\r\nGyro is a powerful and highly skilled martial artist on the same team as Janis. He came to the team after being sent away by his teacher as he had learned enough from him. Gyro continuously expands on his skills trying to remain, in his mind, worthy of his taechers lessons and the privilege of using those skills. \r\n\r\nHis mastery and graceful humility have made Gyro a favorite amongst females almost everywhere he's been. As a fighter, his speed and grace make him hard to predict or react to. Still he rarely presses an obvious advantage letting his opponents fall "on their own clumsy feet". \r\n\r\nGyro (c) David C Ashmore 1996-2002

Image: InK00.jpg   700x724 153682 bytes 2002.06.03

Meet Iesha (the gold kitty)and Ko (the scary cat)... Both are deadly assassins hired by a power hungry bureaucrat of a vampire bat to kill his rivals... They usually succeed flawlessly...\r\nOrginally, I envisioned these two to as twins... but after much reconsideration, I decided to change that... They were too much like Anipuna and Anipuna, from Masamune Shirow's Tank Police, with way more firepower and competence...\r\n\r\nThis was scanned from a single thumbnail drawing only two inches tall... I colored this in Paintshop Pro 6 without the use of layers... I have got to get me tablet working again (bloody drivers!)

Image: jaik-bw4.jpg   563x900 106827 bytes 2002.05.30

"Can you believe this guy Disqualified his whole squad to beat the other squad in a combat exercise?"\r\n\r\nMeet Jaikard, the main hero of a comic series I'm working on. His a vicious, deadly precise, combatant, but a real his girlfriend, Ms.Vega, will attest.\r\nHere he's in Aphkian Imperial cadet field garb with a standard high-yield stun pistol.\r\n\r\nThe image is in a scheme I use infrequently but I think it has its moments...\r\nA version with Jaikard colored, or at least toned, is forthcoming...

Image: Jaikard3.jpg   562x768 75837 bytes 2002.05.30

Jaikard a few years older, better equipped for combat, and a good deal more mellow...\r\n\r\nI did this one just to design the outfit (which I like better than his old duds)...\r\n\r\nThe compression rendered the image a bit...funkified...\r\n\r\nJaikard Sarvic (c) David C Ashmore 1991-2002 and beyond...

Image: Jaikard_armor01.jpg   501x700 132910 bytes 2005.04.19

Between exams and work and all else, I decided to do a few more characters. \r\n\r\nHere's Jaikard, Because of his training, when in armor, he is mentally cued to react like a "terminator". Truthfully he is a bit of downer but a good, if rather girl-shy, guy. In battle he is frighteningly close to flawless, almost never missing a target. \r\n\r\n

Image: Janis00a.jpg   510x700 107672 bytes 2002.12.16

Re-drawing one of my old characters.\r\n\r\nJanis is a member of a team of CO-Ops, Contract Ordered Operatives, that specializes in martial arts over firepower. Her team is quite popular as bodyguards, escorts, and of course fighters.\r\n\r\nJanis, herself, is known for her incredible speed, agility, and dexerity. Her striking power is bested by very few but she can barely withstand a solid hit without faultering. Still she's able to defeat a half dozen fighters and.or soldiers bare-handed in a few short moments.\r\n\r\nJanis\r\nage: 26\r\nHt: 7'0"\r\nWt: 285 lbs\r\n\r\n"Me? Stand still? Why don't you try getting off yer own lazy ass?"\r\n\r\nJanis, CO-Ops (c) David C Ashmore 1997-2002

Image: Kailuko00a.jpg   364x768 79834 bytes 2002.08.21

I do not draw her enough... Meet Keiluko, "Queen of the Neo-ceknyurians"... To her titles are, however, totally irrelevant... She was a prisoner granted great power to escape but abused it terribly, destroying many worlds. Then she meet the daughter she gave up in prison, now known as Elzabeth M'roln, she found her self on the outside looking into the life she always wanted for herself and her child. \r\n\r\nKeiluko now fights against the seemingly inavoidable tides of doom to protect her daughter so she can fulfill her destiny as the chosen one the defeat the Void, a nigh omnipotent force of destruction, once and for all... Keiluko still tries to find time to be part of her daughter's life posing as a aunt rather than her mother...for now. \r\n\r\nKeiluko, Elzabeth M'roln, and "The Void" (c) David C Ashmore 1999-2002

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