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Image: jaik-bw4.jpg   563x900 106827 bytes 2002.05.30

"Can you believe this guy Disqualified his whole squad to beat the other squad in a combat exercise?"\r\n\r\nMeet Jaikard, the main hero of a comic series I'm working on. His a vicious, deadly precise, combatant, but a real his girlfriend, Ms.Vega, will attest.\r\nHere he's in Aphkian Imperial cadet field garb with a standard high-yield stun pistol.\r\n\r\nThe image is in a scheme I use infrequently but I think it has its moments...\r\nA version with Jaikard colored, or at least toned, is forthcoming...

Image: Cadsba1a.jpg   386x768 71808 bytes 2002.05.08

My first attempt to color a drawing in Paintshop Pro 6... \r\nDidn't use layers or reduce the lines to 2-tone first...\r\nI was surprised the it worked so well...\r\nThe color is obviously simple but, I felt, effective.\r\n\r\nShe's a wierd cross of a wolf and rabbit (a species I call Kadason)- I can't explain the tail...yet.\r\nCopyright David C Ashmore 2000-2002

Image: Maedae01.jpg   841x700 135643 bytes 2002.04.11

Maedae Lanspurz is a hyper-active, over-powered fighter who enjoys showing off her abilities more than fighting.\r\nOne of several composite pics I've done to expand my skills and knowledge of Paintshop Pro 6.02.\r\nI still perfer coloring characters with markers (Design 2, Primsacolor, and Tombow). \r\nJinx, I gotta get PhotoShop!\r\nMaedae Lanspurz (c) David C. Ashmore 2001

Image: Chirse0.jpg   732x600 92799 bytes 2002.04.11

Geluri's best friend and a creation of the rather twisted sorceress, Hoss Ahlo.\r\nAnother sketch I did in college. I probably won't keep up very long as is.\r\nChirse is (c) David C. Ashmore 1999.

Image: Geluri01.jpg   602x768 97883 bytes 2002.04.11

A bright young and promising mage who makes her concerns over her best friend, Chirse, known. \r\nAn illustration made from a drawing I did in my Art Appreciation class in college.\r\nBased on photo of an ancicent Greek statue of a fully robed dancer.\r\nI chose not to cover her face - contrary to the particular tradition.\r\n

Image: Yuri01.jpg   500x747 71415 bytes 2002.04.03

Ready for her next chellenger, the young Corulian (ursine) wrestler, Yuri Motovih, gladly approaches.\r\n(Technically an early compositing project done in Paintshop Pro 6.02. used markers on Yuri.)\r\nYuri Motovih copyright David C. Ashmore 2001

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