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Image: vixcad01.jpg   395x700 66923 bytes 2002.05.30

A rather non-descript Aphkian Vixen looking cute just before she leaves for a short vacation.\r\nThe ball floating next to her is a sorcerial (magic) terminal used by learning mages to help organize their spells a limit which spells they use... Sorta' like training wheels on a bicycle...\r\n\r\nThe same scheme as Jaikard but I have little intention of making alternate version...\r\nIf I ever have a name for her, then I may use her again...

Image: wolfess1a.gif   610x800 45309 bytes 2004.01.24

Just a pretty puff I draw sonn time ago. Practicing my Cel Shading (it's improving -sorta').\r\n\r\nI thought this would make an interesting pic as Aphkei are very used to temperate to frigid enviroments.\r\n\r\n"It's a bit chilly out. Anyone care to rub up for warmth? I wouldn't bite -first..."

Image: Wrel02a.gif   413x700 46518 bytes 2002.11.05

One of the heroes of the last Age of Wars of Battlon, an ancient world that is the source and the end of my universe. \r\n\r\nWrel Orsai, born Wren Khan, the second son of theEemperor of Caldura, Tygir Khan. His mother, Glassis, to protect at least one of her sons from Tygir's desires to mold them into warriors to continue his dreams of conquest, ran away to the lands east. Glassis and her then infant son lived in secracy and assumed new identities to evade Tygir's searchers. Glassis found a new happier life as the companion of an old swordsmith and retired warmaster, Master Nuuno Orsai. Wrel was raised as if his son along side Nuuno's nephew, Ken-Ryo.\r\n\r\nAs Wrel grew up he became fond of a girl, Jani. They were to be wed. That is until, she was murdered be a hulking murader who could weild flame like his giant axe. Heartbroken, Wrel did the one thing his honor and love for Jani would allow: find the murderer and make him blood.\r\n\r\nWrel's quest is a long one and he makes many intresting friends and terrible foes. In the end, he does find lasting happiness and justice and becomes one of the greatest heroes in the history of Battlon...\r\n\r\n(FYI: Kayja Laggi is the reincarnation of Wrel Orsai but doesn't realize it for quite sometime.)\r\n\r\nWrel Orsai, Nuuno Orsai, Glassis, Ken-Ryo, Tygir Khan, and Battlon (c) David C Ashmore 1986-2002

Image: Yoirwae0b.jpg   469x700 143064 bytes 2002.11.07

The last of my new sabre-toothed kitties for now. Yoirwae is a "pretty-boy". Vain and horribly hung up on his looks, it's hard to picture him as a fighter. He's always critiquing other fighters epsecially on there looks. His mannerisms and attitude have led many to belive he is, at least, bisexual... Any one care to find out?\r\n\r\nYoirwae (c) David C Ashmore 2002

Image: YU02a.gif   419x700 39606 bytes 2002.11.05

Shown at about age 17, this youth began his long journey to find peace within himself when he was just 5 years old.\r\n\r\nAs a child, his village was destroyed for reasons he never learned. He and a small band of children ran for their lives to a monistary where they were taken in. Yu, however, harbored a seething rage to avenge his slain parents. He learned of the forbidden berserker potion, Demon's blood, and used it to give him the strength to find fight and defeat the one's who destroyed his home. \r\nUnfortunately, Demon's blood does more than increase the strength and power of the user, it permanently instills a blood anger and hatred in the user. \r\nWrel, in his travels, learned of an unnaturally powerful little mouse-boy wreaking incredible havok and went to investigate. Wrel was nearly overwhelmed by the boy but was able to subdue his rages for a while. Yu, sensing Wrel's control and calm depsite his own driving impulses, begged him to train him. Wrel refused but allows him to follow and observe and learn that way.\r\nEventually, Yu Mitsunaka goes his own way to continue his quest to control the Demon's blood. His signature weapon, The Grass Sword, becomes the key in his training as without it his murderous desires weaken. Saddly he can not destroy the weapon or he'd die himself. He finds peace living near the western oceans with his "aunt", Bavalina, a lioness of the stone form the central plateaus, and Ediyal, his girlfriend for whom his rage does not exist.\r\n\r\nYu mitsunaka, Bavalina, Wrel Orsai, Ediyal, and "The Demon's Blood" (c) David C Ashmore 1987-2002

Image: Yuri01.jpg   500x747 71415 bytes 2002.04.03

Ready for her next chellenger, the young Corulian (ursine) wrestler, Yuri Motovih, gladly approaches.\r\n(Technically an early compositing project done in Paintshop Pro 6.02. used markers on Yuri.)\r\nYuri Motovih copyright David C. Ashmore 2001

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