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Image: 1-3-dl.jpg   668x700 145688 bytes 1999.11.01

Zack as a samurai.Inspired by "1/3 no junjou na kanjou" he looks more like Soujiro than Kenshin in this one...Zack © David Lurie (me)\n

Image: always.jpg   359x600 53242 bytes 2000.11.16

Mwahahaha, I heard someone (and I think I know who) screamd "poser" the moment she saw the pic and went all gossipy like to Will, 'course we just laughed it off. Anyways Fly © Laura, Art and Zack © David\n

Image: angelflysample.jpg   595x575 61711 bytes 2001.03.26

An unfinished sample pic of many pics I've been working on lately. Comments Appreciated. Fly © Laura Sciortino. Art © 2001 Dave Lurie,

Image: angelsashsample.jpg   675x855 77778 bytes 2001.03.26

An unfinished sample pic of many pics I've been working on lately. Comments Appreciated. Sasha © Yvie Schroeder. Art © 2001 Dave Lurie,

Image: bdsash.jpg   547x562 50493 bytes 2001.09.30

The pic that forced me out of my slump, sort of <=P. Love the sashee. Sasha © Yvie Schroeder. Art © David Lurie

Image: bdsashe.jpg   800x500 43266 bytes 2000.11.23

AA b-day pic I did for Sashee. She hates John Rocker, I like him...that explains the pic <=P. Sasha © Yvie S. Art © Dave Lurie \n

Image: benizoey.jpg   600x700 69394 bytes 2000.01.29

This pose reminds me a lot of Benimaru's "Thank you" victory pose from the King of Fighters games, anyway, its a sort of old sketch and still its one of my favorites, 'cept I only decided to color it a couple of days ago. Zoey © David Lurie\n

Image: chibibd.jpg   463x500 53321 bytes 2000.11.23

a pic I did for Chibi-chan <=D. Jen Neko Han © Jennifer Skarupa\n

Image: digigroup.jpg   636x820 39675 bytes 2001.01.12

DI GI CHARAT!!!!!!!!!!! DI GI CHARAT!!!!!!!!!! DI GI CHARAT!!!!!!!!!!!\r\n\r\nA very quick sketch of Zoey, Zack and Oni as Di Gi Charat, Ky Schweitzer and Pyocola Analogue III.\r\n\r\nBTW...I'm selling da ultimate Di Gi Charat CD, it contains: the 16 episodes of the 1st season subtitled, all 4 episodes from the Di Gi Charat Summer Special 2000 and the X-mas special (that was just aired less than a month ago in JAPAN). Contact me if you're interested at\r\n\r\nIf you're a true DI GI CHARAT FAN, this is your chance to own this unique product <=D\r\nRemember, if its DI GI CHARAT, then its GOOD!\r\n

Image: dinosketch.jpg   433x256 15773 bytes 2000.01.31

"He lived a warrior, died a hero, may his spark join the Matrix as the greatests of Cybertron" Just a small sketch of Dinobot's head and shoulders. Dinobot © Mainframe/Alliance??????\n

Image: dlsash.jpg   418x800 115786 bytes 1999.05.14

Image: dmb.jpg   800x620 103214 bytes 2000.01.06

~Dancing Madly Backwards~ Gotta luv this pic <=P. Zoey © me\n

Image: drunk-n-sleepy-zack.jpg   317x193 17334 bytes 2000.11.16

Poor zack, all drunk and sleepy after 1/8 o a tequila shot <=P. I'm a wuss when it comes to alcohol...i can only tolerate lemonades with some wine and at times piña coladas...that's it. Zack © David L\n

Image: gebler.jpg   555x600 91603 bytes 1999.11.04

Zoey and Skittle in Gebler uniforms (Yanno, the big bad army from Xenogears ). Possibly the only RPG that has mechas in it. Skittle © Nikki Briola, Zoey © me. \n

Image: gogen.jpg   499x540 69048 bytes 1999.05.14

Image: headless.jpg   890x590 88852 bytes 2000.11.16

Evil Zack ripping someone's head off. Zack and Art © David Lurie\n

Image: hf.jpg   616x253 26859 bytes 2001.09.30

Herzeleid Fahrer. Zack © Dave Lurie

Image: hito2.jpg   800x600 105831 bytes 2000.01.07

Muahahhaa! Kenshin! Kenshin! Kenshin! Kenshin!\n

Image: hw10.jpg   180x300 46110 bytes 1999.11.04

Gen as Urd. Gen © Carol Cummins, Urd © Kosuke Fujishima\n

Image: hw14.jpg   180x300 43491 bytes 1999.11.01

Marcello as Greg Moore. Dedicated to Greg Moore who died yesterday at "The 500". Rest in peace Greg, you'll live in our hearts. Thanks for the great memories. Greg Moore (1975-1999). Brian © Brian Rogers\n

Image: hw4.jpg   180x300 39208 bytes 1999.11.04

Go Ryusuke as Justin from the game Grandia. Go © Will Ruzicka\n

Image: iw-lie.jpg   1115x1050 166712 bytes 2000.11.16

Insanity World -Lie-.\r\nA weird sketch of Zack, I like it tho. Zack © Dave Lurie\n

Image: lonely.jpg   488x400 64971 bytes 2000.01.29

hmm.....yes, i'm never inna happy mood around my b-day (jan 4th, too many stuff in my mind....blah, I hate january, at least most of it, I've been deceived way too much to actually like this month...on a side note, at times this pic makes me wanna sing "new york city boy" <=P. Zack © David Lurie\n

Image: lucyprofile.jpg   700x600 126999 bytes 1999.11.04

Vital Stats on Zoey. Zoey © me\n

Image: machinehead.jpg   800x1050 173012 bytes 2000.11.16

Inspired by Bush's Machine Head. A rather evil-yummy looking Zack with lots o dead ppl around him \n

Image: mc2p1.jpg   888x1000 104817 bytes 2000.11.23

A cute little comic I did...starring Zoey Doppelgaenger. Zoey, Art, Mazoku Carrot © David Lurie \n

Image: medley.jpg   350x450 42844 bytes 2000.11.23

A cute pic of Zack playing his violin, he's always cute actually <=P. Zack © David L. Art © David L.\n

Image: memories.jpg   1000x1000 206495 bytes 2000.01.29

Sort of a tribute to the cutests girls i know (tho zoey is my own creation actually <=P ). In this pic the cutests ones IMHO are Oni and Zoey, skittle looks really cute too, zack just looks like he's high on sugar or something, fly looks cute, and sasha looks really nice and cute, considering the fact the hates cameras.\r\n\r\nOnna side note: About the title, at the time I saved the pic I thought it was a nice title, now I dont know anymore, it makes the pic look like if I've been out with all of 'em or something like! i'm not a pimp! o.-' Copyrights in the pic.\n

Image: minkEsprez.jpg   1255x1240 232520 bytes 2000.11.23

An old pic, Sasha asked me to draw the main minkEs, of course I accepted <=D. minkEs © 'emselves\n

Image: mlai2nl.jpg   490x555 56243 bytes 2001.09.30

Coloring practice + 2nd pic inspired by some incidents in my life. Zack © Dave Lurie

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