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Image: modern.jpg   270x410 50861 bytes 1999.11.01

Zack as a modern samurai of some sort....inspired by "The 4th avenue cafe"\n

Image: neuro.jpg   745x650 139733 bytes 2000.11.16

A somewhat raver-looking Zack *gags* I like fishermen/bucket hats, they be cool <=P. Zack and Art David Lurie\n

Image: onibd.jpg   350x485 40119 bytes 2002.01.05

Pic for Oni on her b-day. Oni Stephanie Kao, Image David Lurie,

Image: orochi.jpg   700x1000 128404 bytes 2000.11.16

Zack in his Orochi-form. Zack and Art Dave Lurie\n

Image: pfriends.jpg   375x375 35029 bytes 2000.11.23

A quick pic of Zack and 3 of his friends: Oni, Klawzie and Fly. Everyone 'emselves. Art David Lurie\n

Image: phone.jpg   540x609 100214 bytes 2001.09.30

Inspired by some somewhat recent incidents in my life. Zack Dave Lurie

Image: poh2.jpg   800x600 70309 bytes 1999.11.01

A pic inspired by a totally different song , looks pretty similar to modern.jpg tho. Zoey Moi\n

Image: psummer.jpg   1200x1200 278296 bytes 2000.11.23

This pic took me like 3 weeks to finish, a month and a half if I count the conceptual sketches too <=D. Oni was everyone's fave by far, then Sasha and Fly in 2nd, Klawzie in 3rd. All of the chars 'emselves....Art David Lurie\n

Image: sadisticeyes.jpg   630x700 73548 bytes 2000.11.16

Zack looking weird, that's it. Zack and Art David L.\n

Image: sashluchsl.jpg   470x320 79163 bytes 2001.09.30

This was just gonna be a coloring practice but I got carried away, not that I mind or something <=P. Sashee Yvie Schroeder. Art David Lurie

Image: scharfrichter.jpg   474x1000 64525 bytes 2001.09.30

The Executioner. Zack Dave Lurie

Image: skleon.jpg   910x895 58719 bytes 2000.11.23

A sketch of Leon in Shin Kyo Kusanagi's outfit. Leon himself \n

Image: skrelax.jpg   590x513 46045 bytes 2000.11.23

A little sketch of Zoey taking a break from work, it's cute. Zoey and Art David Lurie\n

Image: skylimit.jpg   418x500 40442 bytes 2000.11.23

I really like this pose! Zoey doing some climbing. Zoey and Art David Lurie\n

Image: skzoeymetro.jpg   580x615 49888 bytes 2000.11.16

A cute sketch of Zoey holding a Metroplez plushie. Zoey David L. \n

Image: skzoeyterrall.jpg   560x555 53680 bytes 2000.11.23

A cute sketch of Zoey and Terrall. Terrall Stephanie Kao, Zoey and Art David Lurie\n

Image: smzack.jpg   529x500 46980 bytes 2000.11.23

Just a quick pic of Zack. Zack and Art David Lurie\n

Image: snipers.jpg   806x700 148901 bytes 2000.11.16

A pic of Ark and Terrall as snipers...and a portion of the Silent Sniper poem. "The Silent Sniper" G.A. Codling, Ark himself, Terrall Stephanie K. Art David L. \n

Image: soca.jpg   600x750 61507 bytes 2000.11.23

A cute soft-colored pic of Socara inna kimono. Soca Bai-Hwa Kao, Art David Lurie\n

Image: stella.jpg   400x450 78495 bytes 2002.01.05

The evil side of the women should be called -Stella- in honor the namesake character in "Great Expectations"; I've had some encounters with -Stella- in my life already... quite obvious to assume that I hate -her-, To the -Stella's- I've faced already and will face in the future...this is what I have to say. Zack & Image David Lurie,

Image: sukuchicolor.jpg   600x322 77350 bytes 2002.01.05

The -Reduziert Erde- more than a move, its the skill to go from their initial speed directly into their top speed within an instant, through immense strength of the legs, penetrating the range of the opponent in an instant; to any ordinary person, it would look like the distance between the two fighters has shrunk. Zack & Image David Lurie,

Image: summer1.jpg   549x600 107286 bytes 1999.11.01

Last summer pic of this year...i'm pretty sure bout that, after all we're in the middle of autum <=P. anyway...Zoey moi \n

Image: tenshi.jpg   365x600 90262 bytes 1999.05.14

Image: terralhead.jpg   479x300 29339 bytes 2000.11.23

A headshot of Terrall, he kinda looks like Laguna Loire <=P. Terrall Stephanie Kao\n

Image: wsas1.jpg   362x500 41282 bytes 2000.11.23

A joint pic between me and sashee. She did the art, I did the coloring...I luv it. Anyways, I luv how Sashee looks in the Mazoku Cafe uniform, its cute and sexy <=D. Sashee and Art Yvie\n

Image: zackg.jpg   225x500 22284 bytes 1999.05.14

Image: zackprofile2.jpg   700x600 117909 bytes 1999.11.04

Vital Stats on Zack. Zack me\n

Image: zacksasha.jpg   370x500 38827 bytes 2000.11.23

A cute pic of Sasha and Zack in Mazoku Cafe uniforms <=P. Sasha looks sexy. Sasha Yvie, Zack and Art David Lurie\n

Image: zfhug.jpg   459x500 108991 bytes 1999.11.04

One of my fave pics i've ever done <=P.My motivation for this one has to be the great friendship I have with Laura, she's one of the sweestest girls i've ever known, a great person and one of my best friends. Luv ya tons. Fly Laura Sciortino. Zack me \n

Image: zoeydress.jpg   245x310 25265 bytes 2002.01.05

quick coloring practice pic of Zoey inna dress, Zoey and Image David Lurie,

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